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Copyright June 2003 Charles Savoie

The first thing the reader wants to know is, what is the link or association between guns and silver. For the sake of Constitutional rights, I intend to show what the connections are, and that those in the law abiding gun ownership community have things in common with silver investors, and vice versa. All Constitutional rights are interrelated to each other in the same way that the bodies various organs are related. To stress the health of the heart while ignoring the liver is to invite trouble. Or think of it as the point that it's not enough to monitor a vehicle's oil while overlooking the condition of other systems like the radiator and brakes. This essay is directed at gun owners who haven't financially protected themselves by owning precious metal. It is also a message to metal investors who have no guns, that they should consider owning one as a specialized insurance policy. As the outlaw in "Hombre" (1967) told the man who he was forcing to give up his stagecoach ticket---

"You ain't wearing a gun---you better get one!"

Anyone who owns silver, gold or platinum, might also be a gun owner, with the intent of being able to safeguard the precious metals. Of course, being able to protect oneself and family members is a recognized greater concern. The graphic scene in "Death Wish" (1974) with Charles Bronson as architect Paul Kersey where his wife is murdered and his daughter raped in an apartment break in by a gang of thugs illustrates the need for home defense. It was like a return to another era watching him travel to Arizona where a colleague who had "wild West" values gave him a revolver. Shortly after the "right to carry" law was passed in Texas, there was an incident of a 300 pound bully who was going to beat the hell out of a smaller fellow, except that the intended victim fatally shot the aggressor in the chest and was cleared of wrong doing! I was once told by a very religious man that he wouldn't shoot an intruder bent on killing his family, because it would prevent the aggressor from being, as he said, "saved." "Thunder In The East" (Alan Ladd, 1953) was the story of a nonviolent Hindu religious leader who had machine guns but refused to use them against invaders. After they cut off his left hand he changed his mind, and he and Alan Ladd came out blazing away, perfectly assured it was the right thing to do! Being able to defend against burglars, killers and other violent criminals and thieves is admittedly more important than owning precious metal and being able to protect it from theft. As Clint Eastwood said in "Unforgiven" (1992) of an unfortunate western bad man---

"Well he should have armed himself!"

However, with perspective in context, it should be realized that just as owning a firearm for defensive purposes is a form of legitimate power, owning silver and other precious metals is also a form of legitimate power. Precious metals ownership is financial power---real power that cannot be neutralized, unlike unbacked paper currency, which can be inflated to the point of worthlessness. I suggest that while gun owners have been vigorously defending their Second Amendment rights ("the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed") their financial rights have been under dangerous attack for many years through Federal Reserve sponsored monetary inflation. The Associated Press, May 9, 2003, reported Fed chairman Greenspan disputes Warren Buffett's warning that derivatives are a menace to the financial system. Buffett bought 130 million ounces of silver in 1997 and is recognized as the best money manager in the world. Greenspan on the other hand was associated with the predecessor of JPMorganChase, the largest holder of derivatives worldwide---some $24 trillion at last check! That amounts to something like 700 times their capital! As a well-known commodity trading warning says---

"The use of leverage can lead to losses as well as gains."

The self-interest on Greenspan's part is glaringly evident! The Wall Streeters intend you to stand good for their losses, with warnings like JPMorganChase is too big to be allowed to sink. Greenspan, either a Mellon family agent or a liaison to them---he was an ALCOA director, and was decorated a Knight Commander of the British Empire in 2002---continuing the links of Mellons like Andrew Mellon to the British Empire, of whom the late Congressman Wright Patman said ("Banketeering, Bonuseering, Melloneering," 1934)---

"Illegally acquired more property to satisfy his personal
greed than any other person on earth."

On February 6, 1929, Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, visited three time Treasury Secretary Mellon in Washington, where the British burned the White House during the War of 1812. (The British invasion was a response to the failure of Congress to renew the 20 year charter of the Bank of the United States---our first Federal Reserve System---in 1811, thanks to the efforts of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, who believed such institutions represented dangerous concentration of power.) In 1816 the notorious Bank of the United States was rechartered for a 20-year period, but upon election in 1828 Andrew Jackson vowed to get rid of it. He did so by withdrawing government funds and in 1832 he vetoed a bill to extend its charter. The Bank manipulated credit and loans to ruin its political opponents. Jackson, who had the support of most Americans, prevailed, and under his administration not only was the national debt erased but we had a surplus for the first and only time in our history! Just after this 1929 meeting of Mellon and Norman---whose predecessors operated the old Bank of the United States---the Federal Reserve Board altered its loose credit policy and started raising the discount rate. After pumping the stock market up for about seven years, these insiders took steps to make it collapse.

Not coincidentally, Mellon bought megamillions of depressed shares in many industries after the collapse. His colleague Mr. Norman was called the "currency dictator of Europe" (Wall Street Journal, November 11, 1927). What was taking place then is recurring now with different twists, but it all adds up to transfer of your wealth to this power elite! Greenspan was also a director of Capital Cities/ABC, which is why you don't hear reports like this one from such sources! Let them read this, their faces will contort into something worse than what all the worlds plastic surgeons could fix! These arcane OTC ("over the counter") unregulated derivatives cover many areas of finance---interest rates, gold, silver, energy, currencies and others. Unleashing these hyperleveraged derivatives is like driving needles into Voodoo kewpie dolls and killing a real person---in this case, the middle class! This is a financial powder keg waiting to explode, and it reminds you of the drunk in "The Alamo" (1960) who placed a burning torch near a keg of black gunpowder so he could read the writing on it, whereupon John Wayne (Davy Crockett) shoved him away and said---

"Stand back and stand still!"

Adding to the hypocrisy of defending derivatives is the fact that Susan Schmidt Bies, a current Federal Reserve System governor, is also active with the End Users of Derivatives Association. (If a satirical thinker would have had to merely conjecture her name from the photo, he might have guessed "Bumpy Sneersnot" or "Gregoria Yoots.") George Kennedy's remarks to Clint Eastwood about a shady operator in "The Eiger Sanction" (1975) fit Greenspan---

"He looks like he could change a $9 bill in threes!"

A rank and file employee of JPMorganChase financial services colossus might say the same thing Lee Marvin as Major Reisman said in "The Dirty Dozen"---

"One of the men we're working for has to be a raving lunatic!"

The dialogue between the Chinese gangster and Paladin, the man in black gunfighter in "Have Gun, Will Travel," aired on March 5, 1960 ("The Hatchet Man") would serve well as an exchange between a manipulative Wall Streeter and us---

"What is the right place for me? San Quentin prison!"

Those who would take away your guns are often the same ones who oppose a return to Constitutional money---gold and silver! Like Paladin, are you a "knight without armor in a savage land," but like most Americans, are you "without silver in a savage economy?" The ceiling on the national debt has been raised to nearly $7.5 trillion---7500 billionaires! What kind of financial train wreck does such a debt, added to private debt, culminate in? Do you understand that the prospect exists that your wealth, denominated in printing press currency, could become near worthless---while precious metals are fully immune from such a consequence? Do your Senator and Congressman really care about your financial future, or do they form an unholy trinity with Greenspan? Can we ask of them what Paladin asked the three desperados in "Treasure Trail" ("Have Gun, Will Travel," January 24, 1959)---

"Did you three get honorable discharges or did you
climb over the stockade wall?"

I notice an item at the NRA website to the effect that the owner of a gun store in Indiana was refused credit by Chase Bank because they allegedly have a policy against doing business in that sector. This is the same institution that has been in the forefront of suppressing silver and gold prices, and they intend the public to pay for their activities. There is an elite with links to British counterparts intermarried with old European royalty dating to medieval feudalism, many of its members nearly unknown to the public, who exist to siphon wealth away from non-allied rich and the middle class. If air were distributed like money, these operators would be living in a wind tunnel and many Americans would be in a vacuum. So, you must be concerned with all your Constitutional rights, rather than focusing on one while termites are eating away at others. This isn't an attempt to distract you from the Second Amendment. It's an attempt to alert you as to erosion of your financial protection and what you can do about it. In "The Magnificent Seven" (1960) one of the seven heroes believes he's gone into Mexico to take a gold mine from bandits, while Steve McQueen told the bandit leader Calvera---

"We deal in lead!"

There are always dangerous people in society, making guns necessary for self-defense---but don't forget financial protection! As Alan Ladd said to the gangster (Edward G. Robinson) in "Hell On Frisco Bay" (1956)---

"I'd like to kill you so bad I can taste it!"


You are reading this from someone who believes in gun ownership. Near the end of my junior high school days in spring 1969, as I was walking home from the bus stop, a group of 3 high school boys in a white Volkswagen hurled a cup containing ice cold coca-cola onto my back, drenching my shirt and laughing as they raced off. Infuriated, I raised a fist in the air and yelled for them to come back. As they shifted into reverse I realized I would be seriously outmatched. I ran home, and they followed me, stopping in the street while watching the house. I came out fast with a 22 rifle---all the firepower we had---and advised the leader of the hooligans to come into the yard so I could shoot him. He declined and they took off, probably surprised at the resistance they encountered. Next year I was in high school gym class with the bully and guess what---all year long he never said one word to me and didn't even look at me sideways! Easier pickings is what he was looking for. If I would have had Chuck Connors as rancher Lucas McCain of North Fork, New Mexico in "The Rifleman" (1958-1963) with me, I could have said what he told an outlaw in an episode---

"Don't try it Tom! I've got enough firepower here to cut you in half!"

Or as Richard Boone as Paladin said in "Have Gun, Will Travel" May 25, 1961---

"I make a very reluctant victim!"

In "The War Wagon" (1967) lines between Kirk Douglas and John Wayne sound like two gun owners comparing notes after shooting armed robbers---

"Mine hit the ground first! Mine was taller!"

In the 1970 western "Chisum" starring John Wayne as a New Mexico cattle baron, a scene has him and his men confronting a Mexican bandit who rustled a herd of his horses. The bandit proposed selling Mr. Chisum's horses back to him and the dialogue followed---

"Did you bring any gold? Nope! Silver? Just lead!
With lead you cannot buy anything!"

The United States is facing a possible hyperinflationary period, and the dollar has been losing value against other currencies such as the Euro and even the Canadian dollar. Financial power and economic stability is shifting out of the United States because of unchecked printing press "money." If you have protected yourself by having a firearm and knowing how to use it, you have acted wisely. If you have failed to protect your finances by owning gold or silver, or an interest in unhedged companies that mine them, you have a giant area of vulnerability and at the risk of sounding alarmist; you are going to suffer badly in the months and years ahead. As Lee Marvin as Major Reisman said in "The Dirty Dozen" (1967)---

"You'll be worked to death and there's not a beating you won't take!"

So while your lead bullets stand ready to protect you from physical violence, they cannot financially protect you by taking on increased monetary power as the dollar depreciates. Dump those pathetic certificates of deposit! Flee those sagging mutual funds! Buy silver and gold at your nearest dealer at competitive rates! The dealer I buy from is also big in diamonds and has frequent armed robbery attempts, therefore he and his staff are armed and often have an off duty sheriff's deputy on site. An article in Jewelers Circular Keystone, June 1999 entitled, "Facing Fear---Jewelers and Guns" discussed the problem of armed robberies and showed a photo of a Philadelphia jeweler now a paraplegic thanks to an armed robber. Another jeweler wears a gun on his hip and sometimes notices would be robbers suddenly leaving when they spot it. A recent news story noted that Columbian jewel thieves have been active around Dallas, netting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth per robbery. These crooks are dangerous and mean business, like the cocaine dealer in "Delta Force II" (1990) who warned Chuck Norris---

"You don't want to do this! I'm Ramon Cota---you're dead!"

I stopped selling diamonds out of my residence through classified ads when I got a call from someone obviously casing me who asked, "What else you got over there?" When I was 12 I was in a rough part of town with my older brother driving and as a carload of thugs started to harass us, he yelled to me to get the gun, which we didn't have, but the mere threat of hearing about one sent them to other parts. It seems likely that film star Audie Murphy (1924-1971), the most decorated foot soldier in U.S. history, who killed 240 German soldiers in combat (unbelievable but true) believed in the need for firearms. The National Rifle Association (founded 1871), which has some 4.4 million members, is recognized as a powerful lobby by its members and opponents alike. Without the NRA and similar groups like the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (about 650,000 members), it seems likely that only the military and police would have guns. And that would truly be a seriously bad situation! The Police Foundation believes only policemen should possess guns, and with the wrong changes in outlook that sounds more dangerous than criminals owning them. They think it's okay for police to investigate your death after the fact because some parolee goes on a crime spree and kills you in a home invasion because you had no firearm for protection! This foundation was created by the Ford Foundation, of which many prominent Wall Street financiers have been trustees over the years. The armed citizen is the person the criminal has to steer clear of, as Edward Woodward said in an episode ("China Rain") of "The Equalizer" (1985)---

"I'm the war you have to avoid!"

Considering the bad aspects of human nature, guns are important, vital, and absolutely necessary! As the Mexican bandit Calvera (Eli Wallach) told his unarmed captives in "The Magnificent Seven" (1960)---

"I could kill you all, you agree? Well, you don't disagree!"

The need to own firearms is strongly linked to the need to defend against their illegal use by criminals. As Steve McQueen said in "Bullitt" (1968)---

"He tried to nail me with a shotgun, a Winchester pump!"

A firearm is the best counter against those with illegal intentions. As the conversation between a treacherous spy and Clint Eastwood went in "The Eiger Sanction" (1975)---

"I didn't actually kill him! Well I probably won't actually kill you!"

Regrettably, there are some individuals who cannot be reasoned with therefore they must be shot! As the dialogue between the counter terrorism expert and Sylvester Stallone in "Night Hawks" (1981) went---

"That is when you must do it! You mean open fire? There is no other way!"

Having spent many hours practicing marksmanship at target ranges means you likely won't miss. As the insulted Italian nobleman (Cesare Danova) said to the western bad man (Jack Elam) who protested there was only one shot in each dueling pistol ("The Rifleman," 1958-1963)---

"I've never needed more!"

Or as a member of a Mexican bandit gang said of bounty hunter Clint Eastwood in "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964)---

"At shooting a pistol no one can touch him!"

SILVER---FINANCIAL FIREPOWER! The financial part of human nature has in its consciousness the fact that a money system has to be founded on true wealth; and that precious metals are the truest wealth there is. They CANNOT go broke! The NRA founded its Institute for Legislative Action in 1975 to defend gun ownership rights, and has done an outstanding job. The NRA website mentions its dedication to "defending the constitution of the United States." The NRA focus on second amendment gun rights is critically important and well taken. However, what's the use to not have an equally intense focus on other parts of the Constitution such as the great wording found in Article 1, Section 10 that says---

"No State shall make any Thing but gold or silver
Coin a Tender in payment of debt."

The Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 reaffirmed that precious metal coins are lawful money. American patriots carried not only flintlock rifles and single shot pistols; they also used silver coins! When these conspirators---bankers and industrial users---took away our silver coins in 1965, the public should have exhibited the same attitude as Roger Moore as Simon Templar in "The Saint" (1963-1969) when he told an East German official---

"Give me that passport back or I'll tear your arm off!"

Federal Reserve "notes" are in point of shocking fact, totally unbacked by gold or silver. There are 12 Federal Reserve branch banks, and it calls to mind Lee Marvin's remarks to the general in "The Dirty Dozen" (1967)---

"I don't mean to appear unduly cautious, but if my personal survival
is going to depend on the performance of 12 dead heads…"

A bit of information combining the pathetic with the ironic is that a Mr. David Outhouse (actual name) was until December 31, 2002, a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Hopefully the Fed branch banks will be outhouses someday. Did you know that the Federal Reserve System has never been audited and has resisted every proposal to audit it? Hypocritically, then, the fact appears that William McDonough ex of the New York Fed Bank, now heads the Securities Exchange Commission Accounting Oversight Board! The most prominent name ever found on the board at the New York Fed is that of David Rockefeller, of whom biographer William Hoffman (1971) claimed, "One President after another has done his bidding." Another ironic note is that Ray Hunt, worth over $2 billion and head of Hunt Consolidated Oil, and a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, is half brother of Herbert and Bunker Hunt, of the Hunt/Arab silver play which ended in defeat in mid January 1980, when Andrew Brimmer, of the Federal Reserve Board and director of Du Pont (Silver Users Association) and a Commodity Exchange director, voted to institute the rule change that caused the Hunts silver play to crash!

Paul Volcker head of the Fed who came to it from Chase bank, arranged a loan for the Hunts with such punitive terms that they forfeited most of their assets by 1988. Did Ray Hunt migrate to the winning side, to the establishment side? Sanford Weill head of Citigroup is a Du Pont director (Silver Users Association) and Federal Reserve Bank of New York board member. Pete Shields of Du Pont helped found Handgun Control Inc., somewhat amusing since Du Pont company has for decades been known as "merchants of death" for supplying huge quantities of gunpowder in many wars! We haven't had silver certificates for two generations, thanks to the Silver Users Association, whose member companies over the years have had interlocking directors with JPMorganChase, the institution that says it declines credit to gun merchants. According to Gun Owners of America, Citigroup has attempted a similar policy. Just as the NRA has done an astonishing job of protecting the Second Amendment, so too has the Silver Users Association done an equally impressive job of soaking up America's silver---and the world's silver!

The users are running scared right now and two of the biggest things worrying them are the fact that India refuses to allow domestic silver to be exported, and the movement in Mexican politics to return to silver coins is growing stronger by the hour! Thanks to the users association we have no more strategic silver stockpile for national defense purposes. Silver is necessary for each and every high-tech application! I sent at least 18 e-mails to national officials of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, thinking this would be a concern to them; and received not one reply! It turns out that retired Generals and Admirals are often placed on the boards of Wall Street connected corporations! Arizona Republican Senator John McCain---absolutely no relation to fictional character Lucas McCain "The Rifleman," is the son of an Admiral McCain who was deeply associated with Wall Streeters, like another Admiral was, Arleigh Burke. Senator McCain has cast anti-gun votes, according to Gun Owners of America. We are not functioning on Constitutional money, friends, we are victims of a banxter (banker/gangster) fraud. This essay isn't the time or place to review all the facets of this situation, however, I suggest you go to (Foundation for Advancement of Monetary Education) for a summary of the unbacked paper currency system we have of which Larry Parks, director of FAME, says---

"With the monetary system we have now, the careful
saving of a lifetime can be wiped out in an eye blink."

SILVER WEALTH COLOSSUS APPROACHING! Having firearms for self-defense makes perfect sense. Not having precious metal for financial self-defense makes no sense at all. We stress silver over gold because the supply-demand basics for silver are stunningly in favor of silver. Silver investors will be able to say to gold investors in the coming months what Richard Boone said in "Hombre" (1967)---

"Looks like you did good and we did better!"

There are all kinds of investment advisors telling you where your money should go, and it seems that most of them consciously intend to lead you into ruin, like diseased vermin Jack Grubman, formerly of Salomon Smith Barney (Citigroup), 5 of whose stock picks lost fully 99.9% of value! Selected silver stocks have outperformed most investments over the past 3 years, but how many of you who have investment advisors who suggested these shares? I was buying "61 Neutron Corporation" (a nickname for a real company) in 1998 when it was under 70 cents, then a year ago it reached over 11 times that sum with the underlying commodity just barely over $5 per ounce. What will the share price of such companies reach when silver explodes to over 80 times that derivative rigged low price (adjusted for inflation, only twice the price it reached when there was some 2 billion more ounces in existence than now), and there are 25,000 buyers to every seller? I was fortunate to have breakfast with the head of the holding company last September and exchange information. He smiled as I told him I considered my investment to be my "parachute." (No silver company has any direct input into these essays).

We understand the important role of gun ownership. We are attempting to help you NOW before time runs out by pointing out the need for owning precious metal. The head of "61 Neutron Corporation" has signaled his intent to "vault" silver produced at its mines, in part to literally back those shares with silver, and apparently in part to hold metal back in anticipation of additional price increases. The Silver Users Association frequently raves about those with silver "hoarding" it---meaning, refusing to sell to them at current give-away derivative driven rates. So the head of this huge silver holding company---who is also a director of a gold company that has a similar "Gold Money Policy"---says he will "vault" (not "hoard") silver, while the outcome to the users is the same. Like the distinction between "torching" something versus "setting ablaze," right? Why is it that billionaires have taken large share positions in other silver holding companies such as "Hercules Silver Holdings" and "Bolivian Giant Silver Mines," except that silver prices are scheduled for a meteoric rise? As Alan Ladd said in "The Badlanders" (1958)---

"There's not a rich man who doesn't want to be richer!"

These companies are astonishing treasure chests of wealth for their shareholders the likes of which will never be seen again in our lifetimes, as the silver shortage has been literally over 5,000 years in the making! If your investment advisor---those of you who have one---has ignored this sector, we suggest you research it by accessing the Archives here then tell him what James Coburn told a competitor in "Charade" (1963)---

"You block-headed jackass!"

You've already missed the first stages of moves up in silver and gold stocks; however, they remain a strong buy, as do the physicals themselves. You should have some of both. If lead appeals to you beyond use in firearms, there is a company which has some 8.8 billion pounds of lead in a zinc deposit also containing a great deal of silver. You can read all manner of investment reports on countless companies suggested by full service brokers, and it's a rare one that mentions silver and gold shares, in spite of their large gains in share capitalization over the past several years. As for the questionable companies the average broker appears to want investors to get into, recall the dialogue between Lee Marvin to the general in London in "The Dirty Dozen" (1967)---

"I didn't write those reports! Just what is that supposed to mean?
It means that I don't necessarily agree with what's in them!
I don't like it and I think it stinks!"


Your firearms serve well as defense against violent criminals but cannot protect your finances other than as deterrent against criminal theft. It's white-collar theft that has damaged those of you who are unprotected by real money. Let's consider two types of thieves and how you deal with the first one is quite clear. Type #1 described by Sylvester Stallone in "Cobra" (1986) when he cornered a thrill killer in a supermarket--

"Hey dirt bag! You're a lousy shot! I don't like lousy shots!"

Type #2, the white-collar criminal in government and on Wall Street is the one who has successfully robbed you, as described by Richard Boone ("Have Gun, Will Travel," Paladin) and David Canary (guest star on "Bonanza") in "Hombre" 1967---

"Hey Lamar you know something, he ought to be over here with a gun! Oh no he don't need a gun to pull off a robbery! No? He does it with pen and ink! No? Yeah! He just claims a higher beef tally than what comes in, and he pays the trail driver off for what's delivered and charges the government for meat that ain't even there and then pockets the difference! Ain't that right doctor, the Indians go hungry but you don't!"

Here we have a case of those with guns calling the shots; however, you cannot use guns to obtain money from others, unless the law of the jungle is the only law left. You consider yourself a responsible firearm owner, and you must be responsible also for your financial protection, because politicians will leave you a shipwreck. As Sylvester Stallone said in "Nighthawks" (1981)---

"It's not my responsibility to be part of an accidental homicide!"

As the conversation between Yul Brynner and the Mexican farmer in "The Magnificent Seven" related---

"Everyone wears a gun! Sure, same as they wear pants, it's expected!"

I missed the article somewhere that explained the origin of the word "gun." As for "pants," the word comes from Pantalone, the top clown of the medieval Italian Commedia Dell Arte, at a time when that horseback-riding garment---the trouser---was actually considered a comical oddity. The little note on history is simply to point out that everything isn't always as it seems, and beliefs held by majorities are sometimes wrong. As French attorney Jean de la Bruyere (1645-1696) said---

"The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth."

Like the belief that an unbacked paper money system can endure indefinitely! Or the belief by some commodity analysts that naked short silver sales can substitute for increased mining production. Or their ability to craft a chart showing that silver prices will still be under $5 in first quarter 2004! The great transition from low silver prices to permanent sharply higher prices is very close, and are you ready for it? As Yul Brynner said in "The Magnificent Seven"---

"You've got to be prepared for killing and more killing and then
still more killing until the reason for it is gone."

All those guns and all that ammunition and no silver or gold! Now that you are aware of your area of vulnerability, the sooner you act, the better your chances of fixing the problem before time runs out. As a spy asked Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) in an episode of "Mission Impossible" (1967-1973, not to be confused with the movie of the same name) what he would do if he and his accomplice had the drop on him (opening his overcoat to display guns on each side)---

"By now you'd both be dead!"

Peter Graves turns out to actually be the younger brother of James Arness---actually spelled Aurness (Norwegian), the star of "Gunsmoke" (1955-1975) so interest in guns probably runs high in that family. Sterling Hayden played the role of a Scandinavian sea captain who killed the bad man with a harpoon in "Terror In A Texas Town" (1958). Just as a harpoon isn't a good substitute for a gun, paper money---unbacked---is no substitute for precious metals. Just as precious metals are more solid financial protection than other investments, guns are better defense than, for instance, Kung Fu. A scene before a ritual combat in "Dragon---The Bruce Lee Story" (1993) featured the line---

"Man, they eat their wheaties in that family!"

Except with NRA families the line would be something like, "Man, they know their guns in that family!" Okay, so what about your financial defense assets, silver and gold, or if you prefer, gold and silver? Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright on "Bonanza," 1959-1973") had a hit song in 1964 about a fast gun called "Ringo," and that's about how fast you should be moving into silver! A deceased uncle once told me of an incident when he was a boy in East Texas in which another boy stepped on one of their local insects, a large furry red and black "cow-killer" ant, and the poor kid screamed for six hours from the sting. Entomologists tell us the sting is "traumatically painful" like that of another Texas species, the giant "cicada killer" wasp also called the "king hornet." When the dollar tumbles enough you'll notice imported items costing more and more as your purchasing power deteriorates and without the protection of precious metals you'll only wish you'd taken those severe insect stings. When the price suppressive silver derivatives on the Commodity Exchange collapse---delivery defaults will put a stop to it all---the price of silver will show a far higher value than today!


The Federal Reserve intends to "monetize" and what that means for you as a consumer is your buying power will drop. Silver stands alone atop an unassailable pinnacle of distinction as the single most undervalued commodity in history, period! Its real value is currently concealed by irresponsible derivatives activity on the Commodity Exchange in New York. Silver analyst Ted Butler has had verbal battles with COMEX and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) officials over the silver price suppression, but they all deny any problem exists. A long-term price fixing of silver on the short side has taken place---a violation of commodity law and also an anti-trust violation! We have even noticed CFTC commissioners---Federal regulators who are supposed to prevent price rigging---addressing the users association, which strongly suggests it works to hold prices low! The Associated Press, May 2, 2003, reported that attorney Lloyd Constantine litigated a $3 billion settlement in the court of U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in an anti-trust lawsuit brought by Wal Mart, Sears, Safeway and Circuit City against Visa and Master Card, estimated to save consumers $63 to $100 billion over the next 7 years.

I've read strong hints from important sources that suggest anti-trust action is coming against COMEX, certain banks and the users association. Elliott Spitzer, New York Attorney General, where are you? Shareholders of polymetallic miners, who've received rigged low prices over the years for byproduct silver, think class-action lawsuit! There are two ways to determine the price of any commodity---the natural, just and fair way, that of an equilibrium price balancing supply and demand; and that of a rigged price, either by Federal price controls (which cause shortages) or by commodity price rigging on the COMEX (also leading to shortages). Shorts never tire of raving about the Hunt/Arab silver play---as if to distract attention from their far more successful manipulation---they have screwed the price to low levels for over 23 years! Anti-trust violations exist not only where producers conspire to raise the price of a commodity, but also where users of a commodity work together in collusion to lower the price.

Jewelers Circular Keystone, June 1999, pages 68-70, reported that the U.S. Department of Justice has arrest warrants outstanding for DeBeers diamond executives, who therefore avoid travel to American destinations. Billionaire Nick Oppenheimer chairman of De Beers called the U.S. anti-trust investigations, "the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition," while admitting that his company does in fact work to raise the price of diamonds. With enough pressure, in time arrest warrants could be issued for the silver (and gold) price fixers. In the case of silver, distinction is essential to be made between a rising price, which will benefit producers, being caused by supply and demand forces, rather than allegedly caused by greed on the part of these producers. Supply/demand forces have been suppressed so long in silver that when they reassert themselves, the price is fully capable of a sustained shocking rise. Jewelers Circular Keystone goes to the Silver Users Association for its information on silver (see for example July 1999 issue, page 93). An item in the annual report of "61 Neutron Corporation" stated they have no intention of commenting on the situation on COMEX "at this time." They also mention Silver Investor website as a source of information on silver, while adding they don't necessarily have all the same viewpoints. However, if you were issuing an annual report, you wouldn't mention another website as a source of information on the same subject unless you agreed with most of what was being said there, would you?

As for the CFTC, since it's a Federal agency, it has no qualms about silver price fixing on the short side, as this contributes to making it appear as if inflation is under control. Well, sometimes you pay the same price for something at the supermarket only to notice later, it's a 12-ounce can, when the last time you bought the item it was 14 ounces! Then there's the sea of products that are being made less durable and wear out faster. Since decreasing purchasing power is a fact of life, you need to be positioned in things that will rise in value. In "Economic Consequences of the Peace," referring to the Treaty of Versailles at the close of World War I, inflationary economist John Maynard Keynes (year 1919) said on pages 235---

"By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens."

In order to bail out derivative creators that Buffett warned about, the Federal Reserve will "create" a frightening amount of new "money," which will launch great inflation and lower the value of your savings. Dollars held in savings accounts and excess dollars in checking accounts are losing purchasing power, and face sharper decline. Your firearms prevent others from murdering you, but while you've protected yourself in that manner, what of your financial protection? Is the Federal government really more solid than silver, gold and platinum? Not likely! We haven't even been around as long as the Roman Empire was. A warning issued by Comptroller General David Walker, head of the General Accounting Office in early May is that the Federal deficit will exceed $300 billion this year. Consequences to Social Security, and all of the economy, are negative. Meantime, those who hold precious metal have something that absolutely cannot go broke! Your dollars are slowly dying in the bank---a mausoleum for your hard earned work! As Indio the leader of the Mexican bandit gang said in "For A Few Dollars More" (Clint Eastwood), 1965---

"It looks just like a morgue! And look out! It could be one so easily!"

Real estate doesn't have a good near-term future. In fact a real estate crash appears unavoidable due to the loss of so much purchasing power and income. People are taking on long term mortgages who have little job security, I know of this type "investor" where I work (the Postal Service), which because of better technology, will be downsized and wages reduced---the largest single employer in the country! An excessive number of workers and retirees are in danger of not receiving pension payments! Far too many manufacturing jobs have been exported, and now even jobs in the financial services industry are being exported to places like India, where many competent workers are happy to take positions for $20,000 whereas their American counterparts often do better than twice that. The Internet, satellites and communications make this job exporting possible in part of the service sector. Of course, they won't be able to export part time minimum wage jobs picking up trash in shopping malls. Silver, and secondly gold, are your best bets for financial self-preservation going into the future. As a question asked by the young gunfighter in "The Magnificent Seven" asked---

"Your gun has got you everything you have, isn't that true?"

The answer is, no, your guns have not and cannot get you everything you have, or everything you need. You have covered that base if you're an NRA member, member of a similar organization, or just in sympathy with their views. You've heard the term "silver bullet," this is what you need for financial self-preservation---a store of silver, and gold has a great role also. If you can only buy one, buy silver. A graph in the latest annual report of "61 Neutron Corporation" shows silver supply as running out possibly by September 2003, and they are in consultation with a major research group in New York. David Morgan of Silver Investor has spent years of painstaking research in silver, and his numerous highly placed contacts, from mining executives to bullion and coin dealers to investment managers, yield the same conclusion. The world is running out of this essential commodity. Silver is used by industry in ways that makes it gone forever. I have two large mirrors made in 1889 that belonged to my grandfather. The silver backing them will never be available again. Above ground silver is racing towards extinction like the last passenger pigeon in 1914 and the final Tasmanian tiger in 1936! Because of the deficit this sector is set to jump like the Rocky Mountains over the Great Plains! If this scares you into taking prudent action, your security is well served. As James Garner's conversation with a young man in "The Rockford Files" (1974) went---

"You don't scare me Rockford! Sure I do, Tim, sure I do!"

When you think of a mint, other than a piece of candy, you think of a place that presses coins from blanks, right? Well, silver is SO scarce now that not only does the U.S. government have to buy silver in the open market for the Silver Eagle coin program; but, some businesses that call themselves mints aren't actually mints at all! A recent 62-page catalog from the Fairfield Mint in Norwalk, Connecticut offers a lot of model autos and such---but not one silver coin! Silver has a long history as a natural germicidal agent because of its unique chemical properties; in fact, it probably beats any antibiotics, because viruses don't develop resistance to silver. The Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak centered in mainland China means that hundreds of millions of people all over the Far East---Japan and westwards to India---may soon clamor for face masks containing fine silver threads woven in, as possible SARS protection. We urge you to give serious attention to the matter of your financial future. If you buy silver, by all means, check several dealers for rates and buy from the one of your choice. Be ready for the more difficult times on the horizon as the U.S. appears set for 10 years of wars, apparently with Iran as the next target, then North Korea. As Steve McQueen said in "The Magnificent Seven"---

"Sometimes you bend with the breeze---or you break!"

And as actor Brad Dexter said in the same classic Western---

"Say come to think of it, it was a silver mine!"


If reading this one article doesn't fully convince you to act, you can take the example of a deceased wealthy uncle I had. He was a developer of water systems for municipalities, and discovered there was a huge salt dome on one of his properties. Under the salt dome was a large petroleum deposit. He went to the university bookstore where he was on the board of regents appointed by several governors of Texas, bought 17 textbooks on the oil and gas industry and geology, and he read each one 3 times. That's like reading 51 books! (Daddy Warbucks left the nephew not one cent, and my wealthy cousins declined to give me a hearing about silver!) You need not engage in such a lengthy reading process. I suggest you read "Silver To Zero" in the Archives here by Morgan, then scroll down and read "Silver's Mushroom Cloud." Better yet, read everything in the Archives. This will give you an excellent background regarding the silver situation---something the anti-gun mass media also won't help you with. They probably think some U.N. agency should license gun owners! And while reporters tilt their heads like puppies as their colleagues prattle on about unimportant matters, control of the media is falling under control of five major firms described here in the Archives in "News Media Silver Blackout."

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the suspension of the Fairness Doctrine (equal time for opposing views) in 1997 were additional steps by the London/New York money powers to get control of America's thinking as they continue silent on silver and gold manipulation. The Federal Communications Commission is due to vote June 2 on measures further concentrating control over news, which has been slanted for over 100 years. We aren't telling you of this situation solely in the hope that our investments will be bid up---if you get in before silver zooms, you'll do very well. We will profit enormously whether you are in or not. Gun activists are some of the allies we seek in pressuring Congress to return America to an honest money system. Everyone will benefit, except for the parasites connected to the Federal Reserve System. Just as a gun owner might warn a criminal to back off before firing a fatal shot, we are warning you now of the serious danger to your finances if you don't protect yourself with silver and gold soon. As Jimmy Stewart said in "The Shootist" (1976)---

"If you're lucky you'll lose consciousness and until then you'll scream!"


I wrote a square dance type song for you gun enthusiasts and if you'll apply the same concept towards owning some silver, you'll be enhancing your financial security---

Blasting intruders from A to Z,
Sporting fun, one-two-three!
Swing your rifles round and round,
Blast the burglars to the ground!
They scream and scream all night long, It's so great it can't be wrong!
They yell and yell all the time,
It's so fine we set it to rhyme!
Criminal felon raises our ire,
Decapitate him with cartridge fire!

(Do not set to music and play on airwaves without consent!) This little satire isn't intended to trivialize the act of shooting someone who deserves it, but you'd still have John Wayne's attitude towards the British representative in "Allegheny Uprising" (1939)---

"We'll be forced to fire on you!"

There are hoodlums in society to whom a line from the hotel manager in "From A Few Dollars More" (Clint Eastwood, 1965) applies---

"He's nothing but a wild vicious animal!"

You wouldn't be so lenient with a trespasser as Lucas McCain "The Rifleman" was in one episode---

"Get out of here! And do it fast!"

Nor would you be just a bit rough with him as Roger Moore (the son of a London policeman) as Simon Templar in "The Saint" (1963-1969) was with a Soviet spy--- "How would you like me to hit you just as hard as I possibly can?" Instead you'd be more inclined to say what Tuco the Mexican bandit said to another outlaw in "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" (1966)---

"Don't die until later!"

A firearm gives you the chance to detain criminals until authorities arrive. As John Wayne said in "El Dorado" (1967)---

"Mississippi, keep that gun pointed at this table, both barrels!"

So, of the armed citizen we can refer the line spoken by the bartender in "For A Few Dollars More" (1965)---

"Mister I know that man! It's a miracle you're alive!"

Without some silver or gold protection, it'll be a miracle if you're financially alive considering the economic turbulence we're entering into. And that, courtesy of many of the same elements who oppose gun ownership rights. The admiring young gunfighter said to James Coburn in "The Magnificent Seven" (1960)---

"That was the greatest shot I've ever seen!"

Protect yourself with precious metal and it'll be the greatest financial shot you ever called. How soon should you act? Take a cue from Tuco the Mexican bandit in "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" (1966)---

"When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk!"