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Part 1. Why Silver is Good For Your Health
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Video 1: Introduction by David Morgan, Dr. Gordon Pedersen and Dr. Bryan Frank.

Video 2: The Keys to Why Silver is Good For Your Health with Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Overview of Silver's Health Power and the New, Structured Silver Water Breakthrough

Dr. Gordon Pedersen on Silver and Your Health

    You know I'm a long time Silver Investor who believes in the monetary value of silver, but if you think the true value of silver is measured by the market, you're missing something big for your health, only recently made possible!

    That's why we're sharing the ebook, The Most Precious Metal by Dr. Gordon Pedersen and Dr. Bryan Frank, along with these videos. We've outlined which pages to read as well so you get the information and insights directly from doctors who know what they're doing.

    Which is why we're sharing this Secret Guide to Structured Silver Water, to help you understand from a professional point of view. The following is by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, who shows the history and value of silver to your health.

    Silver's Long, Proven History and Health

    "Silver has an interesting history. Our mountains are made of silver particles, and as rainwater drains through these particles, it becomes purified spring water. Greeks used to use silver containers to purify their water. Pioneers used silver coins in their milk containers to purify the milk. What that means is that it killed the bacteria that caused the milk to go bad.

    Silver has been used in containers, and now is even being used as needles to destroy bacteria. Needles for medical use. We’ve got silver that’s being used in clothing. The military uses it in the armpits and sock, and that silver kills the bacteria that causes order, and possibly even disease. So, what you are seeing is that silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast. As such, we can use it in our washing machines, we can use it in our clothing, we can take it internally and it’s going to destroy those pathogens that could have caused disease.

    Now we’ve learned to put a charge on that nanoparticle of silver. A particle so tiny it will fit inside a single red blood cell. Now, with that ability to transfer anywhere in the body, and destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast, you’ve got a pathogen killing machine that’s as tiny as a single cell.

    Silver is Nature's Finest Germ Killer

    Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast. It does so very effectively. In fact that in lab studies, we’ve found that if you place a pathogen that can cause disease – from bacteria, from viruses, from yeast – add to it the silver, especially in the alkaline form, the molecular structure that’s tetrahedral will destroy those pathogens in under 6 minutes.

    In fact, a pharmaceutical test reported that we can destroy even MRSA. That stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. That’s the staph bacterium that causes flesh eating bacteria diseases; its eats your flesh. Even the resistant form, meaning bacteria that can’t be killed by the drugs, the antibiotics can’t even kill it; silver, in this form, can kill that in about six minutes.

    In addition to staph and strep and e-coli, that causes food poisoning, salmonella causes food poisoning and pseudomonas aeruginosa, some of the most difficult bacteria and yeast like candida, are killed in under 6 minutes, using this form of tetrahedral molecularly strong silver, in an alkaline setting.

    Is Silver Safe?

    Silver is very safe when used in the right concentrations, in the right forms, and in the right manners. For instance, silver can come as a liquid. As a liquid with ten parts per million, you’d have to drink 16 ounces of that liquid every day for 72 years, it’s estimated, if none of it left your body, before you would reach a point where it would saturate your system causing argyria.

    On the other hand, people who make their own colloidal silvers actually can have a problem, because many of them will make silvers with 50,000 parts per million. Those parts can accumulate because they are charged with the wrong electromagnetic charge, and they are put in a parts per million that is nothing less than an accumulation of silver in the fats. So, when you get a permanently dissolved silver in a liquid form, residing in an alkaline system, you know you’ve got the safest silver, and that you’re going to be able to take two teaspoons twice a day with a huge margin of safety. In fact, I’ve never seen anybody have an argyria problem, or any allergic reaction to this form of silver, even when they take it in large doses.

    What this means to you is: identify the silver, identify the form of the silver, and identify the amount you are going to take. If you stay with what is listed on the label, you’re the person who is never going to have a problem with safe silver."

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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