The Rest of the Silver Story

It is impossible to write about silver without evoking emotions, although it is our goal to be as objective as possible this is impossible. There are very strong views about this metal both positive and negative.

One such area involves the silver as money issue. The facts are that precious metals are rare, fiat currencies can be printed at will, and have always been abused. Our projection for the ultimate price of silver would be meaningless, but the facts surrounding the value can be objectively studied.

In the end we all have a vested interest in the monetary system holding together. Precious metals are a barometer of world financial health. If gold and silver start moving up in a manner similar to 1979-1980 then the paper money game is essentially over . Will this happen, objectively we do not know! However we do know, throughout all of recorded history when a country has adopted a monetary system founded on edict (fiat), the nation has had a financial collapse. As we enter the next Millennium remember the gold window was closed in 1971 and for the first time in history the reserve fiat currency is a worldwide phenomena.

The price of silver is a function of the understanding of the market itself. When the market understands that money based on unsound principles cannot help but fail eventually, then the true value of silver will be determined. Until that time arrives it is prudent to prepare some savings in the form that best retains value. The links on our resource page provide information and links on this important part of the silver story.

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