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Copyright January 2004 Charles Savoie

Here at Silver Investor last November in "Silver At The Vanishing Point" I suggested that there exists a plan on the part of the silver users to export jobs, in connection with the coming silver shortages in the United States. Meaning, you can't necessarily get delivery of silver off a COMEX futures contract. Will there be an attempted rule change to defer March 2004 deliveries until May, to give someone time to exit to another country, as when Marc Rich fled to Switzerland? Our State Department would surely be very happy to see that all silver shorts have passports ready, as it appears that so many highly placed individuals for many years have fallen all over each other to help them! Undoubtedly the job exporting frenzy fits into a larger picture called globalization. The American middle class living standard has been under attack for many years. Less home ownership, more apartment living, fewer vacations, less health insurance, shoes and clothes made in China. More bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, and layoffs. New jobs created are low paying service jobs. Positions at the mall food court and picking up trash. Such jobs are necessary but something is wrong when mature adults are forced into these underpaid slots, displacing teenagers. We've witnessed the violent images of police and protestors clashing at World Trade Organization (WTO) conferences, founded through GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Predicting that the silver users would use the silver shortage as a means to send jobs overseas was an obvious prediction. It's a good signal that leasing of silver is ending. India won't dump silver, so they want to move there to get at privately owned metal. This is a timely moment to ask, why is Martin Weiss of Safe Money Report still not recommending silver, considering the known facts of the situation and the price movement since mid-July 2003?

The users intend to gain several objectives including lower employee wages and reduced medical benefits (if any) and access to silver. India alone likely contains more above ground silver than all other nations combined, phantom stockpiles included. Since India refuses to export their own domestic silver, it appears that the silver users intend to get at it by opening factories there. However, there will be bumps along that road, as we shall consider. Also, since most silver there is owned by individuals who use it for savings and sentimental reasons (inherited objects), the users won't be able to steal it by leasing it, nor will they be able to issue bogus shorting derivatives on some shady exchange by which they can beat the price down. The users hope was to use up every possible gram of above ground silver on earth, before letting the price rise, but India stubbornly retains its silver! The users will have to swallow the bitter pill of bidding for silver! They'll have to post signs and ads saying, "Let Us Make An Offer For Your Silver!" I noticed in the local paper, the Fort Worth, Texas Star Telegram ("Startlegram," a paper that like most will not print truly controversial letters because they exist to shield high-level guilty parties) December 2, 2003, from the Associated Press---

"DuPont to restructure, move work overseas. DuPont, which flourished selling paint to Detroit automakers and electronic materials to California technology companies, said Monday it is moving its "center of gravity" to where the business is---China, India and Eastern Europe. The Wilmington, Delaware based company announced plans to cut $900 million in costs over the next two years by cutting its work force, streamlining its product lines and consolidating manufacturing and support services. DuPont would hire local workers in foreign markets and would move some high-ranking managers overseas."

Alex Patel of DuPont is on the executive committee of the Silver Users Association! Taking silver from Indians is politically correct if an Indian fronts for DuPont? It's like some native turncoat who sided with the exploitative British East India Company centuries ago, to benefit from the looting of his homeland. Hey Alex Patel, are you more concerned for DuPont, or for your ancestral countrymen in India, who desperately need their silver for infrastructure development and better living standards (appliances)? Also they need it for defense against China, with whom you trade---China, who has already made military incursions into Indian territory dating to 1953!

What if India tells DuPont that any items manufactured using silver as catalyst cannot be exported from India? Silver is really essential to DuPont, as a search for "silver" at its website brought up 338 documents! In September 2002, Bush appointed Charles Holliday Jr., chairman of DuPont, to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council. To this silver user (founded in 1802 as war profiteers), we ask---how do we continue to develop American infrastructure without silver, shortage of which has been caused by too many years of lunatic low prices because the users group has fought every price increase with agents in the exchanges, Congress, the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and apparently, the CFTC? How do we benefit our infrastructure by exporting so many American factory jobs? Bloomberg News, September 5, 2003, reported the loss of 93,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States in July. That was also the 37th consecutive month of such job losses. Thanks, silver users, for doing so much to weaken America!


If DuPont has worries about operating in India, due to the Indian government's mistrust of the British-American global cooperation, and the Indians jealous guarding of silver, their national treasure, consider Dow Chemical! Since Dow took over Union Carbide (both Silver Users Association members) in February 2001, Dow has stubbornly refused to accept any legal liability arising from damage claims against the former Union Carbide in its colossal blunder, the Bhopal poison gas disaster of early December 1984. Dow refuses to clean up the polluted site. An arrest warrant has been outstanding in India since 1992 for Warren Anderson, ex-CEO of Union Carbide. According to the Hindu Business Line, December 7, 2002, the Union Carbide chemical gas leak at Bhopal killed some 80,000 residents within 3 days. In "Urgent Warning To India" (Silver Investor archives) I used the figure of 16,000 deaths from another source. Death tolls are under continual revision as some affected persons pass away before their natural time due to slow poisoning! Dow Chemical vigorously disclaims any legal liability in connection to the "Hiroshima of the chemical industry." Perhaps India would be well warned to not trust any of the silver users to police themselves, nor give in to relaxed environmental regulations in exchange for job creation. Dow Chemical also announced $400 million in cost cutting with plans to lay off an additional 4,000 employees here, in this move towards the Eastern hemisphere.


The Silver Users Association is no friend to the American middle class. They played the central role in phasing out Constitutional silver coins and silver certificates, right alongside the grim paper money predators of the Federal Ripoff System. Now the silver users are joining the job exporting frenzy. A visit to Capitalism Magazine (online) showed their motto to be, "In Defense Of Individual Rights" and they quote writer Ayn Rand---

"Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law."

The October 17, 2003 edition of Capitalism Magazine featured Don Luskin of Trend Macrolytics, who was a hedge fund manager from 1979-1984 and was vice chairman of Barclays Global Investors from 1987 through 1998. Luskin has a website called that features links to the Federal Reserve and Congress under the heading "Know Your Enemy." Luskin is author of the forthcoming book, "The Conspiracy To Keep You Poor And Stupid," subtitled, "How Big Government, Big Business, Big Media And Big Academia Block Your Road to Financial Freedom---and Tell You It's For Your Own Good!" Capitalism Magazine featured a brief article about Luskin called, "Exporting Jobs To China---California Dreaming vs. Protectionism." He mentioned a meeting with the CEO of a NYSE traded consumer goods company who acquires manufacturing companies, then lays off employees and ships the factory equipment to China with consultative support from a staff of 55 people in Hong Kong who build and staff factories. Luskin was told that the average daily cost to employ an American worker is $135, whereas in China, the figure is closer to $135 per month. Therefore, Chinese made products can out compete American made ones for both price and quality. The reference to California is of the Paid Family Leave Act that allows workers paid leave for up to six weeks for "family events," therefore, businesses have been exiting California and new ones are discouraged from entering. Luskin's solution is to "develop new high end jobs," however, it seems that American tax dollars are being used to provide scientific, engineering and technical educations to Indians and Chinese, here and overseas. Highly educated employees will still be paid far less than displaced American counterparts, who will then forfeit their home equity in foreclosures to financial institutions with which the silver using conglomerates are interlocked! As the silver users show up in India and China, they can post large signs in their factories that say---

"We keep you alive to serve this ship---row well and live!"

That was the line used by the Roman general to the chained galley slaves rowing the oars at sea while being savagely whipped in "Ben Hur" (1959).
Maybe that explains so many incidents of job loss in America, to include
the state of Missouri has a toll free number for its residents to inquire about
state services and programs, which is answered by operators at a call center in India. Washington state has also outsourced many jobs overseas.


If you read "Silver Propaganda Machine" here last month, you noticed that the silver users have had strong Congressional and Senatorial representation going back some 70 years (actually longer than that). Many times these Congressmen and Senators from silver using states ranted and raved about how badly their constituents needed a steady supply of cheap silver to stay in business---to keep their workers employed---and screw the miners with low prices rigged by government interference while marking up fabricated silver items to obscene percentages, gouging the public. Whenever these members of the House and Senate wished to appear most self righteous, their appeal was that they were looking out for the employment of middle class wage earners who needed to support their families. As we enter the year 2004, however, we notice more and more, these same silver using interests moving tens of thousands of jobs to lower paying nations overseas, while also intending to access their silver. ("We silver users are coming over to help you!" "We silver users are closing down American factories to help you!")) As far as these silver users are concerned, their laid off American workers can eat road kill and shop at China-Mart and you know which bully colossus retailer I'm referring to! The one that recently saw a sweep of a lot of its stores, picking up a herd of undocumented illegal aliens working really cheap! Will China Mart eventually sell to a nation of sharecroppers? Social Security cannot be funded by a nation of minimum wage earners, many of them part-timers! Don't worry; Chinese made bicycles can get you around locally, much cheaper than your motor vehicle!

After the anthrax scare in the Postal Service months ago, rubber gloves were made available to those employees who wanted them. The brand name of these "nitrile" exam gloves is "Patriot." They are made in China for a Cleveland, Ohio based company called Chagrin Safety Supply. You read that correctly---Chagrin, and the dictionary definition of chagrin is embarrassment, humiliation and disappointment caused by failure! It seems an insult to American workers that they'd select such a name and there are NO other definitions! I try to avoid shopping at China-Mart; however, I've heard it said that they "buy American." It seems that this means they buy from American based companies that use Chinese manufacturing facilities! The same is true of the thousands of "Everything's A Dollar" stores all over America, and much of those funds go towards military hardware for the Red Chinese Maoist government! I have sometimes wondered about a possible link to Wal-Mart and its home state of Arkansas and the fact that Winthrop Rockefeller got there first. You see, such forward planning individuals seek control.

The concern of these job exporters and silver users is not for average Americans---they proved that when in 1965 we got bastardized pretenders to lawful silver coinage! Mike Merolla of Handy & Harman, current Silver Users Association president, we know your company has fought hard over the decades to deprive silver miners of profit! The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, May 12, 1966, page 1929 featured the following---

"Handy & Harman points out that the need for a solution to the coinage crisis was urgent and the problems complex, so it is not surprising that the Coinage Act of 1965 contains compromises. Nevertheless, the Silver Market Review for 1965---the 50th year that Handy & Harman has been publishing its annual reviews, states that with all its compromises, THIS ACT REPRESENTS OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION THAT SILVER IS A COMMODITY AND NOT A MONETARY METAL, and it recognizes that INDUSTRIAL USES FOR SILVER ARE MORE IMPORTANT TO OUR ECONOMY THAN COINAGE. This recognition will undoubtedly exert a dominating influence on the future price trend for silver. Looking several years ahead, Handy & Harman states, "It is obvious that at some time in the future the present stock of silver bullion in the Treasury will be gone, but this does not mean that industry will be faced with a shortage of silver. It is probable that new production will continue to fall short of total industrial consumption by wide margins, but there are other secondary sources besides Treasury stocks available to the market to make up the deficit. One important secondary source is demonetized coin. In future years this source will grow in importance as more and more countries now using silver in their coins follow the example of the United States and adopt coins containing no silver. In conclusion, Handy & Harman states, "Furthermore, even though Treasury stocks will be used up at some time during the years ahead, we believe that users of silver need have no concern as to continued future availability of adequate supplies at price levels which will not inhibit the expansion of existing uses or the development of new uses, ASSUMING THAT A REASONABLY FAVORABLE POLITICAL CLIMATE IS MAINTAINED." (Emphasis added)

Notice they said, silver isn't money (in the face of over 5,000 years of history to the contrary) and even though Treasury silver was being depleted, and mining couldn't keep up with demand, still the price wouldn't rise much if any because they implied that there's always someone with silver eager to sell it at rock bottom and they felt good about seeing other countries cheat their residents out of real money; but what they need to maintain this low price reign is a "reasonably favorable political climate." Yes, it appears the silver users have had more favoritism lavished on them than any other political favor recipients. Now Handy & Harman's other silver user buddies like Kodak look to eliminate still more American jobs (Reuters, November 5, 1997, Kodak set about to eliminate 14,000 U.S. jobs and send to Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement)., August 1, 2003, noted Kodak planned to move another 900 jobs to Mexico and China. I think it not coincidence that Kodak wants to move plants to the leading silver producing nation! Kodak has Indian plants at Bangalore, Goa and Malanpur. According to the Hindu Business Line of February 7, 2003, Kodak shares were delisted from the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. Kodak upends American workers, exploits cheap labor in India, maybe accesses some Indian silver, but doesn't want Indians to profit trading in its shares? When silver shortages and high prices are all over the news, watch Kodak blame silver producers and silver owners! The University of Rochester (Kodak's home town) could issue an "authoritative" report as to how miners and silver owners are "victimizing" Kodak! There was a strangely beautiful song from an episode of the original "Star Trek" series, which reminded me of the silver price we await---

"I'll be back, though it takes forever, forever is just a day."


That's something we need, and the right people to run it. I suggest that David Morgan of Silver Investor develop the idea with appropriate talent from the silver miners and investors. There should be input from other sources also, including remonetization of silver and gold. Ever hear of the Gold Standard League, founded in 1949 by Pennsylvania industrialist Philip McKenna? With the silver users exporting jobs on a large scale and an accelerated timetable, we have a chance we've absolutely never had before---to undermine the silver users influence on Capitol Hill. I don't have complete figures as to how many American jobs the silver users have exported (to get at overseas silver as well as lower labor costs), but by now it must be tens of thousands of positions; all their manufacturing employees here are at risk. Senators and Congressmen from states such as New York, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island (and likely Illinois and Indiana) who have fought hard for the Silver Users Association over the years, under color of "protecting American jobs," can no longer make such a claim without immediately being recognized as barefaced liars!

To all the laid off employees of Silver Users Association firms, we say---write your Washington D.C. representatives, call them and insist that they cease to cooperate with these corporations, as least as it relates to silver usage and job exporting. These companies harmed you laid off workers in 1965 when due to their influence, we were taken off lawful Constitutional money---silver coins. Paper money can go broke but not so silver and gold! We the silver mining and investing community have a chance to move in and weaken political clout of the silver users AND the awful paper money creators, and we must not fail to act on this chance! An inquiry to, however, went unanswered. Is a fix in with them, or what? Also without response on the silver users and job exportation problem was First debase the currency, then get rid of the best jobs. It's how to bring living standards way down. It's how to "promote the sentiment of brotherhood among the nations" and some of you on the other side know the hidden significance. You do watch what we "silverites" say, don't you?


The main political string pulling done by silver users and those who like to see low precious metals prices takes place in Congress. The Silver Users Association has friends there. Senator Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat, home state of Dow Chemical, even gets money from DuPont, who joint-ventures with Dow. Representative Michael Castle, Delaware Republican, who functioned from 1984 through 1992 as the Governor of Delaware for its primary owners, the DuPont family, has received funds from DuPont, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and silver user, General Electric. Democrat Senator Thomas Carper, was (DuPont) Governor of Delaware from 1993 through 2000, and has taken funds from Eli Lilly (AIG interlock), Goldman Sachs, and the anti-silver American Bankers Association. The July 15, 1965 Commercial and Financial Chronicle, pages 198-199, reprinted a speech to the Washington State Bankers Association made by Reno Odlin, President, American Bankers Association and chairman, Puget Sound National Bank, Tacoma, Washington. The speech was titled, "Why the Public Will Support Change to Silverless Coins." Why else, but the Silver Propaganda Machine would belch out lies about silver from coast to coast! Odlin, it turns out, was a member of the Federal Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve System, from 1945 through 1949---the anti-silver Federal Reserve, another proof! Odlin mentioned that "the Treasury is determined to keep the price of silver down," and that the American Bankers Association was readying a booklet for mass distribution to the public at its many thousands of member banks, to "educate" the public about the change to silverless coins. Odlin referred to the Joint Congressional Commission on Coinage--- (hatchet men for the silver users!)

Additional sampling of Senators reveals that Joseph Lieberman, running mate of Al Gore in the last Presidential election, has received DuPont money, and a contribution from something called the Delaware Valley Political Action Committee, which sounds like another DuPont entity. Senator Christopher Dodd, Democrat Connecticut on the Senate Banking Committee, has received funds from Fleet Boston (Silver Users Association), Halliburton, Lehman Brothers, Wal-Mart and Skadden Arps, the law firm Eliot Spitzer came from before becoming New York State Attorney General. Skadden Arps has done much work for DuPont (Silver Users Association). Spitzer's true stance on silver when events bring the situation into public view, will decisively locate his loyalties! Senator Jack Reed, Rhode Island Democrat, has been funded by Jewelers of America (most likely against a higher silver price when they buy, but heartily in favor of such when others buy silver from them), silver short AIG, Fleet Boston (Silver Users Association), American Bankers Association (opposed to gold and silver money), silver users General Electric and Lockheed Martin, Eli Lilly (AIG interlock), Chase Manhattan (anti-gold and silver), Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, NASDAQ (AIG interlock) and silver user, American Dental Political Action Committee.

Let's look at some other Capitol Hill types---Senator Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, has taken money from silver short AIG, Goldman Sachs (who helps the CFTC to reason things out), Eastman Kodak, Dow Chemical, Fleet Boston Financial (all Silver Users Association members), silver user General Electric, and the Chemical Manufacturers Association (Dow and DuPont, Monsanto) and American Dental Political Action Committee---another silver user who shies away from admitting that the mercury in amalgam fillings can and does cause extremely serious health problems (see "Dental Mercury Detox" by Sam Ziff, D.D.S., 1997, Hillary Clinton, Democrat Senator New York, has taken money from silver user General Electric, Silver Users Association member Fleet Boston Financial, Consolidated Edison New York (AIG interlock) and Chicago Board of Options Exchange, associated with her friend, Chicago commodity magnate Leo Melamed. Recall that her Rhodes scholar husband served the British Empire as our President! Democrat Senator Charles Schumer, New York, has received money from HSBC (Silver Users Association) and Fleet Boston Financial (Silver Users Association) and New York Bankers Political Action Committee. New York Republican Congressman Thomas Reynolds has been funded by Wal-Mart ("China Mart"), American Bankers Association, Eli Lilly & Company (AIG interlock), silver user General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, American Dental Political Action Committee, Bristol Myers Squibb (AIG interlock), Lockheed Martin (built missile defense system for Maoist Red Chinese), and old silver short, Occidental Petroleum of Armand Hammer infamy. Amory Houghton Jr., billionaire heir to the Corning Incorporated fortune and heavy holder of Citigroup stock, is a New York Republican who has received campaign funds from Eastman Kodak (Silver Users Association), Chase Manhattan Fund for Good Government, JP Morgan, American Bankers Association, Lehman Brothers, and Wal-Mart ("China Mart.") Houghton, whose father was Ambassador to France from 1957 through 1961 then headed the France-America Society, is a trustee of the Brookings Institution in the District of Columbia---an institution on record as opposing silver as money! The Wall Street Journal, October 27, 1986, page 1, said of the anti-silver Mr. Houghton---

"Mr. Houghton makes no apology for having powerful friends."

Houghton is probably higher up in the concealed establishment than even Maurice Greenberg, considering his London connections and second-generation robber-baron status. Houghton's uncle Arthur was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee; his kid brother James is one of Rocky's Trilateralists and was a director of JP Morgan & Company before the big merger with Chase Manhattan, and is a director of Metropolitan Life and Dow-Corning, a joint venture with Silver Users Association member Dow Chemical. We could look at many other Capitol Hill types, but you get the "Kodak" picture by now. Many of the entities funding Congressmen and Senators, especially from silver-user states, are silver users themselves, and are involved in job exportation and degradation of the American way of life. We need to turn things around by buying American made, and especially by insisting that Congress remonetize gold and silver! We could also insist the Federal Reserve be audited, which to my knowledge has never happened!


A silver political action committee, to be the antithesis of the Silver Users Association, should have a variety of issues to bring to public attention by which to pressure Senators and Congressmen from silver users states. One of the issues is that of honest money and the coalition of the silver users and the Federal Reserve crowd against honest money. Butler recently named American International Group as leader of COMEX silver shorts. Maurice Greenberg heads AIG and is a director of the U.S./China Business Council. Should we guess that this indicates a silver leasing interest with Chinese Reds---I would say so. I refer the reader to "Silver Devils" in the archives here, in which I raised the possibility that missile technology has been transferred to Chinese Reds in exchange for cheap silver. If this has taken place, charges of treason should be brought.

Houghton Freeman, vice chairman of AIG as of 1992, was born in China in 1921 and sounds like a Houghton family relative. Carla Hills (establishment wheelhorse), director of AIG, is another director of U.S./China Business Council. Other AIG directors, Holbrooke, and Chin, are Asia Society trustees, as are Greenburg (chairman Asia Society) and Hills. Connections between the Silver Users Association and AIG? Absolutely there must be some. In any case, I don't see that Greenberg is excused from responsibility from AIG's silver dealings, by saying he didn't know about it, that it's the fault of some renegade junior executives. There's a Greenberg Smoked Turkey Company at Tyler, Texas. Maybe Maurice will feel like one of those birds later. The so-called free world better see to it that Western hemisphere silver ore is processed at smelters other than in China.

The main thing that stands out with AIG wanting to hold the silver price low, is that Ms. Futter, an AIG director, is ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Greenburg was a director of the New York Fed from 1988-1995. Recall that Andrew F. Brimmer, a Federal Reserve System governor from 1966 through 1974, became a director of silver user DuPont and Bank of America, and Brimmer headed a COMEX "study" on rising silver prices in fall 1979. Brimmer was also a COMEX governor when the infamous liquidation only rule change took place after mid January 1980, which crushed the Hunts silver play. In "The DuPont Dynasty---Behind The Nylon Curtain" (1984), Gerard Colby observed that the DuPonts helped drive America into two World Wars that they profited from, and claimed the inner core of 50 DuPont family members to collectively be worth $211 billion (as of 1984)! So we find connections of silver short AIG with the anti-silver Federal Reserve System; and connections also of silver user DuPont to the Federal Reserve. In "History Of The Great American Fortunes" by Gustavus Myers (1936) we find on page 710---

"With their enormous revenues ever piling up, the DuPonts were in an opportune position to extend their holdings and by the sovereign impact of their cash make themselves overlords in other industrial fields. In the diversity of their investments, a foremost possession is their great ownership of stock in the General Motors Corporation."

Political power is vested in the DuPonts, in addition to controlling Senators, Governors and Congressmen, Ethel DuPont married Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. in 1937, and Theodore Roosevelt III was with DuPont Company, 1936-1941. President Taft also scratched their backs. Maintaining influence in both political parties, Alexis Irenee DuPont Bayard installed himself on the Democratic National Finance Committee in 1970. Silver users and the fiat paper money crowd run hand in hand, raping Americans of true wealth and sound currency! If you read "Silver Propaganda Machine" here last month, you noticed Federal Reserve officials and prostitute university economics professors wanting to lower the silver price and attempting to deny its status as true money! Ms. Futter may have a significant link to the CFTC in that she is an advisor to the Goldman-Sachs Foundation. Goldman has several advisors on CFTC panels!

Other items to be brought out about these big silver users, other than their thefts of American taxpayer owned silver and their opposition to sound money, (and the matter of their silver leasing from overseas central banks, defrauding other peoples), is the matter of their culpability in severe pollution cases, and pharmaceutical health risks and genetically engineered crops. You may recall that there have been protests across Europe about genetically engineered seeds and crops. The reason for the attempt to alter nature is to make plants more able to tolerate larger doses of herbicides and pesticides. The less agriculture loses to insects, the larger the cash crop. However, what of human ingestion of crops upon which ever larger does of toxins and poisons have been used? As a mining stock investor, I certainly am no "rabid environmentalist." The company I invested in is highly conscious of avoiding properties with acid drainage and other environmental reclamation liabilities. All companies seeking profit should do so with accountability. I believe we can all say with a straight face, we want clean air and water. Multinational Monitor, December 1995, reported a pending lawsuit against DuPont charging that its "benlate" home fungicide caused a baby to be born without eyes. In Multinational Monitor for October 1991, article titled, "DuPont's Disgraceful Deeds," we read---

"DuPont is the single largest corporate polluter in the U.S. In 1989, the latest year for which data is available from the U.S. E.P.A., DuPont and its subsidiaries reported discharging more than 348 million pounds of pollutants to land, air and water. Much of the company's waste is disposed of by deep well injection. DuPont leads all other companies in the use of this technique, injecting 254.9 million pounds of toxic wastes into underground geologic formations in 1989. The U.S. G.A.O. reports at least 23 cases in which drinking water contaminations are known to have been caused by deep well injected wastes."

It sounds like Seagal's film "Fire Down Below," about a polluter dumping in the Kentucky hills. No wonder Indians have protested DuPonts presence there, fearing another Union Carbide type disaster! The two firms have a joint venture, DuPont-Dow. I strongly suggest you visit the site, and read the documented, and scholarly, reports there about DuPont and Monsanto and toxicity (neurological, immunological and respiratory) posed by carpet fibers and odorless fumes given off by carpet glues containing poisonous solvents---you, your children, and your pets may actually be at risk! There might be a cause-effect with my dog who I mentioned passed away in November, as he tore up some carpet in a storm and may have ingested fibers, causing the tumor in his throat. I am seriously looking into this matter and may remove all my carpets and replace them with nonhazardous ones.

As for Dow Chemical, (see, it manufactured the infamous Agent Orange used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War, badly harming many U.S. veterans. Agent Orange is loaded with dioxin, a deadly poison. Dow Chemical has seen many lawsuits over silicone breast implants. It also manufactured Dursban, another potent toxic substance, which alleges is still being used at Dole Corporation banana plantations in Costa Rica. I just saw a sticker on a banana that read,

"Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases."

How true, if chemicals aimed at insects don't defeat the objective of health, since grocery shoppers ingest the same chemicals. Remember the "alar" apple scare back in 1989? The chemical was found to cause cancer and was pulled, only after a lot of people were exposed. Dow is involved in manufacture of pharmaceuticals such as norpramin (antidepressant), implicated in tremors, seizures and sudden death and clomid (female fertility drug) implicated in stroke, cataracts and brain abscesses in mothers, and severe birth defects in infants. Dow refuses to accept liability for the Bhopal chemical catastrophe from December 1984, in connection to their takeover of Union Carbide in 2001. In that cataclysm, some 40+ tons of methyl isocyanate gas caused tens of thousands of fatalities within days. Maybe if you're a silver user, you get to do just about what you want, and evade responsibility.

These silver users do NOT sound like responsible corporate citizens. They are certainly opposed to a sound financial system for any country, which incorporates silver as backing. Add to all this criminality, the fact of their abandonment of American workers, and we have the recipe---stupidly provided by them---for undermining their support base on Capitol Hill! One thing they will vindictively seek is a windfall profits tax on precious metals miners. There are at least four reasons this should be avoided---first, silver mining has been nearly profitless for many years due to shorts and users rigging the price, hefty profits for miners will only be their just due; secondly, it's immoral to change the rules because someone jealously thinks others are "getting too far ahead;" third, silver companies would retaliate by shutting down production or stockpiling metal; and fourth, such a stupid tax would eliminate their exploration budgets at a time when the world desperately needs more silver!


Due to Ted Butler's status as sentinel for silver investors, we learn of the role in depressing the price of silver played by American International Group, which reported assets of $561 billion at year-end 2002. We saw above that it has corporate connections to Red China, and its strong links to the Federal Reserve. That link alone explains their motive for shorting silver excessively. Maurice Greenberg, billionaire head of AIG, who as of December 8, 2003, held at least 67,433,541 shares at over $65 per share, is not at risk of becoming a street bum. But it might be nice if that would happen, considering the harm the low silver price does to so many miners and those they would employ if they had a realistic supply-demand driven price! Nations where silver mines are inactive due to the depressed price are also harmed, since they receive no royalties from production that isn't taking place! Greenberg founded the U.S.-Philippine Business Council (silver leasing interest?) He is additionally a member of the India House, one of the high-powered Manhattan clubs for financial elite, and the name suggests links to historical exploitation of India. Greenberg also acts as vice chair of Council On Foreign Relations, of which at least hundreds of American ambassadors have been members over the years, founded by the old "robber-baron" families of the nineteenth century. The Standard Oil Pratt family donated the building that houses it. In this organization you will find, if you look, various persons associated with DuPont, Kodak and Dow Chemical---the biggest silver users!

Barclay's Bank, London, holds some 91,892,244 AIG shares recently worth $5.3 billion, linking AIG to the old British establishment that wrote the book in global exploitation. Frank Wisner, vice chairman AIG, was ambassador to the Philippines from 1991-1992 and to India from 1994 to 1997 and is a director of the U.S.-India Business Council. Undoubtedly this organization is interested in exporting more American jobs. Notice that all these foreign connections suggest possible interest in silver. China has been helping silver shorts restrict the price, and India has silver the users want to consume. On September 22, 2000, Wisner addressed the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office in New York, created in May 1998, and modified by Executive Order #13231 by George Bush on October 16, 2001. What will the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office suggest when silver shortages really hit because COMEX deliveries are suspended because all silver there is encumbered---that the Feds need to move in and seize silver stored in COMEX warehouses? Will owners of silver warehouse receipts be told they can mail these to the Department of Homeland Security to be paid $5.50 per ounce in rapidly depreciating printing press notes? I advise you---take this seriously, because Mr. Wisner is a trustee of Rockefeller Brothers Fund, named for the grandsons of possibly the biggest thief of all time---John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil! As Emanuel Josephson charged in "Rockefeller Internationalist" (1952) page 20---

"It is doubtful if there exists enough money in the world to make their wealth liquid."

And they like us to think Gates and Buffett are richer than themselves! They may in fact be the real powers behind AIG, linked to the New York Fed, of which David Rockefeller, leader of the drive to open up Red China, has served as a director. Before that he sent one of his Chase executives, Paul Volcker, to head the Federal Reserve System, from 1979-1987. It was Volcker who arranged so-called "bailout" loans for the Hunts in the wake of their silver losses engineered by the COMEX crowd---loans with terms so punitive that they ended up forfeiting all their remaining silver, some 59 million ounces---by 1986. Crushing those outside their circle is not new to the Rockefellers and their affiliated wealthy families.


Carla Hills, AIG director, is also a director of Chevron Texaco (part of the old Standard Oil trust); of Lucent Technologies, and media giant Time-Warner, who you can expect to function as part of the Silver Propaganda Machine by slamming silver investors and miners in the price run-up! Former Republican Congressman from New York, Barber Conable Jr., is listed as an AIG director. It's hard to imagine anyone from that state on Capitol Hill who isn't in bed with the silver users. Frank Zarb, on AIG board, serves as chairman of the NASDAQ, and was with the Federal Energy Administration, 1974-1977, after which until 1988 he was a partner in Lazard Freres & Company, linked to the Rockefeller's European counterparts, the old Rothschild banking family. If we are creating money and credit, maybe we don't like silver, since it cannot be created!

Zarb also served as an advisor to the SEC and became a trustee of the Gerald Ford Foundation. Recall Ford's friendship with Nelson Rockefeller, David's brother, and Ford's appointment to head the CFTC, James Stone, who protected the silver shorts by calling for limitations on delivery rights (Wall Street Journal, February 4, 1980, page 34). Hills and Zarb, with various other AIG directors, hold membership in the banker's Council on Foreign Relations. Another AIG director with strong links to Red China is Pei-Yuan Chia, a director also of Baxter International and of the Bank of China at Hong Kong. Chia also serves as a trustee of the Asia Society and he also links to the powerful Rockefellers, as he is on the advisory council to Rockefeller University. Chia started in 1974 with Citibank, the other megabank in which the Rockefellers hold interest along with other big rich including the Stillmans and Houghtons.

Another highly placed Chinese fellow, Edmund Sze-Wing Tse, is an AIG director, and has served as chairman of the Asia Advisory Board since 1997. Also since 1997 Tse has served on the executive committee of the China Overseas Friendship Association and is a member of the appointments board of Chinese University at Hong Kong and is a member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council. Since 1985 Tse has functioned as chairman of the Pacific Insurance Conference. AIG has some subsidiaries incorporated in Delaware, of which Tse is a director, including American Life Insurance and Delaware American Life, suggesting that the silver using DuPont family may also, with the Rockefellers, be heavy holders of AIG stock; and therefore, be interested in doing whatever can be done to short the silver price!

Richard Holbrooke, AIG director and Wall Street Journal contributor, was U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. in 1999-2001, and was vice chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston New York, 1996-1999. Previously he was managing director of Lehman Brothers, 1985-1993. Then Holbrooke became Ambassador to Germany, 1993-1994, and earlier was assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern and Pacific Affairs, 1977-1981. Holbrooke belongs to the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and his Harvard roommate, George S. Franklin Jr. Ellen Futter, who we mentioned earlier, is AIG director and ex chair of the New York Fed Bank, (CFR), director Bristol Myers Squibb and Consolidated Edison New York. From 1974-1980 she was an associate with Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, a firm that handles some Rockefeller family business matters. The McCloy of the firm was president of the World Bank from 1947-1949; High Commissioner for Germany, 1949-1952; became chairman of Chase National Bank in 1953 (which David Rockefeller would later chair) and director of Squibb Corporation---note Ms. Futter his junior associate is now director of the merged corporation, she is also a director of pirate galleon JPMorganChase.

We've heard from Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and other sources about the involvement of JPMorganChase in suppressing the gold price, so isn't it notable that silver short AIG shares a director with Chase? To make things still more intriguing or, should we say, ominous, note that AIG director Marshall Cohen is also a director of Barrick Gold, which company has participated it appears with JPMorganChase in suppression of both the gold and the silver price! Cohen is also a director of Toronto-Dominion Bank, another giant in the world banking landscape. Still another AIG board member is Bernard Aidinoff, (CFR), another member of the India House club and senior counsel to Sullivan & Cromwell, which looks like the most influential law firm in history, considering all its connections over the years, and is another Rockefeller retained firm.

Not to tire the reader with too many details, but being necessary to see the whole picture of AIG versus the silver price, we find that Martin Feldstein is also on the AIG board. Interestingly, this economist is also a Wall Street Journal contributor, along with fellow AIG director Holbrooke. Maybe when silver blows up they'll write articles blaming longs for the crisis---and be silent about AIG! Watch for a torrent of lies like a California mudslide. Look for words like "hoarders," "speculators," and maybe "Arabs!" Feldstein has held the post of George F. Baker professor at Harvard since 1984. George F. Baker was a banking tycoon who headed the First National Bank of New York, which later merged with the National City Bank to form what eventually became Citigroup. According to Eustace Mullins in "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" (1983, page 42), Baker, along with J.P. Morgan, dominated the Federal Reserve Advisory Council at its formation. It appears clear that AIG's strong interest in suppressing the silver price is acting on behalf of the Fed to make it appear that silver isn't a monetary asset. As Butler was first to note, the price suppression through COMEX only lasts until leasing stops. It seems that China is the last nation to lease silver, and we note AIG's strong Chinese connections!

Feldstein was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors (to the President), 1982-1984. Since then he has served as president of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Observe that Arthur Burns was president of that "bureau" from 1957-1967, and in 1970 became chairman of the Federal Reserve System till 1978, when he became senior advisor to Lazard Freres bank, with which AIG director Frank Zarb was also associated. The spiderweb is tightly woven! Burns was also president for 1959 of the American Economic Association, of which Feldstein was on the executive committee in 1980-1982. Just ask any of them at their next convention if they think gold and silver are money and watch them grimace like a vampire being cornered by a man advancing with a crucifix!

Feldstein is also a director of Eli Lilly, increasing the ties of AIG to big pharmaceutical interests, who may need a lot of insurance considering that over 100,000 Americans die annually due to reactions from patent drugs, while the doctors who prescribe these often badmouth vitamins and minerals. Considering the strong connections of AIG to pharmaceutical industry, and the fact that AIG has such strong Chinese links, is suggestive of the British opium network in China, which at its peak in the nineteenth century had around 400 million addicts, many of them forced into addiction at gunpoint! Feldstein additionally was a governor of the AMEX stock exchange, 1991-1994; and serves as a director of HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) and silver user TRW. He's a member of the international advisory council to JPMorganChase and another silver user, Daimler-Chrysler. Mr. Rockefeller installed Feldstein in 1987 as an executive committee member of his Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations in 1998. According to biographer William Hoffman, "David's influence with CFR is enormous."

Life Magazine, July 6, 1962 (pages 30-34), published a letter from David Rockefeller to President Kennedy, along with Kennedy's reply. Rockefeller mentioned undersecretary of the Treasury Robert Roosa (British Empire Rhodes Scholar, later to become Rockefeller Foundation trustee); in "The Silver Raiders" (see Archives) I documented Roosa's bias in favor of low silver prices and support for the Silver Users Association. Notice something David Rockefeller referred to in his letter to President Kennedy---

"…the cooperative effort to dampen down the gold market, and the strengthening of the International Monetary Fund. All these are worthwhile efforts."

Kennedy's reply contained the following statements---

"Many thanks for your very thoughtful and constructive letter. This country will not---I repeat, not---increase the price of gold. There are other points in your letter deserving of comment, which I look forward to discussing with you at an early opportunity. I am grateful that we agree so widely on basic problems and goals."

Our gods of finance have long been interested in suppressing the prices of gold and silver; but events are rapidly developing that will place the situation beyond even their control. Was Kennedy compliant, and then did he rebel against the paper money aristocracy---was that why he died in Dallas? Consider how compliant his successor, Lyndon Johnson, was with the paper money crowd. To return to AIG, its founder, Cornelius V. Starr, founded American Asiatic Underwriters at Shanghai (a major Chinese silver trading location), in 1919, was a member of the same organization. The Starr Foundation, associated with AIG, currently has assets of some $3.5 billion and is interested in "international affairs," by which we suppose, means globalization.

Let's consider two final AIG directors, Martin Sullivan, member of the British Institute of Management and deputy chairman of British-American Business Inc. Having noted the big AIG holding by Barclay's, we find another British connection, hardly surprising since London stands at the center of 24-hour international banking time. Notwithstanding statements considered as to the stature of the Rockefellers, the U.S. big rich are sometimes said to be junior partners to their London counterparts. It was certainly true of J.P. Morgan, but may not be the case with Rockefellers, Mellons and Du Ponts, who may be more the status of peers. Eli Broad, another known billionaire, held 14,468,117 AIG shares at year-end 2002, is another AIG director suggestive of its interest in shorting the silver price, as he's served as a trustee of the Armand Hammer Museum of Art at University of California at Los Angeles, during 1994-1999. Recall that Armand Hammer who once headed the big Occidental Petroleum Company and who had unusual relationships with high Soviet officials, made some $119 million by going short silver in early 1980. Was Hammer given inside information by COMEX governors about the impending rule change that would crush the Hunt-Arab silver play? Does Neal Wolkoff wish to supply enlightenment? If Wolkoff is cornered for an interview after silver blows up, let's hope he won't mumble or gibber like he's got a candy bar in his mouth. Eli Broad donated $18 million to California Institute of Technology and endowed the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (home state of silver user Dow Chemical). These fellows call to mind a quotation from English Adventurer Lord Byron (1788-1824)---

"He was the mildest mannered man, who ever scuttled ship or cut a throat!"


The United States-India Business Council, of which AIG director Frank Wisner is a board member, has over 85 corporate members involved in exporting American jobs to India. Some of these corporations are silver users, including Boeing, General Electric, Textron, Raytheon, General Motors, DuPont, and the Dow Agro-Sciences subsidiary of Dow Chemical. Dow Agro-Sciences is involved in what they call pest control management (poisons) and biotech, presumably also, engineering plants that can withstand more pesticide, so that there is less loss to insect infestation. What happens when these elevated pesticide levels are consumed by humans is a question for specialists to answer. Just let's be careful which "specialists" are answering the questions! Guess what, Dow Agro-Sciences paid a $2 million (fine or settlement) to the Office of the New York State Attorney General (Eliot Spitzer), related to advertising issues in connection to its pesticides (December 15, 2003). In a meeting chaired by AIG's Frank Wisner in Washington, D.C., on September 27, 2002, the United States-India Business Council hosted Finance Minister for India, Jaswant Singh. Robert Blackwill, U.S. Ambassador to India was in attendance. Recall that Wisner is a trustee of Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and a visit to that website reveals their article, "Making Global Trade Work For People." Their idea of this trade is apparently to export as many American factory and industrial jobs as possible to India and China especially.

I believe this is no mere pursuit of increased profit margins---it's part of a truly sinister plan of long standing, to reduce American standards of living, something Volcker is said to have personally endorsed. Just as long as the fat cat silver users and the job exporters aren't being sent to the bottom of the totem pole, it's a rosy picture to them. Destroying the middle class is necessary to ending American sovereignty. As Jefferson said in 1809 during debate over rechartering the Bank of the United States (desired by London interests)---

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

When the bank's charter failed to be renewed by Congress, the British invasion (War of 1812) was the grim result! Federal Reserve, silver users, and job exporters are intent on finishing this dangerous thing Jefferson warned about. Some 70% of world electronics, most containing traces of silver, are now manufactured in Asia. George Olmsted, who was brigadier general in the China Theater in 1944-1945, wrote the article, "The Accelerated Movement of American Business Overseas," that appeared in the Commercial and Financial Chronicle, November 2, 1961, page 1893. You see, this shift has been under way for a long time. Olmsted, who was an insurance and savings and loan magnate, was director of other entities including Transorient Bank, Europa Bank, Kuwait Financial, silver user Foster-Wheeler Corporation, and was a Knight Commander of the British Empire. Yes, getting rid of American jobs has to do with boosting the covert British Empire!

There was one other AIG director, Frank Hoenemeyer (retired vice chairman of Prudential Insurance), who is also a director of W. P. Carey & Company, New York, a corporate member of the United States-India Business Council. Carey & Company controls over 75 million square feet of office building and industrial warehouse space and appear to be in this picture to help relocating American industrial jobs at Indian sites, providing building facilities. The company's principal has a significant City of London connection, as do various AIG directors. Evaluating the known connections of AIG, it reminds of the 1970 Glenn Ford film, "Brotherhood of the Bell," about an influence network whose power is off the scale. However, not even they can create silver from nothing. We need to revisit AIG director Carla Hills, for at that focal point we notice other relevant items. She has served as a trustee of the Washington D.C. based Brookings Institution, a Trojan horse for the intermarried big rich back of the Federal Reserve System. To borrow a reference from last month's article, we note in the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, June 24, 1939, page 3773, testifying before the Senate, along with Marriner Eccles, then head of the Federal Reserve---

"Dr. C.O. Hardy of Brookings Institution told the Senate committee that silver certificates are just as much fiat currency as greenbacks."

Let's understand this---a piece of paper which confers title to real silver, is worth no more than a government print shop note that's backed by thin air? Charles Oscar Hardy graduated from the Rockefeller sponsored University of Chicago in 1916 and was with Brookings from 1924-1943. From 1943 through 1946 he was vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. There is a very intense theme---blazing with hellish passion, in fact--- woven all about the Federal Reserve crowd that they truly hate and fear silver---not just gold. Hardy, who had ties to the notorious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, authored the 1936 book, "Is There Enough Gold?" So this Carla Hills of silver short AIG has trusteed the anti-silver Brookings Institution, on record as opposing silver money. Guilt by association? You bet! These things are conscious policies, not random accidents!

Looking briefly at Brookings now in 2004, we find that a trustee is Lawrence Summers, now Harvard University president, who became the anti-gold Treasury Secretary in 1999, succeeding another anti-gold Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin. James Wolfensohn, World Bank president is there at Brookings, as is Mary McPherson of the Mellon Foundation, after the three time Treasury Secretary. To ice the Brookings cake, we note that Jeffrey Greenberg, son of Maurice Greenberg, of silver short AIG is a Brookings trustee, and heads the Marsh & McLennan subsidiary of AIG. Carla Hills appears to be another woman of the Hilary Clinton type (speaking of which, did any of the commodity insider faction give her advance notice of the mad cow scare from Washington state, so she could go short cattle futures and make another $100,000 there? Would it be OK with her friend, Chicago commodity czar Leo Melamed, who said she did nothing wrong, though there were questions about account margin underfunded by $11,000?) The longer you look at AIG and its connections, the more influence you find. Roderick Hills, Carla's husband, was chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1975-1977 and is now director of several international businesses including multibillion-dollar Federal Mogul Corporation, another silver using entity. Curiously, this firm had as of 1992 a vice president named James Eastman---relation to George Eastman, founder of the biggest silver user, Eastman-Kodak?

How can an entity like the Silver Users Association be on the scene for so long and not be investigated over anti-trust concerns by the U.S. Justice Department? Political connections all over the Senate and House and Capitol Hill, that's how. Carla Hills was assistant Attorney General for the civil division, with the Justice Department, in 1974-1975, now we see her on silver short AIG board that is ignored by the Justice Department! Should the Bush Administration take note? Well, no! You see, the first President Bush appointed Carla, from 1989 through 1993, as U.S. Trade Representative, a Cabinet level post, in which capacity she was the main negotiator for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which resulted in uncounted thousands of American jobs lost to "maquiladora" factories in Mexico---sites with such poor environmental standards that babies were sometimes born without brains just across the Rio Grande in Texas. You see, a water table knows nothing about national boundaries or what chemical toxins were dumped where.

And these are the kind of folks Wisner of AIG wants to bring into India to "help" them with jobs that will be taken from Americans while attempts are made to access the Indians silver! At her website, U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur (Democrat Ohio) notes the "job washout associated with NAFTA," and tallied the loss of about 135,000 Ohio Jobs to NAFTA, mostly in manufacturing; and additionally documented that under NAFTA, Mexican wages have been cut in half! If you are a laid off American worker, do you really want to pay premiums to American International Group for one of their policies? The old East coast robber barons have never left the scene and their intermarriages constitute a covert Feudalistic governance of these United States! Ross Perot Senior coined a cliché, "that giant sucking sound," a reference to American jobs lost due to NAFTA. George Ball once of Lehman Brothers is reputed to have called Perot Senior a "loose cannon." Ball wrote the intro to "Global Corporations---The Emerging System of World Economic Power" (1972) by Richard Eells, somewhat suggestive of an electric eel to be cautiously avoided. Pages 156-158 of that book feature Ball's essay entitled, "Cosmocorp---The Importance Of Being Stateless." With sufficient job exportation and additional dollar debasement and derivative explosions, the AIG silver short gang may hope to leave Americans "stateless," with huge manufacturing capacity shifted to militant Red China. No, these people are certainly not "Communists;" they are something far more menacing than that---they are partners with the relentless British Empire, where Romans seem to have left conquering genes! Why do you think Greenspan was knighted, anyway? For service to the British Empire! As an alien told Captain Kirk in "Star Trek,"---

"We are the Kelvins! We do not colonize! We conquer! We Rule!"

Who heads AIG? Billionaire Maurice Greenberg!
With a view on silver that's cold as an iceberg!
Has he gotten a lot of silver from Chinese Reds?
And who looks the other way? The lousy CFTC Feds!

American workers, daily struggling to pay their bills,
Who's their friend? Not AIG's Carla Hills!
Battling every day to put food on the table,
Silver users are their friends---another media fable!

We don't represent Americans who've worked long and hard,
Capitol Hill types front for silver users---you some kind of retard?
Exporting millions of jobs to China, India and the Far East,
Taking pirate's advantage of the cheap labor beast!

Corrupt Congressmen can no longer say,
They fight for your jobs, day by day,
From silver users they're on the take,
Their concern for you is a total fake!

Exporting jobs, turning America into a third-world hell-hole,
Voters arise! Put treacherous politicians head on a pole!
Real money isn't created on a printing press,
Gold and silver can get us out of this mess!

The silver users, a gang of greedy fat cats,
Federal Reserve notes, like bubonic plague rats,
The two corruptors go hand in hand,
Cheating people out of silver as they planned!

AIG, deeply connected to the paper money Federal Reserve,
It's why they short silver price, it's enough to unnerve,
But with no more Chinese lease silver to manipulate,
Short corner on silver crumbles, they're at hell's gate!

AIG, linked to JPMorganChase, New York Fed & Barrick Gold,
Wants to hold silver low till your great grandkids grow old,
But soon the silver price starts its climb to the skies,
Matching rip-roaring demand with tiny supplies!