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Silver Devils
Copyright January 2003 Charles Savoie 

What I am engaging in here is in some degree conjecture and I hope I’m wrong about what I’ll say---those who know aren’t likely to tell.  If I were a physician I wouldn’t tell someone they had an oversized wart if I knew it to be a tumor.  I believe we are confronted with some “tumors” which could be problematic to our realizing silver gains.  Having said this, I also wish to add, in spite of being painfully aware of predatory interests on the dark side still intending to foul the waters, I believe we will see things happen our way after a struggle.  The political power of silver companies compared to two organizations of which I will speak is next to zero.  What will save us is growing awareness that price capping causes shortages, and truly free markets resolve shortages by balancing supply with demand.  In the entire universe the only reliable way to stimulate supply is to let prices rise!  I believe we need to know about some of the personalities and entities---let’s call them the Silver Devils--- that may have been involved in holding down silver prices.  I say may have been involved, because sufficient transparency to be certain is not available, at least at this time 

  I wish to make it clear that I am not necessarily accusing anyone other than what we obviously know, like the bullion banks and the Silver Users Association.  I am looking at some pictures superimposed one over another and engaging in speculation.  We all more or less realize that where world events are concerned, there are two versions.  One, the version fed to us by news media; and the other, often unknown version, is that which actually took place.  Part of this is about understanding how silver prices could be held at gutter levels when we are so close to the end of what has been viewed as conventional supply---leasing.  Most of you are aware of the facts concerning the bankruptcy of Sunshine Mining.  What they needed to stay afloat was the transfusion or the oxygen mask of higher silver prices.  The shorts and users killed Sunshine, and opportunistic companies have absorbed choice assets of the company at distressed prices.  There is a line from “The Evil That Men Do” (1985), which speaks for the shortside attitude about Sunshine Mining--- 

“He was a nuisance and I’m glad he’s dead.  I only wish he’d suffered a little longer!” 


Let’s begin by speaking of China and silver.  We know that they first got Spanish mined silver around 1571, and that they were the last nation to go off a silver standard.  Silver therefore, has been quite important to China.  Today as China strives to become the greatest industrial power on earth, they need silver as never before.  However, many stories have been heard in recent years about China dumping silver.  Whether this was actually a redirection of refining of mining concentrates from other countries, or a bona fide Chinese silver dumping like the Bank of England with gold, I am not certain.

  However, let’s entertain the assumption that Chinese silver has actually been dumped.  But we must not also assume that China is stupid and fails to realize how critical silver is to industry and to their militaristic expansionary plans.  It could be part of the reason for continued news about Chinese troops in Myanmar (formerly Burma, east of India), because the country contains a large polymetallic deposit with hundreds of millions of silver.  I believe that the twin enticements of Most Favored Nation trade status, and transfer of sensitive ballistic missile technology, could suffice to induce the Chinese Reds to dump silver at low prices.  While we know the Clinton administration gave them Most Favored Nation status, the matter of some possible transfer of missile technology is certainly murkier in nature.  I want to look at some purely circumstantial evidence along with some scandalous details that are more concrete. 


Allow me to make a startling assertion---that Communism as it has been known in the former Soviet Union and as it is known in the People’s Republic of China---could well be an invention of U.S. and British monopoly capitalists.  A cornerstone of that purpose would be to fasten an unproductive economic system on vast areas and giant numbers of people, with the intent of preventing them from becoming competitors in world markets, until such time is reached that their renewed output can be directed by the super capitalists.  There are many instances over the years of these alleged arch-enemies of capitalism being helped by those they supposedly seek to destroy.  U.S. News & World Report, August 13, 1973, featured an interview with David Rockefeller entitled, “How To Trade With Communists,” showing him posing with Premier Chou En-lai.  Said Rockefeller--- 

China is developing a broadly diversified industrial structure.  It’s quite impressive.”

It is Rockefeller who has led the pack in this development, and also that of the former Soviet Union, as the pages of Soviet Life years ago were plastered with photos of Rockefeller and Alexei Kosygin, chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, and he was invited to be ambassador to Moscow.  Various organizations were set up to pursue development of Red Russia and Red China, originally the American Russian Chamber of Commerce, run by Charles P. Coleman, an associate of Rockefeller’s father, then in later years the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Trade and Economic Council and the National Council on U.S.-China Trade, run by such tycoons as William Hewitt of Deere & Company.

  David’s older brother John D. Rockefeller 3rd was a director of the British War Relief Society and of United China Relief.  For many years David Rockefeller has been at the helm of the American super-capitalists in league with their British counterparts in a drive to run the world under the auspices of a United Nations, which they wish to continue to strengthen until it cancels out all national sovereignties.  We now witness the U.N. dictating matters to Iraq, but who are the twin powers behind this drive?  Britain and the United States!  “Weapons of mass destruction” is the shill issue for public propagandization.  According to biographer William Hoffman in “David—Report On A Rockefeller” (1971)---

“The power he wields crosses all borders, can make or destroy governments, start or stop wars, profoundly influence everyone’s life.”

 As early as 1955 David was advocating trade with Mao Tse-tung’s China, in spite of it being known that up to 63 million people there had been “liquidated” as disloyal.  The November 30, 1975 New York Times, section IV, page 2, mentioned that Chinese Deputy Premier Teng Hsiao-ping received a delegation of prominent Americans led by Cyrus Vance---who later became Carter’s Secretary of State and held the post of Rockefeller Foundation chairman.  There are numerous other links in the public record.  David finally went public in the recent Who’s Who volume admitting membership in an organization he helped found in 1954 (which mega silver bulls Gates, Soros and Buffett are also members) but remains under cloak of darkness concerning the more important predecessor organization linking him to alliance with the British Empire.

  If you are curious as to details, I suggest you consult the volume at your library.  Since David is now 87, his mantle appears soon to pass to David Jr. who will then lead the establishment along with other vastly under-rated billionaires like Timothy Mellon.  Yes, I’m saying they’re worth far more than Gates and Buffett combined but don’t wish to be known to the public as such.  As Lundberg (“The Rich and the Super Rich”) gathered from Congressional sources, phenomenally valuable assets are often listed on their books as being worth $1. 


Is the same as an assault on the King himself---so spoke the brutal English commander at a Scottish outpost in “Braveheart” (1995) just before he viciously slit the young woman’s throat.  Mutating that line a bit, we get, “a director of a Silver Users Association company is the same as a director of the Silver Users Association itself.”  I find it interesting that Kodak shares a director with Halliburton (Delano Lewis), V.P. Dick Cheney’s company, which is frequently accused of being part of the warmongering against Iraq, so it can go in and score big after the fall of Saddam.  Du Pont is interlocked with Citigroup (3 directors), one of which heads Alcoa (Mellons), and recently retired Treasury Secretary O’ Neill chaired Alcoa, and was a Kodak director.  Imagine having a director of a Silver Users Association company running the Treasury Department!  Though he could no longer dump silver, he could suggest silver be confiscated from Americans at $5 per ounce and turned over to Walter Frankland of SUA!  We also note in a check of information dated 1992 that Charles Fetteroff was president of Alcoa, and a director of Union Carbide (SUA) and Mellon Bank. 

   Du Pont Chairman Charles Holliday was appointed by Bush in fall 2002 to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council---maybe they’d suggest silver confiscation at $5/ounce.  Holliday is also a director of HCA, Hospital Corporation of America, which is the basis of Senator Bill Frist’s fortune, the replacement for Trent Lott as majority leader.  Another Du Pont director, Richard Brown, is a member of the Presidents Advisory Committee on Trade Policy & Negotiations.  Have they asked China for silver for several years, and gotten some?  Will this Committee recommend sanctions against India if they refuse to dump silver?  Mr. Lindahl, another Du Pont director, happens to be Under Secretary General of the United Nations and chairs the Alliance for Global Sustainability, which sounds something like the Club of Rome, which produced “Goals For Mankind” in 1977. 

Maybe in order to sustain the Silver Users Association silver should be confiscated from Americans, and India should be threatened and sanctioned so a new British East India Company can go in and carry off all her silver.  Du Pont shares a director with IBM, Charles Vest, who chairs Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a member of the Presidents Committee of Advisors on Science & Technology.  Perhaps he’ll advise Bush to sign an Executive Order grabbing silver.  Rockwell International, another big defense contractor which needs silver, is interlocked with Dow Chemical.  


Harold Schapiro, a board member, was a member of the first President Bush’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology, 1990-1992---isn’t it fascinating what strong interlocks we find, like a titanium spider web encompassing the globe!  Since 1996 he’s chaired the National Bioethics Advisory Commission, which I view as hypocritical in view of the environmental damage suits against Dow.  Like his counterpart Mr. Vest at Du Pont, Schapiro heads a major university---Princeton, since 1998.  In 1989-1992 he was a director of the American Council on Education, at 1 Du Pont circle in D.C.  Undoubtedly there are large overlapping shareholdings of Du Pont and Dow.  The two companies have a joint venture, Du Pont-Dow Elastomers.  Dow Corning is a joint Dow venture with Corning Corporation, controlled by the Houghton family of Citigroup shareholders and directors.  According to the Wall Street Journal of October 27, 1986, page 1, “Mr. Houghton makes no apology for having powerful friends.” 

Michael Parker, a Dow director, is also a director of the National Legal Center for the Public Interest.  What does it do---attempt to blunt pollution and poisoning suits against Dow?  Will it say it’s in the national public interest to seize silver from silver owners for $5/ounce?  Parker is also a director of the National Association of Manufacturers, which has many times the number of member corporations as the Silver Users Association.  Should it really be called, the National Association of Offshore Manufacturers?  Perhaps all those companies too can be rallied to the cause of taking silver from investors for $5/ounce, and sanctioning India so their silver can also be taken.  (James Ringler, is also a joint Dow and N.A.M. director).  The NAM has 14,000 member companies and was rated 10th in influence in Fortune magazine’s 2001 survey of Capitol Hill lobbies, and they claim “unparalleled influence” in legislation and meet with members of the Executive branch.


   Understand, I am not accusing---I am speculating.  I have come to expect the worst from these types, as that’s what I’ve always seen.  Pedro Reinhard links the Dow board to that of the Royal Bank of Canada, and he serves as an advisor to JPMChase, as does William Stavropoulos who chairs Dow Chemical.  Indicating the Ford family has an interest in Dow, Allan Gilmour is a Dow director and chairs the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, and was vice chairman of Ford in 1993-1995, and is on the boards of Prudential Insurance, Whirlpool, DTE Energy (Detroit Edison) and Media One Group.  The corporate interests interlocked with the Silver Users Association are far more enormous than that of SUA itself, which alone appears to have gigantic influence.


Most if not all these big corporations have political action committees like Dow Chemical and Du Pont Good Government Fund.  You can spend all day at site looking up men on Capitol Hill who’ve received funds from them, so legislation to take silver should be as easy for them as taking a sip of coffee.  Missouri Senator John Danforth (Ralston-Purina fortune), a Dow director, served on Capitol Hill from 1976-1995; silver users sure have a lot of influence, but they can’t make the shortage go away nor manage prices much longer. 


Barbara Franklin, a Dow director for over 10 years, was national co-chair of the George Bush for President Committee.  That suggests to me it would only take a discreet phone call from her to Washington, to get an Executive Order signed grabbing silver from investors for $5 per ounce.  In view of the fact that she received an award from the American Association of Poison Control Centers in 1979, and the fact that the pesticide Dursban, produced by Dow, is known to be present in the blood of every living person in America (Centers for Disease Control), I find Franklin someone outside the sphere of my liking.  The Associated Press reported on December 15 that Dow Chemical was one of three firms against which a $490 million verdict was rendered by a judge in Nicaragua.  The decision on behalf of 583 affected workers in the banana growing areas of western Nicaragua was over use of the chemical Nemagon after its use was banned for causing health problems.  It makes you wonder what you’re eating, since the company has a subsidiary, Dow Agro-Sciences.  (Maybe someone in Detroit eating treated bananas grown in Nicaragua could make money for the Henry Ford Health System by checking in as an oncology patient!)

 A director also of insurance giant Aetna, Franklin is a director of Harvard Business School since 1998.  She was President Bush Senior’s Commerce Secretary, and led a mission to China in 1992 that “normalized” commercial relations.  If you’re wondering as to connections with David Rockefeller, I believe I made things clear that he spearheaded the drive of development in and trade with China.  There are so many other connections that it would be impossible to list, however, here’s two---in 1992 Franklin received the John J. McCloy auditing award, for the man who chaired Rockefeller’s Chase Bank from 1953-1960, and Franklin is one of many persons mentioned here who belong to the no longer unknown Council On Foreign Relations, which Rockefeller chaired from 1970-1985.  According to biographer Hoffman, “David’s influence with CFR is enormous.”  There are so many connections it would take at least months to review everything in detail.  We will have to leave it at that.

  But before we leave Ms. Franklin, note a few other items, such as that her husband, Wallace Barnes, headed the Barnes Group, a near billion dollar aerospace and automotive concern in Connecticut.  She is also a director of the Atlantic Council, a British front headed by former U.S. Ambassador to England Henry Catto; she sits on the advisory board to the U.S./China Policy Foundation (a great place for a silver user to be---by the way, former General Alexander Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State, who in 1972 laid the groundwork for the historic Shanghai Communiqué opening a door into China, is there, and he’s a United Technologies director and advisor to China Ocean Shipping Group).  Back to Ms. Franklin, she’s also a director of the U.S./China Business Council and the National Committee for U.S./China Relations.  Additionally she’s a member of the Japan Society, predecessor to David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.  Vanderbilt/Rockefeller Liaison Lindsay Russell, another British Empire alliance functionary, founded the Japan Society in 1907. 

  Along with Du Pont director Mr. Brown, Dow director Franklin is a member of the President’s advisory Committee for Trade Policy & Negotiations (4 terms).  We won’t take time to consider as much information about the U.S./China Business Council, except to note that among its 300 or so members are names like Ford Motor; General Motors; Motorola; FEDEX; American International Group; Procter & Gamble; Lucent Technologies; Corning International; Intel; Xerox, Dell Computer, Kodak, Dow and Du Pont.


Chairman as of summer 2000 of the National U.S./China Business Council is  Phil Condit, chairman of Boeing; the Council reports trade between the two nations now exceeds $120 billion.  Wal-Mart is full of Chinese goods, and stories have circulated about merchandise sold by those cheap $1 stores from coast to coast, goes to buy military hardware for China.  An Associated Press release dated January 2, 2003, noted that Boeing Satellite Systems and Hughes Electronics are being accused of giving China rocket and satellite technology which could be used for ICBM’s.  Boeing acquired Hughes space unit in 2000, and the two firms are alleged to have committed 123 violations with China concerning the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  Supposedly all they could be fined if guilty is $61.5 million.  That’s probably far less than the damage China could inflict on Los Angeles.  A Justice Department investigation of these two firms and Loral Space & Communications, in 1998, yielded no charges.

Connections to China and Silver

Let’s consider two organizations---the National Committee on U.S./China Relations, of which Ms. Franklin of Dow Chemical is a director, and the U.S./China Business Council, of which she is also a director.  Carla Hills (editor of “Antitrust Advisor,” 1985) chairs the Committee and is also vice-chair of the U.S./China Business Council, sufficient to establish the two groups as being expressed by the same sources.  Hills, a CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) member, is also a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller, whose co-founder was George S. Franklin Jr., his roommate at Harvard, and another British Empire activist.  Hills is a director of media colossus Time-Warner, construction giant Bechtel; oil giant Chevron; Lucent Technologies, and American International Group, a possible silver shorter.  Also a director of the Committee is Henry Luce III of Time-Warner fortune, leader of British Interests in the U.S. after the death of Wall Streeter Hugh Bullock, Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire.


Carla Hills husband Roderick is a director of the U.S./Asian Council for Business & Technology (what does it do, trade technology for “business?”)  Other directors of the China Committee include---Wayne Booker, vice chairman, Ford Motor; Douglas Daft, chairman, Coca-Cola; Maurice Greenberg, Chairman, American International Group, chairman, Asia Society, founder, U.S. Philippines Business Committee (Philippine Central Bank dumped 4 tons of gold in December 2002, and has been a leaser of silver---Greenberg connection?) and he chairs the U.S./China Business Council, totally cementing the connections it has with the National Committee for U.S./China Relations.  Greenberg additionally is vice chairman of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (war and militaries), vice chair of CFR and is a member of the President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy & Negotiations, like the Du Pont and Dow (SUA) directors we visited earlier.  Many of these luminaries are active in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and it appears there may be a connection between China’s entry into the WTO and the establishment of the Huatong Silver Exchange in Shanghai. 


Other directors of the National Committee on U.S./China Relations include former President Gerald Ford (1974-1977) who tried to install David’s brother, Nelson Rockefeller, as unelected President (was martial law to follow?)---Ford also met with Chinese Deputy Premier Deng Hsiao-ping as a Rockefeller messenger (New York Times, December 2, 1975, page 21); David Gergen, editor at large, U.S. News & World Report, advisor to President Clinton, 1993-1995, visiting professor at Duke University; William Frenzel (trustee of U.S./Japan foundation with billionaire Robin Chandler Duke); Raymond Shafer, ex-governor of Pennsylvania (Mellons); Robert Orville Anderson, retired chairman of Atlantic Richfield Petroleum, second largest landowner in New Mexico after Ted Turner, trustee of Caltech and University of Chicago; Nicholas Lardy, founder in 1995 of Pacific Council on International Policy, member CFR, recipient of Henry Luce Foundation grants, 1980-1982, member editorial board, Journal of Asian Business, China Economic Review, China Quarterly (London) and Problems of Post Communism, professor of International Trade & Finance, Yale University, author, 1989, “Economic Policy Toward China in the Post Reagan Era” and 1998, “China’s Unfinished Economic Revolution.”


More NCUSCR directors are Matt Salmon, Republican Congressman from Arizona since 1995 (Phelps-Dodge Phoenix Jaycees award, 1990); Lee Hamilton, Democratic Congressman from Indiana. 1965-1999, former chairman, House Intelligence Committee, former chairman, Committee to Investigate Iran Arms Deal; Father Theodore Hesburgh (CFR), president Notre Dame University, 1952-1987, past director Chase Manhattan Bank, past chairman Rockefeller Foundation; Thomas Kean, president, Drew University, chairman, Carnegie Corporation of New York (steel magnate Carnegie was another British Empire activist); Sam Gibbons, Democrat Congressman from Florida, 1962-1996; Geraldine Kunstadter, president, Capricorn Investments, director, Bridge to Asia Foundation, Menninger Foundation (psychiatry), Atlantic Council, International Development Enterprises, member, New York/Beijing Friendship City Committee, Lansdowne Club, London; Julia Chang Bloch, Ford Foundation grantee, member Asia Society, CFR, representative in 1977 of American Council of Young Political Leaders to the People’s Republic of China, member, U.S. National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, visiting professor at Beijing University in 1998. 

Still more NCUSCR directors are Robert Strange McNamara, president World Bank, 1968-1981, director, Overseas Development Council, former director, Ford Motor; Robert Levinson, chairman, Levcor International (textiles, apparel), primary bank, JPMorganChase; Ezra Vogel, Henry Ford II professor of social sciences at Harvard, with National Intelligence Council, 1993-1995, author 2000 “Is Japan Still Number One?”; and Nancy Kassenbaum Baker, Republican Senator from Kansas, 1979-1996, chairman, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Johnson & Johnson), wife of Howard Baker, Tennessee Senator from 1967-1985, Presidential chief of staff, 1987-1988, director Pennzoil, regent, Smithsonian Institution, on international advisory board to Barrick Gold Corporation! 


As befits any powerful lobby group, it should have members who can pull the right strings.  James Sasser was Clinton (British Rhodes Scholar) ambassador to China, 1996-1999 and was a Senator from Tennessee, 1977-1994, member United Nations Association, with Gore Campaign 2000 (control China policy no matter who becomes President), and graduate, Vanderbilt University (“after his consummation of the $44 million theft in 1869 there was little withstanding of Vanderbilt,” biographer Myers, “by 1883 he was worth fully $194 million.  The impact of his vast fortune was well nigh resistless.  His very name was a terror to those of lesser capital.”)  Reviewing more China Committee directors, we note Barber Conable, Republican Congressman from New York, 1965-1985, author “China: The Coming Power” (CFR publication Foreign Affairs, winter 1992-1993), former president, World Bank, regent, Smithsonian Institution (with Baron Eric De Rothschild); Joseph Prueher, commander in chief, U.S. Pacific Command, Hawaii, 1996-1999, since 1999, U.S. Ambassador to People’s Republic of China; Stapleton Roy, deputy director, Office of Chinese Affairs, State Department, 1975-1978, Ambassador to Singapore, 1984-1986, Ambassador to People’s Republic of China, 1991-1995, Ambassador to Indonesia, 1995-1999, now with Bureau of Intelligence & Research, State Department. 

Continuing the list of NCUSCR directors, we find Susan Roosevelt Weld, great granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt, professor at Harvard Law School wife of William Weld, ex-governor Massachusetts, of the White, Weld & Company brokerage fortune; Madeleine Zelin, professor of East Asian Language & Culture, Columbia University, director, East Asian Institute of Columbia, director, East Asian Natural Resources Center of Columbia (maybe they know about the silver in Myanmar), advisor to Journal of Chinese Law; and Michael Armacost, president, Washington D.C. based Brookings Institution, a major international think tank, Ambassador to Philippines, 1982-1984, Ambassador to Japan, 1989-1993.  Whew!  What an assemblage of really heavy hitters in government, diplomacy, business and finance, and all bent on what---developing China!  And in the process, helping China to industrialize and therefore, to build a war machine? 


Still another director of the National Committee on U.S./China Relations is David Jeremiah, a retired Admiral who was called Colin Powell’s “alter ego” in the 1991 Gulf War.  Jeremiah was Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet from 1987-1991.  He is now president of Technology Strategies & Alliances Corporation with interests in funding aerospace, defense, telecommunications and electronics ventures.  In 1995 he was a speaker at the Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology at Palo Alto, California.  It was sponsored by the Foresight Institute for Molecular Manufacturing.  Other sponsors included Loral Electronic, now known as Loral Space & Communications.  Guess what!  Loral transferred intercontinental ballistic missile technology (ICBM) to the People’s Republic of China, along with Hughes Electronics, approved by the Clinton Administration!  (See New York Times, April 4, 1998).  That was just weeks before the Clinton administration sanctioned India for testing 5 nuclear devices. 

Well, well!  Elements here want to boost the repressive government of China, but repress the more humane government of India!  Guess they have to be punished for leaving the British Empire, and pressured to dump silver!  The Los Angeles Sun Times of August 2, 1996, mentioned a Chinese official boasting that their ICBM’s could now strike Los Angeles.  Gamblers in Las Vegas could safely bet that none of the luminaries in the National Committee on U.S./China Relations or the U.S./China Business Council live in L.A.  Continuing with retired Admiral Jeremiah, he sits on the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Secretary of Defense and is an advisor to Texas Instruments.  He’s also a director of Geobiotics; GSE Systems (software and nuclear and other power plant technology); Litton Industries subsidiary of big defense contractor Northrop-Grumman, whose primary bank is JPMorganChase; director of Standard Missile Company, with about a half billion in revenues; and of Alliant Techsystems, which manufactures aerospace systems, shoulder launched missiles (“stinger” types), full scale warheads and missile systems. 

Alliant shares a director with Hercules Incorporated, a $3 billion dollar chemical firm in Wilmington Delaware (Du Pont city!)  Do any of you sense any disturbing possibilities here, concerning all the concentration of war technology companies, with an organization promoting connections with Red China?  I am not alleging Mr. Jeremiah has given military secrets to the Chinese; however, we know Loral did something contrary to the interests of America, India, Taiwan and maybe also Japan, in helping the Chinese develop ICBM’s that can hit Los Angeles (and he attended a conference Loral sponsored).  I suppose what we’d really like, is for Mr. Jeremiah---who in no way reminds me of any biblical personality (other than the shady ones)---to speak his mind on the subject.  Us he will ignore!  But Congress, though it’s infested with PAC money, may be another matter.  Looking up the price of Loral shares, I noticed its peak was $33.94 in early 1998 but skidded to 42 cents in late December 2002.  Maybe it’s just as well if they go to zero!  Wait, I haven’t finished detailing Jeremiah’s connections to the military industrial and scientific community.  He’s also a trustee of Washington D.C. based Mitre Corporation. 


It’s another high-powered think-tank headquartered in CIA city, McLean, Virginia, near D.C.  It is “nonprofit” and is active in systems engineering, research and development and information technology, and works closely with the Defense Department.  The word mitre, also spelled miter, has several meanings (what it means to them, I don’t know)---a tall elaborate headdress like that worn by the Pope; a cover over a chimney which lets smoke out but shields from rain; in carpentry, a pair of pieces fitted together by a joint so that they form the corner of a frame. 

  James Schlesinger chairs Miter.  He was a consultant to the Federal Reserve Board in 1962-1963; senior staff member at Rand Corporation (another high powered think tank) from 1963-1969; director, Bureau of the Budget, 1969-1971; chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and CIA director in 1973; Secretary of Defense, 1973-1975; assistant to the President, 1977; Secretary of Energy, 1977-1979; and member President’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nuclear Weapons Management, 1984-1985.  Currently he’s a senior advisor to Lehman Brothers; a trustee of the Center for Strategic & International Studies; a member of the Defense Policy Board of the Department of Defense; advisor to National Nuclear Security Administration of the Department of Energy; trustee of the Atlantic Council; publisher of The National Interest; and director of Seven Seas Petroleum (another failure like Loral, as this is written 7 Seas has skidded from a year high of $4.30 to 3 cents); Sandia Corporation; Peabody Energy (world’s largest coal miner); and BNFL Incorporated. 

  A heavy hitter indeed is Schlesinger!  Sandia (Spanish for watermelon) is owned by Lockheed Martin, and operates Sandia National Laboratories at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, for the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Safety Administration.  BNFL is located at Oak Ridge Tennessee, site of Oak Ridge National Laboratories---it’s a subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuel.  Yes, it’s always a British/American thing!

  Other Mitre trustees include ex-Virginia Democrat Senator Charles Robb (1989-2001, CFR) who was Virginia Governor, 1982-1986.  He married Lynda Bird Johnson, one of President Johnson’s daughters, in 1967.  In 1979 Robb was a member of the American Council of Young Political Leaders delegation to the People’s Republic of China.  Appearances are that there are many Chinese connections in our defense corporations and government.  Other Mitre trustees include retired Air Force General Ronald Fogelman (director Texas Instruments); retired Admiral James Busey IV; retired general Robert Marsh, director of Thiokol Corporation and member board of visitors to Carnegie-Mellon University Software Engineering Institute; Richard Kerr, also former CIA like Schlesinger; and Robert Everett, member of Ballistic Missile Defense Advisory Committee.


 Jack Ruina is another Mitre Corporation trustee and a participant in the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, which was founded by Cyrus Eaton, who began his career as secretary to John D. Rockefeller, David Rockefeller’s grandfather and Standard Oil patriarch.  Information that Pugwash would dispute has it that its participants, many nuclear and other scientists, have routinely transferred sensitive technology to totalitarian regimes.  If true, the only purpose this could serve is as a means of maintaining the old “balance of power” politics perfected by the Rothschilds in Europe centuries ago, in which nations are matched off against each other in order to realize a synthesis, a hidden agenda.  In this case the agenda is globalization---the transformation of the U.N. into the world authority in order to “save” the world from war.  As Cecil Rhodes vision had it, “the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible.”  With the big rich in control! 

  I cannot say what has transpired at Pugwash meetings, never having been invited (nor likely to!)  However, Cyrus Eaton Jr. of Tower International, worked closely with Richardson Dilworth (CFR) of the Rockefellers International Basic Economy Corporation to open up trade with Iron Curtain countries---and in technology transfer to them.  See New York Times Microfilm, January 18, 1967, page 1, for story, “Eaton Joins Rockefellers To Spur Trade With Reds.”  So here we see many of the same types fostering ever-greater ties with the People’s Republic of China.  And guess what else, Admiral Jeremiah of the National Committee for U.S./China Relations, is also a trustee of Mitre Corporation, with its access to sensitive technology.  What is going on, really going on in this overwhelmingly intricate and powerful network of interests seeking trade and “cooperation” with China?  Has sensitive military technology really been gifted to them, in exchange for favors like getting some cheap silver? 

  Again, I cannot say, since I’m far from being an insider here.  However, incidental evidence is significant, as in the case of Loral cosponsoring a conference at which Jeremiah was invited as a speaker, and what is known about them helping China with missile technology.  Are we to glibly believe that there is no connection to other facts here, such as that the head of Mitre Corporation Mr. Schlesinger was the FIRST American to openly advocate selling weapons to China?  See New York Times story, “Schlesinger, Back in U.S., Favors Selling Weapons to Peking Regime,” October 1, 1976, page A-8.  As for the Pugwash Conferences, its U.S. offices are at 11 Du Pont Circle in D.C.  Interesting, huh, like Du Pont silver users and China? 

  Also “interesting” is the fact that Chen Jifeng leads Pugwash China, ex secretary general of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (for disarming someone else?) and retired major general Pan Zhengqiang, now professor at the National Defense University in Beijing.  With so many generals, admirals and Defense Secretaries on both sides of the Pacific mixed up in these “affairs,” perhaps I no longer wonder why the national office of the Veterans of Foreign Wars ignored my comments about America not having a strategic silver stockpile, after I contacted around 20 different individuals in December.  Is a “fix” in there?  Like many admirals and generals being in CFR roster?   Doesn’t it matter to the VFW that the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency has been bled dry of silver?



Senator Sinclair Weeks (1893-1972) was the driving force behind the founding of the Silver Users Association in 1947.  There was a Du Pont connection, as we shall see.  Weeks was the son of John Wingate Weeks, a Republican Congressman from 1905-1913 and a Senator from 1913 till 1919 who voted for the Federal Reserve Act.  The senior Weeks became Secretary of War in 1921-1925.  Sinclair Weeks was treasurer of the Republican National Committee from 1941-1944 and remained on the committee until 1953.  He was a director of the First National Bank of Boston (now Fleet Boston, a Silver Users Association member) and was president of Reed & Barton, silversmiths, beginning in 1928 (age 35) and held that post into the early 1950’s. 

  An overseer of Harvard, Weeks was also president of the Sterling Silversmiths Guild of America.  Special interest stuff, indeed, with Weeks eyeing the billions of ounces held by the U.S. government at the close of WWII.  He was also a director of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), establishing a likely cooperative relationship between the two.  In 1953 Sinclair Weeks became Secretary of Commerce, a post he held until 1958.  According to, General Motors, Standard Oil of California and Firestone controlled National City Lines, which by 1946 controlled streetcar operations in 80 cities.  By 1955, over public protests, National City closed down almost all those operations, eliminating a public transportation network that later would cost hundreds of billions to replace.

 A Federal antitrust investigation yielded indictments and convictions for some GM executives, yet the company was fined only $5,000.  GM was behind the founding of the National Highway Users Conference.  The plan apparently was to encourage sales of motor vehicles and the fuel and tires with which to operate them, and in so doing, public transportation was squelched.  In 1953 GM president Charles Wilson became Secretary of Defense and said that new highways were vital to national security.  While we all need a highway network, it is the manner in which this was pursued which could be questioned.  At this same time the Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Roads of the Commerce Department was Francis Du Pont, whose family in addition to holding controlling interest in the chemical giant Du Pont (Silver Users Association) was also the controlling faction in GM! 

 Commerce Secretary Weeks, founder of the Silver Users Association, supported passage of the Federal Highway Act of 1956, which appropriated $25 billion for expansion; the bill was introduced by Senator Albert Gore Senior (so even if Gore beat Bush in 2000, the Du Ponts might be in that background too).  Before leaving the Commerce Department, Weeks appointed Philip Reed to some committees.  Reed was a director of Tiffany & Company (Silver Users Association), and headed General Electric from 1945-1959.  Reed was with the War Production Board in WWII, and was assistant to railroad heir Averill Harriman, who was ambassador to Great Britain (married into the Churchill family) and the Soviet Union.  Reed was a delegate to the founding conference of the U.N. at San Francisco in 1945; director of CFR from 1946-1969; chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1960-1965, and a director of the Winston Churchill Foundation of the U.S.  His personal papers are on repository at the Hagley Museum & Library in Wilmington, Delaware, whose main benefactors are the Du Pont family.                               


This organization is long since out of touch with reality.  Where silver prices are concerned, they carry on as if it’s still the year of their founding, 1947, when silver was extremely abundant and cheap.  Founded to get America’s silver stockpile at give away rates, they succeeded completely.  Now due to leasing of silver, world central banks appear depleted of silver also.  They’ve made noises indicating they want India’s silver and that they have enlisted corporations around the world (NAM companies also?) to assist their lobby effort to change Indian law to permit export from the domestic Indian market.  As of the last CPM annual silver survey, India was holding firm against silver exports.  It appears to be too late to get anything done now to suck silver out of India to prevent silver from casting aside its COMEX derivative price chains.


  Maybe India would consider selling 1 to 2% of its silver to Walter Frankland and SUA at a free market price of $150 to $200 per ounce.  India, hang onto your silver, and see the great leverage it gives you!  Consider some items from SUA’s website.  First they say they are nonprofit.  Reading between the lines, this signifies that they want silver miners and silver owners to receive no profit for their silver.  They say they wish “to inform the public on all facets of the silver market.”  Really?  Then why don’t they post details as to how much lease silver is left, since they most likely know?  Why don’t they tell the public the coming shortage is their fault? 

 Still, SUA says they “support government policies which insure the flow of new production silver to the market.”  How does that fit in with keeping the price so low for many years that mining activity is squelched and production curtailed?  What sort of government policies to support the flow of new production silver to the market would they promote, while holding inviolate their notion of dirt-cheap silver---nationalization of silver mines and exploitation with free convict labor?  They additionally state their alleged wish that accurate silver market information is disseminated.  Accurate information, by whose criteria? 

  This goes to show the justifiably cynical onlooker that the way you destroy someone, is by manipulation of definitions.  This could extend to any struggle imaginable (example---New York Times, May 27, 1876, page 6, said trousered women were afflicted with “permanent mental hallucination,” no doubt amusing the local bagpiper).  I suppose the typical silver investor, in SUA’s view, is afflicted with “permanent mental hallucination,” or rather SUA will be so afflicted, when silver prices can no longer be managed to the downside.  Here’s a line for SUA officials to claim as their own, in the fast approaching environment of sky-high silver prices--- 

“Even now I warrant, his skin is being burnt raw.  His tongue is so swollen it chokes him.  No doubt he is gradually losing his sanity.  That explains the gurgling sounds, the incoherent noises!” 

(Spoken by Captain Risley, the despotic prison camp commander from an episode of “The Big Valley,” 1960’s TV western).  SUA also states that it cooperates with government agencies---meaning especially the CFTC, an infested hotbed of subversion for silver shorts---to “reduce excesses in silver speculation.”  The first thing you pick out of their blather here is allusions to the Hunt/Arab silver play.  Okay, so the backward potbellied, T-bone steak eating hicks from the Texas cotton patch and their camel riding, dromedary date eating Arab partners tried to squeeze the market---to force a price rise by removing metal from availability.  But we know they were squashed like a boot heel on a tater bug by the shorts and their buddies, the exchange officials, including Andrew Brimmer, who in January 1980 was a director of Du Pont (SUA member)! That issue is long since past.

 The issue now is, SUA has had its way so long with low silver prices, that the “great hungry silver god” as Butler called it, has devoured all possible low priced silver.  The rest of the silver is held by persons and entities waiting for SUA and the COMEX shorts to be knocked off the stage by market forces---unserviced demand, at which point, their silver will become available in a free market situation---a bidding auction!  To SUA members this is like going on a diet of molded hamburger buns sandwiching hundreds of live stinkbugs, to be washed down by boiling goat urine.  It never occurred to them that more silver could become available if they allowed the price to rise, did it?  And that in such a price rise, they needed only to pass the cost along to the consumer, as with any other raw material price increase?  Why is it that the profit incentive is recognized in all manner of endeavor, other than silver mining?  Can SUA explain why miners should produce silver forever at or below break-even prices, especially when Tiffany & Company marks up fabricated silver so steeply?

 Can SUA account to Congress and the Justice Department why they are the only commodity users association in existence, and why in view of all the anecdotal proof visible that they are constituted to hold silver prices low, that this doesn’t make them guilty of anti-trust violations, of price fixing on the shortside?  It’s incredibly scandalous that this organization has played its gnawing termite role for so many years, and that it gives “members views to Congress and the Administration,” and maintains “liaison with U.S. government Executive departments” (the White House!)  Remember, Barbara Franklin of Dow Chemical (SUA) was National Co-Chair of Bush for President Committee!  The CFTC and COMEX are under the covers with them, to all appearances, in a wild, unchecked orgy of collusion!  James Newsome, CFTC chairman, addressed the Silver Users Association ( on May 23, 2001 and sniveled to them in his simpering way-- 

“It is both an honor and a pleasure to address this distinguished group.  We have a continued focus on prosecuting those who attempt to manipulate markets or to defraud market participants.  This regulatory innovativeness can help guarantee that our markets will not only be the safest, but also as efficient and effective as possible.  These are my ideas about where we go from here and what the core mission of our agency should be.  I look forward to working with you.” 

  How is the CFTC going to do anything about speculative position limits in shorting silver when they have this attitude toward the users association---a group Newsome “looks forward to working with?”  This is the most blatantly incestuous relationship between a cartel and regulators I’ve ever heard of.  Even “History of the Great American Fortunes,” which chronicled hundreds of instances of startling corruption, has nothing to exceed this.  I don’t believe that any amount of “regulatory innovativeness” on Newsome’s part will cause a deficit to go away at $4.50 silver.  Undoubtedly why SUA has had their way for over 55 years, in addition to political influence, is the fact that most people’s minds are a bit on the simple side, and oftentimes they cannot perceive the obvious.

 People have no trouble understanding a cartel in the usual sense---on the long side, fixing prices upwards to their benefit.  If there had been a Silver Producers Association working to raise prices over the years, you can bet it would have had to be headquartered outside the U.S. like DeBeers or OPEC.  A shortside circle of interest is something they’re not conditioned to even think about, just like most of them cannot understand how to make profits by shorting a stock, commodity, or index.  So I say, let awareness of what SUA actually is be spread about.  You have to suppose that silver consuming firms like General Motors, Ford, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell International, General Electric and other big companies not listed as SUA members may have exerted influence with them to hold silver low; however, perhaps they didn’t join SUA because they wish to avoid the coming scandal associated with collusion to price cap a commodity---to be distanced from antitrust investigations!  

  Notice that Newsome’s sole concern is with prosecuting silver longs, if he can make them scapegoats in a runaway price increase.  The definitions of reality adhered to by SUA and CFTC are so badly messed up, it’s like they were zookeepers, a kid fell into the monkey cage, and they insist he’s a monkey because by definition, the only creatures housed in monkey cages are monkeys.  So the kid (the silver miner) suffers in their monkey cage because of their phony set of definitions.  There is not the supply of silver in today’s world to correlate to the demand, such that $4 range silver has any basis in reality!  The day of fabulous bonanza silver grades is long since gone, and a price reckoning will be forced on these users. The shorts have gone to the nth degree holding the price down to year-end 2002, but suggestions the end is close appear more starkly than ever. 

 SUA has created its own version of “The Bedford Incident” (1965), the cold war drama of a U.S. battleship off Greenland trying to corner a Soviet sub.  Captain Finlander (Richard Widmark) told one of his men, who was cracking under pressure, to “arm number one Azroc.”  The ex-German U Boat commander on board advised Finlander to back off, and was told, “Relax commodore, the Bedford will never fire first.  But if he fires one, we’ll fire one.”  At which point, his overstressed missile officer said, “Fire one!” and the Azroc was launched.  An attempt to disarm it in flight failed, as the sonar officer’s eardrums nearly burst from the noise of the undersea explosion, and the ocean blew sky-high in response.  The sonar was told to keep ranging, whereupon the officer said, “Oh my God!”  Looking at the monitor, Captain Finlander saw 3 torpedoes coming straight on, apparently launched when the Russian sub knew the Azroc broke the surface on its mission of doom towards them.  Sidney Poitier was on board as a press observer.  In greatest possible tones of alarm he demanded of Captain Finlander, 

“You have a torpedo evasion plan haven’t you?  Well have you or haven’t you?  Captain!  Come on!  You knew there was this chance, do something!” 

As the two men stood atop the Bedford’s observation deck, Finlander’s expression withered into hopelessness like a damned man descending into hellfire, Poitier’s eyes widened and in rapid succession three enormous booms were heard as the torpedoes struck the ship, and the nuclear mushroom cloud zoomed into the sky!  Of Mr. Frankland, leader of the Silver Devils, I ask, what is your torpedo evasion plan as the three torpedoes of no more lease silver, silver shortages and sky-high prices hit your companies? 

Chinese Reds aren’t benevolent like TV Bonanza’s Hop Sing,

Boasting how their ICBM’s can hit Los Angeles isn’t funny,

Trading with China to make them mellow has a hollow ring,

Just so a bunch of high-powered jerks can make money!


All manner of councils, organizations and associations,

Promoting trade with China, making its war machine strong,

Unlike the Beach Boys, there are no Good Vibrations,

Ask Taiwan and India---something is dangerously wrong!


Presidents, Senators, Ambassadors and Admirals too,

With aid and trade, strengthening China’s Red regime,

Powerful people all over the pages of Who’s Who,

Megabillions of profit in a balance of power scheme!


Has China dumped metal to help silver shorts and users?

With missile technology the carrot on the stick?

Making millions of future war victims the losers,

High tech trade with China---is it “realpolitik?”


Rockefellers, Mellons and Du Ponts still on the scene,

Rothschilds and Vanderbilts with them as well,

Promoting trade with China, its leaders so mean,

To boost the profit plan who dies?  Military personnel!


Our Congress, corrupt as a hive of killer bees,

With sinister PAC money spread all over Capitol Hill,

SUA wants to keep silver low till hell starts to freeze,

I hope their wives will start taking an oral contraceptive pill!


Other billionaires like Soros and Gates

Wait for the users to run out of tricks,

Shareholders of unhedged miners have clever traits,

SUA members will cross over the River Styx!


Let CFTC explain why it refused to regulate,

While shorts and users made world stocks vanish away,

To avoid severe shortages, it’s way too late,

Watch the silver price orbit high---forever & a day!


Flat silver prices for years---what a disease!

But now the party’s almost at an end,

Who’ll try to blame longs?  Any board of trustees!

But market forces now say---let the silver price ascend!


India gains great wealth as silver rockets,

Who wanted to get her silver at prices so cheap?

Users grimace as if their thumbs are in electric sockets,

Walter Frankland, advocate of giveaway silver---what a creep!


That silver alone has a users association for a commodity,

Is a shocking matter much more than simply strange,

It’s an antitrust violation, not just a business oddity,

With CFTC & Congress who’s to blame?  The Commodity Exchange!


Crazy devils shorting silver till there’s none left,

Naked shorting adds nothing to the silver supply,

That 10-ounce bar in your palm has a wonderful heft,

Users can’t get enough silver at any price---let them cry!


What is SUA’s torpedo evasion plan,

As the price of silver blows sky-high?

Their stocks will smell like a “Chem-Can,”

As silver shorting derivatives wither and die!


Standing on the observation deck of his ship,

Grimly watching silver torpedoes closing in,

SUA’s Frankland wishes he was on an LSD trip!

Silver shorts & users belong in the looney bin!


A hyperleverage explosion impending in silver shares,

As the Silver Supernova explodes, the sun catches on fire!

60,000% gains in silver, from users incredulous stares,

As we say, it’s time for SUA’s funeral pyre!