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Copyright August 2005 Charles Savoie 

The 5 to 4 Kelo versus New London (Connecticut) decision, rendered by the Supreme Court on the 23rd of June, by five “justices,” held that private property (homes) can be seized with compensation by cities and private developers on the pretext of increased tax revenue serves the public purpose.  Precedent to a silver seizure?  Philosophically, yes, since both land and silver are private property, and government needs land and strategic commodities.  We may be almost the only voices willing to remind the American taxpayers that it was the Silver Users Association---not us---who drained the national silver reserve!  Where advertising patronage is concerned and additional influence from the paper money mob is present, it just isn’t an issue who took the silver.  The only issue will be, who is holding any silver---place the blame THERE!  The fairplay concept of punish the wrongdoer is out the window!  The American war machine must fail without silver supplies.  We must have silver at the cost of anyone’s rights; no one may be allowed to obstruct the national interest; therefore, silver seizure from citizens is justified.  See the link www.sitekreator.com/Optimist/stealag.html if you haven’t already, by “The Optimist.”  We are in an extremely precarious situation, lacking in Congressional and Judicial representation, while the silver users are active behind the scenes to a terrifying extent.  At their site they speak of “maintaining an orderly silver market,” “shaping public policy,” and “building relationships with key decision makers.”  While we’re holding investment conferences, there is a framework manifestly in place to eventually take away our silver!  Because we are NOT politically active!

It has been said that silver won’t be seized for two reasons---1) the Internet is the new leading medium of information.  We can bypass the repressive mass media and get our story out through the Internet.  Awareness will be our shield.  2) The U.S. Mint has had a Silver Eagle program for a long time and so silver won’t be seized because it’s been a Government program to sell silver coins to citizens.  Of these reasons, I can come much closer to accepting #1.  However we must still contend with the overriding problem of “we have to have silver for war technologies; hoarders have silver they don’t want to sell; therefore it must be legislated and court-ruled away from them!”  Without silver the warmongering organizations that control the government will see their plans obstructed.  It cannot even be guessed how many more people around the world would be alive now, if the Council on Foreign Relations wasn’t used to staff this government for generations.  Do you believe that people willing to let millions die have any scruples about seizing silver?  As for dispersal of silver among thousands, perhaps over half a million owners, this does make the logistics of silver seizure harder.  But COMEX stored silver is an easy grab.  Even thugs, goons and assassins don’t want to work for free, and some stories would come out of “agents” sent to seize silver in different states becoming casualties.  How would the public react to a government sending armed personnel to seize a commodity that by itself poses no danger to the community?

But the plan wouldn’t be mainly based upon they come take it from you.  It would be based upon, it is now illegal to sell silver to anyone except the government, and the purchase price will be capped at a lowball figure.  Anyone caught trying to trade silver for goods or services must be reported and will be severely penalized.  Such a framework allows them to continue the price ceiling on silver (antitrust laws mean nothing here).  It allows them to get silver for waging war.  And it allows them, still another time, to financially crush those of us who aren’t members of approved organizations.  This is worse than any so-called “hoarder’s tax.”  We used to have a 50% silver profits tax from the Roosevelt days (until 1963!)  I have still never found an answer to the question---what happened to the radioactive silver the Atomic Energy Commission once had---I believe the figure was as much as 60 million ounces!  They will tell the mine owners they cannot sell silver to anyone except the National Silver Agency (NSA), and the NSA will determine what the fair price is.  Or they want to consolidate the mines under NSA.  Miners will be forbidden to export Dore, concentrate, or even high-grade ore, to get a better price elsewhere.  They will be forbidden from shutting down operations in protest.  The Silver Users Association will have all possible exemptions in place for their sole benefit!  Will we see a provision in the law saying, silver holders cannot attempt to go into the sterling silver jewelry business as a means of profiting from their metal; that only established jewelers may fabricate silver?  Will all the exits be blocked?

The Justices of the Supreme Court stand ready to validate the actions of the financiers behind the government.  Giving us some protection against such developments is the fact of awareness of free markets in other nations.  America is still touted as the beacon of freedom for the world; yet someone else has a free market in silver, but here it is to be openly forbidden?  If silver seizure takes place, what do the forces of theft do when the seized supply is consumed?  Do we send troops to all the world’s silver producing nations to occupy them, just to keep silver prices low for the central bankers and silver users?  What about jewelry manufacturers who may have a supply of metal for manufacturing sterling, shall their livelihood be taken from them because Congress refused to act timely?  Will we hear, they will be protected only if they’re members of the Silver Users Association?  Is the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing equal protection to all under the law, to be selectively applied only for the benefit of this group?  Two jewelry concerns are presently listed as members.

Does this mean that all other jewelry manufacturers in the country must forfeit their silver to those two SUA members?  Does it mean that the two SUA jeweler members keep what metal they have for their business, but other jewelers must relinquish their silver to the Defense Department?  If you are a silver investor you best decide, do you support overseas adventurism packaged as patriotism (leading to seizure of your silver); or do you want America to start acting like Switzerland---defend our own borders and stop invading other nations because someone else wants us to bear the weight of their agenda (and seize natural resources)?  Overseas interventionism is not the America of George Washington.   As the silver price threatens to be taken over by fundamentals, the immoral paper money creators will be desperate enough to try anything.

There were already cases on record of developers colluding with cities to build or expand shopping malls, including the ultra-notorious case of Melvin Simon and the City of Hurst, Texas (midway between Dallas and Fort Worth).  In that instance, dozens of middle class homeowners were forced out and their homes leveled.  Apparently the recent ruling means that private residences at the fringes of shopping malls may be seized if a case can be made for expanded parking lots, or additional retail outlets.  The mere fact that a “case” is submitted, will be cited as proof that a case has been proved!  Circular reasoning is acceptable provided the right elements employ it.  The Fifth Amendment is now printed on toilet tissue, as concerns being deprived of property.  Does the Supreme Court as a majority stand ready to affirm that the Federal Government has the right to seize silver from private individuals, invoking principles of eminent domain and national emergency?  Without hesitation I tell you, the response is affirmative.  Will we have any help from Congress?  As things stand, not enough!

This is the same Congress that tells us when we write them about problems in the silver market, that they conferred with the CFTC, and the CFTC knows of no naked shorting of the price!  There is a gun-ownership lobby, but no hard money or precious metals lobby.  The Industry Council on Tangible Assets doesn’t appear to cover enough bases, and doesn’t have widespread enough support.  The gun owners are constantly robbed, not at gunpoint, but by depreciated paper, and they refuse to listen to us (so far) when appeals to join us are made (“Guns And Silver,” archives).  The NRA appears concerned only with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  However, if the other Amendments are trashed, can’t they open their eyes to see how this harms them?  On the bright side, at least half the States have already started formulating legislation to restrict the use of eminent domain.

However, this is solely in respect to land seizures; it will not apply to “portable commodities.”  Politically, home seizure is a hotter issue than silver seizure, because there are far more homeowners than silver owners.  This principle is still valid when we only consider homeowners in proximity to malls and office buildings.  The smaller the number of people being cheated, the less the rest of the public cares.  The press will play up to people’s resentment towards those who possess something of value that they do not have.  If John Q. Public doesn’t own any silver, it isn’t fair to him that someone more astute should have any!  The media will beat the drums to demonize anyone who wants financial protection by holding silver.

The main thing driving arguments for silver seizures will be, we are fighting overseas, and the military must have silver for numerous uses.  America needs silver for devices to monitor for terrorist activity.  They will say silver holders are endangering American troops.  Well, we already did have a silver stockpile, but the Silver Users Association got just about all of it, except what little went for silver Eagles.  They cause the shortage, then maneuver Congress to have us pay for their actions!  If there is conscription (a draft), the clamor for silver seizure will increase.  Lives are being donated they will say, but the silver “hoarders” want to hold their nonliving metal.  After more terrorist strikes in America---possibly allowed by Feds deliberately looking the other way or doing the dirty work themselves and blaming it on Islamic fundamentalists, the atmosphere grows more hostile against us.  Create disasters to mold public opinion for the way you want to run the country!

We have sharply higher natural gas prices for months now; gasoline prices are up; the Silver Users Association makes no complaint concerning that, even though it has raised their operating costs!  We can expect the SUA to say silver holders are NOT entitled to any profit by delivering their silver to the local General Services Administration branch office, because it’s unpatriotic to profit from the country’s misfortune.  Never mind the huge Halliburton ripoffs!  In addition to insisting that the exclusive burden for the silver shortage being justly placed on those who caused the problem---the users and the bullion banks and the exchanges, we should press for citizen incentives to sell silver into the market.

The three primary incentives we must seek are 1) NO price capping measures; 2) TOTAL tax exemption on all gains arising from sale of silver, encouraging so-called dishoarding; and 3) VOLUNTARY nature of silver “dishoarding.”  By applying these three measures, a large supply of silver will appear, probably in excess of 50 million ounces, exclusive of any metal that may be remaining in COMEX warehouses.  New production from mining could double the figure.  No taxes to be levied against imported silver.  Measures moving to render sale of silver profitless, and outright forbidding ownership, will drive more silver into more remote locations.  It would then await a change in the repressive environment.  It could actually cost much more to ferret out all the hidden silver, than to let a free market price entice it out!  By forbidding silver ownership, many more individuals would want to have some, and it would make excellent barter exchange.  People would want some silver, fearing the chance could be lost the rest of their lifetime.

If nationalization is still announced, some silver holders residing near the sea coast could be tempted to load up a boat, go out 15 miles, and dump their silver, if a profitless confiscation is ordered, either by Act of Congress, or by Presidential Executive Order; which would be affirmed as legal by the Supreme Court!  Then they can tell the government to have Mike Nelson (“Sea Hunt”) go retrieve it.   We need to look at some background of these “In-Justices” who ruled in favor of government tax greed and strong-arm tactic land developers.  Don’t forget the November 17, 1980 Supreme Court ruling that a judge is immune from prosecution for acts committed in his legal role!  I have never forgotten the shameful remark I heard a grinning judge declare to an attorney in our county courthouse hallway---

“A judge can do what he wants!”

Simon Property Group, a $2.3 billion annual revenues holding company and the biggest mall operator in America with over 182 million square feet, reports 4,300 employees, most of them paid according to feudalistic British Empire standards; many of them apparently are unable to speak English.  I see these folks at the nearby mall owned by SPG.  Melvin Simon is reputedly worth $1.6 billion, and brother Herbert, $1.2 billion.  One of the jewelry stores in the expanded mall quoted a price of $1,500 when asked for a half-carat red spinel; these are found on E-Bay for under $50.   On the board of this land-grabbing company sits G. William Miller, CEO of Textron, 1967-1978; chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, 1978-1979; secretary of the Treasury, 1979-1981; extremely likely member of The Pilgrims (as are the Simons).  As of April 2005 Miller holds 31,040 shares of Simon Property Group acquired through options.  Miller chairs the H.J. Heinz Center, named after the Pilgrim Society fortune whose member once sat on Bilderberg steering committee, connected to the far larger Mellon fortune (Pilgrims).  Miller belongs to the Brook (New York) and Lyford Cay (Nassau, Bahamas) clubs, which many members have seen over the years.  Miller also had a face to face conversation with Walter Frankland of the Silver Users Association in fall 1979 in which Frankland requested the dumping of 40 million silver ounces to make the price head south (see the biased book “Beyond Greed” by Stephen Fay, 1982, page 172).  Miller was associated with the Kleinwort banking interests (Pilgrims of Great Britain) in the early to mid-1990’s, and during the same time also with the Schroder Venture Trust, of the London based Schroder banking interests (Pilgrims), discussed in more detail below in the section on the American Law Institute.

Another of Miller’s firms, G.WilliamMiller.com, offers “expert assistance to foreign governments, central banks, financial institutions & corporate sector to achieve financial integrity in systems to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.”  Working with central banks and financial institutions you may be certain they’re hostile towards higher silver prices.  James Symington, vice chairman, is son of Stuart Symington of The Pilgrims, who wrecked Jack Northrop’s aviation business in the early 1950’s when Northrop wouldn’t accept a low buyout offer from billionaire Floyd Odlum of The Pilgrims, as documented in May 2005 “Pilgrims” (Archives).  David R. Staats is managing director of Miller’s firm and is an expert on “capital flight.”  He used to be with the Defense Department.  His father Elmer was a fellow at the anti-silver Brookings Institution who received the Rockefeller Public Service Award in 1961 and in 1966 was appointed Comptroller of the Currency, 1966-1981, and became a director of the George C. Marshall Foundation in 1984, named after another member of The Pilgrims.  Additionally in 1984 the elder Staats was named chairman of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, after another member of The Pilgrims.

Birch Bayh is listed as a Simon Property Group director, of a Democrat political family that has had Governors and Senators in its ranks.  SPG’s law firm is Willkie Farr & Gallagher, one of The Pilgrims law firms, headquarters in New York, with offices in London; Rome; Paris; Milan; Washington D.C.; Brussels; and Frankfurt.  This law firm was associated with support for the Grover Cleveland presidential campaign, a man who opposed silver as money.  Charles Evans Hughes, who became Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was a Pilgrim Society member and associated with this firm.  The Pilgrims of Great Britain 2002 book, page 114, shows Hughes over in London in 1924 between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Connaught (Crown Prince Arthur).  This Wall Street law firm has represented Loral Space & Telecommunications, which helped further China’s tactical capabilities.  Click on this link www.willkie.com/firm/firm.aspx?type=history to read about Wendell Willkie of this firm, who toured the world in 1942, including Russia and China, then authored a book entitled “One World,” advocating elimination of all national borders!  The United Nations, founded in 1945, was patterned after this book and is the ultimate land-grab attempt.

Due to incomplete information it cannot presently be known whether Willkie was in The Pilgrims; however, Harold Gallagher, top partner in the firm for many years, and once president of the huge American Bar Association, covered that base.  Willkie was placed on the board of the Bank for International Settlements, whose first president was Gates McGarrah of The Pilgrims and Chase National Bank.  Attorneys in this firm have assisted Simon Property Group in over $10.6 billion of acquisitions.  John B. Cairns, a partner in the firm of over 570 attorneys, started at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Its lawyers rep for such clients as Wal-Mart Stores; Asian Development Bank; Lazard Freres; Credit Suisse First Boston; JPMorganChase; Goldman Sachs; Lehman Brothers; Merrill Lynch; Bank of New York; Warburg Pincus; and Dow Chemical, one of the three main pillars of the Silver Users Association.  Would the Silver Users Association like to see our silver seized under principles of eminent domain, then turned over to them?  Do they care to ANSWER?  They have had not one thing to state in reply to anything I’ve said about them for over two years!  It cannot be because they aren’t aware, as this is the leading silver site on the World Wide Web!  Now at the SUA site you notice, they are asking other manufacturing concerns who use any silver, to join their association (cartel)!  Will the major defense contractors suddenly sign up, and howl to Congress that our silver must be surrendered so they can continue on their merry way?   


In the early 1980’s I published a lengthy private report entitled “An Explanation of the Seemingly Incongruous Actions of the United States Supreme Court.”  By the title I meant, since allegedly these nine individuals are on the Supreme Court as defenders of the Constitution, their actions contradict that notion, and there is an explanation for their actions.  Essentially, their numerous rulings contrary to the spirit of the Founding Fathers is due to one major overriding factor---various members of the Paper Money Mob, or the World Money Power, have caused them to be appointed.  In return for which appointment, rulings are handed down that favor the financial interests which placed them there.  Members of the high court have always been in the hip pocket of the forces of internationalism and neofeudalism.  Let me also suggest that of the four Justices who did not vote in favor of the recent property forfeiture or confiscation issue, several of these may have taken the other side simply as a window dressing effect to give the illusion of a Supreme Court that could potentially be for the mass of Americans.  The Money Power realizes that the maximum of outrage would be created by a unanimous 9 Justice vote; whereas, with 4 alleged dissenters, the beguiled American public continues to think there is hope for them!  All they needed was a plurality of 5 for this ruling.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (born 1933 in Brooklyn, silver users stronghold) has a daughter named Jane who is currently a professor at Columbia University Law School.  Columbia, as other major universities, is controlled by the elite Pilgrims Society (Bank of England, Federal Reserve).  Grayson Kirk of The Pilgrims and Order of the British Empire was president of Columbia during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Kirk held numerous foreign government decorations and corporate board memberships.  The uncle of Grayson Kirk’s wife was a Pilgrim Society member named Benjamin A. Sands who was associated with British insurance interests, railroads and banks in the United States and was a Columbia University trustee as of 1916.  Ginsburg joined the New York Bar Association in 1959, of which most of the attorney members of The Pilgrims are members.  The most powerful law firms in Manhattan and on Wall Street rep for Silver Users Association Companies.  Ginsburg, since 1982, has been a fellow of the AAAS (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), nonsinister sounding to be sure, but thoroughly infiltrated and controlled by the World Money Power.  The AAAS has an extensive interlock with the 4,200 or so members of The Pilgrims public subsidiary or kindergarten known as the CFR or Council on Foreign Relations.

Ginsburg has been listed as a CFR member since 1975.  Reminds you of the line spoken by the hit man to the Mafioso who hired him “Yes sir, 30 year man!” referring to his career as a mercenary in “The Stone Killer” (Bronson, 1973).   No one will be admitted to membership who is not willing or susceptible to go along with The Pilgrims and their plans to “seize the wealth necessary” and to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world.”  This isn’t the place to explain what the Society is about.  Refer to “Meet The World Money Power” and the follow-up series in the Archives for that if you missed those.    In summer 1990 Ginsburg was appointed a visitor to the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado, another think-tank for the intermarried old rich of The Pilgrims, who control the media and place themselves near the bottom of the rich lists, or off the lists completely, to conceal their status as the money masters.  Washington D.C. headquarters of the Aspen Institute is One DuPont Circle, Northwest zip 20036-1133.  Silver users and paper money mobsters alike lurk behind the Aspen Institute.

Ginsburg received a fellowship in 1977-1978 at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.  Pilgrim Society members over the years have appeared on its trustees, such as Caryl P. Haskins, longtime board member of Du Pont, Silver Users Association members.  See what this Center says about itself at www.casbs.org/ Stanford was founded by plundering pirate and railroad buccaneer Leland Stanford, who was a land grabber on a truly colossal scale in his activities that ranged from California into other western states.  Myers in “History of the Great American Fortunes,” page 528, mentioned huge land grabbing activities in six states!  Stanford understood the necessity of controlling the manufacture of law; he was a United States Senator in order to shore up his pirated loot and those of his associates, one of whom was a bigger pillager than himself (Collis P. Huntington).  Jackson Eli Reynolds, a law professor at Stanford, 1899-1901, turned up as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, (page 1747, 1929 Who’s Who).

Since Ginsburg is associated with a university founded by a land-grabber, so it is no surprise that she favors land-grabbers.  Is everyone who has a degree from Stanford in favor of land grabbing?  I would say, certainly not.  The problem is those holding high government positions being placed by the Money Powers.  Sufficient introductory indoctrination takes place in the university setting.  That’s why universities were called “hotbeds of intrigue” (Lundberg, “America’s Sixty Families,” 1937, page 402).  The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences is probably the most dangerous psychiatric fountainhead in existence; but they deal with other aspects of “behavior.”  Stick around, we will read about the “mental illness” of “silver hoarding” in major newspapers and Reader’s Digest!  For a change, those who study the masses should become subjects of study themselves; but they are unwilling!  Can we just admit---if we’re not members of an approved financier front organization like the CFR, we’re surely off our rockers and should forfeit everything we own to the land grabbers?  And don’t forget the silver grabbers, too.

Having mentioned Stanford University, recall the previous discussion of Simon Property Group.  In July 2003 Simon bought Stanford Shopping Center from the University for $333 million.  Stanford continues to hold a long-term underlying lease.  Assisting Stanford in the deal was Eastdil Realty.  Eastdil is a contraction from the old Blyth Eastman Dillon investment firm.  Who’s Who, 1977, page 332, showed John T. Booth of The Pilgrims, chairman of Eastdil Realty executive committee.  Booth was associated in law practice, 1957-1961, with Arthur Ballantine Sr. of The Pilgrims (which see later).  Before that Booth was with the Harvard Defense Studies Program.  Let them study defense today and they’ll say, our silver must be surrendered.  So their Pilgrim organization can wage more war. 

President Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, appointed Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993.  George Stephanopoulos, with the 1992 Clinton for President campaign, is another Rhodes Scholar and now moderator of ABC TV’s “This Week,” where silver investors will be bashed.  As Cecil Rhodes said of his Rhodes Scholars, “I am on the lookout for those who will do the governing of the nations in the years that are to come.”  Rather than make this article lengthier than it has to be, I refer you again to the series on The Pilgrims already referred to, for background and documentation.  Cecil Rhodes was also the front man for the British Crown and their bankers, the Rothschilds, in founding The Pilgrims, referred to as “the first organization.”  There is no “Round Table” organization as such; it is a reference to meetings held by these global manipulators in founding The Pilgrims and their subsidiary organizations such as the CFR and Rhodes Scholars.  Indeed, a strong case can be made to show that the Rhodes Scholars are more significant than Skull & Bones Society, something I have hinted at but have not yet fit in to the educational series presented here.  Cecil Rhodes was another land-grabber---who planned to grab everything between Capetown and Cairo--- and a contemporary of Leland Stanford.  An entire nation---Rhodesia---was named after this Rothschild/British Crown agent!  So we see that Ginsburg has large-scale land-grabbers in her unsavory background---


Is land-grabbing something that makes this dragonfly-eyes, toothy smile WITCH happy?  Apparently so and she has done as her masters ordered.  She was general counsel, 1973-1980, to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Who’s Who, 1967, page 62, showed Pilgrim Society member Ernest Angell, chairman of ACLU.  From 1978 through 1993 Ginsburg was a member of the council of the American Law Institute in Philadelphia.  Yes, it is another of the numerous Pilgrim Society fronts.  Neutralize the control of The Pilgrims, and America would return to principles including limited government with responsive representation; gold and silver money; free markets in commodity prices; and noninterventionism in other countries.  Elihu Root of The Pilgrims, former Secretary of State and right hand man of Andrew Carnegie of The Pilgrims and associate of the British Crown, was honorary president of the American Law Institute from 1923 through 1937.  George W. Wickersham, United States Attorney General and member of The Pilgrims was president of the American Law Institute, 1923-1936.  Norris Darrell of The Pilgrims (whose son became a member) was president of the American Law Institute, 1961 through 1976 and chairman, 1976 through 1980.  Keep in mind I am working with incomplete information as to identities!  The source that could make it complete refuses to do so.

Darrell senior, born in 1899 in the British West Indies, was legal assistant during 1923 to 1925 to Supreme Court Justice Pierce Butler.  Butler was attorney for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, 1899-1905.  In chapter 6, “Intrigue and Scandal” of “America’s Sixty Families,” page 195, Lundberg mentioned this railroad that the “Stillman-Rockefeller group had a preponderant interest.”  The Stillmans, another Pilgrims Society family, intermarried with the Rockefellers.  Darrell joined Sullivan & Cromwell on Wall Street in 1925.  He became a director of Harper & Row publishers, 1962-1974 and much more notably was a director, 1955-1973, of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation, London and New York, 1955-1973.  In “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Mullins (1983) he claimed on page 48 that Schroder’s is affiliated with the Rothschilds.  On page 69 he said of Schroder’s---

“Although it is almost unknown in the United States, it has played a large role in our history.”

Allen Dulles of The Pilgrims and first head of the Central Intelligence Agency, also from Sullivan & Cromwell, was a Schroder’s director.  Still later Pilgrim Society member Alan Pifer, of the Carnegie-Rockefeller interests surfaced as a director of Schroder’s and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Page 79 has Mullins identifying Schroder’s as Hitler’s bankers, and mentioned the Schroder-Rockefeller consortium’s founding of Bechtel Group, world’s largest construction company, run for many years by Pilgrim Society member George Pratt Shultz of the Standard Oil fortune and Secretary of State.  Darrell was trustee of the Practicing Law Institute, 1941-1975.  He became a trustee of the Tax Foundation in 1973.  He served on the advisory board to the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, 1964-1971.  Darrell became a trustee of the United Methodist Christian Church of the U.S. in 1968 and joined its executive committee in 1971.  The National Association for Continuing Legal Education Administrators gifted Darrell with its Harrison Tweed award in 1977.  He received the medallion award from the College of William and Mary (second oldest university in America, named after the British Crown) in 1967.  Darrell was a member of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association, 1965-1977.  He was a governor of the River Club, New York, 1959-1977; in 1978 his son, Pilgrim Society member Norris Darrell Jr., was elected to that position; and also became a director of J. Henry Schroder Bank & Trust.    

Roswell B. Perkins of The Pilgrims was president of the American Law Institute, 1980 through 1993.  Michael Traynor became president of the ALI in 2000.  Traynor is a director of the Environmental Law Institute (since 2000); director, 1990-1996, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund of Canada; and chairman, 1974-1996, Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund (formerly Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund).  Roswell Perkins is current chairman of the American Law Institute.  Harrison Tweed, junior law partner to John J. McCloy of The Pilgrims, was president of the ALI, 1947-1961.  Tweed was related to the Winthrops, old-line Pilgrim Society family back of the Federal Reserve, and themselves intermarried with the Rockefellers.  McCloy was chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank before Pilgrim Society member David Rockefeller assumed that position, and helped Rocky to organize Bilderberg in 1954 as another Pilgrims Society front organization.  William T. Coleman Jr. of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR, key Pilgrim Society subsidiaries, is currently an ALI council member and a trustee of the anti-silver money Brookings Institution.

Roswell Perkins joined the New York law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton in 1949, representing key intermarried financial dynasties of The Pilgrims Society.  Soon after reaching that position he was named assistant counsel to the Special Senate Commerce Committee to investigate organized crime in interstate commerce, in 1950.  The Silver Users Association engages in interstate commerce and would fit our notions of organized crime.  Yet if those in charge of the courts and legislation apply an unreal standard to an exempted group, we can do nothing but begin to lobby, which we have not done!  In 1959 Perkins became counsel to New York Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, Pilgrim Society member.  1968 saw Perkins named to the President’s Advisory Panel on Personnel Interchange, which presumably means shuttling of hoodlums back and forth between entities such as the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, among others.  Perkins has served as chairman of the advisory committee on Medicare and Health, Education and Welfare department, 1973-1974.  In 1963 he was appointed to the board of Fiduciary Trust Company of New York (through 1997), and Bowery Savings Bank, 1975-1982.  During 1967-1969 Perkins was an advisor to the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.  He served as a trustee of the Pomfret School, 1961-1976, a private school for children of the intermarried rich.  He was placed on the directors of the Commonwealth Fund in 1974, established by the Harkness family of Pilgrim Society members and Standard Oil heirs, rated by Lundberg as the fourth richest family in America as of 1924.

Perkins served as a director of the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies, www.salzburgseminar.org/ 1970-1980, a globalist indoctrination front.  The Right Honorable Sir Michael Palliser, most likely a member of The Pilgrims London, is leader of Salzburg, along with another highly likely Pilgrim Society member, oil and gas tycoon Roy Huffington of Houston, former Ambassador to Austria.  Palliser comes from Samuel Montagu & Company, originally silversmiths, who became a powerful force in the world silver market by the early 1880’s--- www.montaguemillennium.com/familyresearch/h_1911_samuel.htm Perkins was an overseer of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, 1971-1977.  What is that, do what we want you to do when placed in office or something terminal could take place?  1966-1971 saw Perkins as a director of the American Arbitration Association.  Perkins has been all over the highest levels of the legal system.  In 1958-1960 he chaired the special committee on federal conflict of interest laws of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, on whose executive committee he has more recently served.  Is it not a conflict of interest that the president of the NYMEX is James Newsome, who as chairman of the CFTC said he looks forward to working with the Silver Users Association?  Just selectively apply the principles of antitrust law and there’s no problem!  He’s served as president of the Harvard Alumni Association and long time editor of the Harvard Law Review.  Perkins was a member of the Commission on Law and Economy of the American Bar Association, 1975-1979, and has served as a member of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association since 1973.

Roswell Perkins of The Pilgrims Society is currently head of the Moscow office of Debevoise & Plimpton, whose 600 hundred plus attorneys rep for Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, among many others.

Let’s take a brief look at the two leading lights in founding Debevoise & Plimpton (both now deceased)---Eli Whitney Debevoise and Francis Taylor Pearsons Plimpton.  Plimpton’s name appeared as a vice president of The Pilgrims of the United States on their letterhead on the one occasion I ever received a response from them, December 18, 1973.  Plimpton’s father, probably another member, was a trustee of the World Peace Foundation and the Church Peace Union, entities set up by British Crown loyalist, Pilgrims Society member Andrew Carnegie.  Plimpton’s younger brother Calvin turned up as a member of The Pilgrims by 1980 (Who’s Who, page 2649), and served as a trustee of the Harkness family’s Commonwealth Fund and Bankers Trust Company director.  Francis Plimpton, a law partner since 1933 until his death, served as Ambassador to the United Nations, 1961-1965, then was a member of the State Department advisory committee on international organizations till 1969.  Francis served as a trustee of United States Trust Company (Astors and others) and director of Bowery Savings Bank.  He served as a trustee of TIAA (teachers Insurance & Annuity Association) and the College Retirement Equity Fund for many years.  In the mid-1970’s he chaired the New York Mayor’s Committee for Distinguished Guests (foreign and domestic government officials bought off by The Pilgrims organization).  Francis Plimpton served as trustee, director or overseer of many entities including Harvard University; Theodore Roosevelt Association; Adlai Stevenson Institute for International Affairs; Center for Law and Social Policy; Barnard College; Athens College (Greece); Lingnan University (China); Amherst College; New York Lawyers for Public Interest; French Institute; Federation of French Alliances; America-Italy Society; Phillips Exeter Institute; International Union of Advocates; Executive Council on Diplomats; Foreign Policy Association; and others.

Plimpton received awards from Federal Bar Council; Institute of Man & Science; New York State Bar Association; Barnard College and others.  He was president of the Bar Association of the City of New York, 1968-1970 and a member of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association (its controlling body!).  He held membership in such globalist fronts as the Washington Institute for Foreign Affairs; American Society for International Law; International Law Association; Academy of Political Science; Council on Foreign Relations; and Wall Street clubs such as Union; Century; Brook; River; Down Town; Coffee House; Grolier; Economic (anti-silver, as we saw last month); Cold Spring Harbor Beach; Piping Rock (hotbed of banker activity); Metropolitan (Washington D.C.) and Mill Reef (Antigua, West Indies).  His father was also a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association, based at Vanderbilt University.

Eli Whitney Debevoise, a descendant of the inventor of the cotton gin, member of The Pilgrims, became father in law to Pilgrim Society member Harold Harris Healy Jr., who was made partner in charge of the Paris office in 1966.  Healy was assistant to the Attorney General, 1957-1958.  In 1972 he became an advisor to the Ditchley Foundation, a front for British royalty run by The Pilgrims of Great Britain.  In 1977 Healy got on the executive council of the American Society for International Law.  Healy has served as a trustee of Vassar College, and became president of the International Union of Advocates (Paris) in 1979.  Debevoise served as a director of the Bank of New York for many years, which as we saw last month is the primary bank for Tiffany & Company, Silver Users Association members.  A gemologist I encountered at a metals dealer’s business mentioned to me that it’s well known in the trade that Tiffany and other seriously overpriced jewelers submit diamonds to various organizations several times, then sell the stones by whichever lab grading report (certificate) shows it to be the higher quality!  It must have been convenient for Tiffany & Company that the Federal Reserve branch banks were collecting the silver coins as they came in, to be set aside for melting by the silver users; and even more so, since Pilgrim Society member Philip Dunham Reed chaired the New York Fed bank, 1960-1965, and was also a Tiffany & Company director! 

Debevoise chaired the Enemy Alien Hearing Board, 1942-1945, which suggests to us today the type people involved with Homeland Security!  Debevoise was deputy high commissioner for Germany, 1952-1953, under Pilgrim Society member John Jay McCloy, who was a director of Squibb, Mercedes-Benz and John Merrill Olin Foundation (after chemical magnate John M. Olin of The Pilgrims).  Debevoise was a delegate to the Conference on Germany and Western Europe, 1955.  In 1954 he was a member of the New York Special Legislative Committee on Integrity and Ethical Standards in Government.  He chaired the Governor’s Committee to Review New York Laws, 1967-1968.  He attended the International Commission of Jurists conferences at Athens (1955); Lagos, Nigeria (1961; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (1962); Bangkok, Thailand (1965); Geneva, Switzerland (1966); Dakar, Senegal (1967); Stockholm, Sweden (also 1967); Strasburg, Germany (1968); and Aspen, Colorado (1971); he was on the board of directors of the organization.  He was a trustee of the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation, named after Pilgrim Society member William Nelson Cromwell, of Sullivan & Cromwell, which appears to be the world’s most influential law firm.  Cromwell was counsel to “more than twenty of the largest corporations in the U.S.”  He was a director of United Bank Note Corporation and American Bank Note Company, printing stock certificates and funny money for overseas governments.  (Who’s Who, 1928, page 576).  Debevoise resided at 870 United Nations Plaza and was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee and CFR member.  Arthur A. Ballantine, who for many years published the Durango, Colorado Herald, was with Sullivan & Cromwell, 1939-1940.  Ballantine’s father was a member of The Pilgrims.  The senior Ballantine was undersecretary of the Treasury and in earlier days was associated in law practice with Leverett Saltonstall, who became a Senator from Massachusetts and was for years the leading spear-carrier on Capitol Hill for the Silver Users Association.  Ballantine Jr. was a delegate to the Europe-America Conference at Amsterdam, 1973, a Bilderberg extension.  Ballantine commented (page 152, 1977 Who’s Who”)---

“The effort to understand, rather than resist, the forces sweeping through the post World War II world has made my life stimulating.” 

Those forces consist of a network of organizations controlled at the top by the central group we continue to reference!  Nicholas Katzenbach, Rhodes Scholar 1949, is an American Law Institute council member who was Attorney General in 1964 and by 1965 was getting money from the Ford Foundation, of which McCloy was chairman.  Rhodes Scholars in our legal system translates to British influence.  George Wharton Pepper, president of the American Law Institute from 1936-1947, was Biddle professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, 1893-1910.  The Biddles, having various members in The Pilgrims over the years, trace directly to Nicholas Biddle, who headed the second Bank of the United States, 1816-1836, on behalf of his American boss, John Jacob Astor, and his British associates, the Rothschilds and the Royal family.  John Paul Stevens, another of the five Injustices who voted for land grabbing, is also a member of The Pilgrims front organization, the American Law Institute.

John Paul Stevens, appointed to the Supreme Court in 1975 by Pilgrim Society member Gerald Ford (who was himself an agent of Pilgrim Society member Nelson Rockefeller, at the time they caused the Commodity Futures Trading Commission---CFTC---to be launched to cover for silver shorts).  Stevens was a partner in Rothschild, Stevens, Barry & Myers, Chicago, 1952 through 1970.  Are we talking a relation to THE Rothschilds?  It’s a question I haven’t gotten an answer to so far.  I think it’s likely.  Members of THE Rothschilds have been New York City residents, and intermarried with another Pilgrims Society family, the Warburgs, through whom the Federal Reserve System was launched.  You can be certain that the five Injustices who rendered the Kelo vs. New London decision are all against silver used as money, and in favor of silver users versus “hoarders.”  During 1953-1955 Stevens was a member of the Attorney General’s National Commission to Study Anti-Trust Laws.  Herbert Brownell Jr. of The Pilgrims was United States Attorney General, 1953-1957 and was a member of the law firm associated with Elihu Root of the American Law Institute (Who’s Who In America, 1961, page 385).  George Brownell was also a member of The Pilgrims, married into the Dodge fortune and Presidential representative to various nations including Mexico and India---key silver countries!

How is it that The Pilgrims Society, consisting of British Empire collaborators, intermarried old-line rich, robber barons, descendants of European royalty and beneficiaries of trusts---the oil trust; the money trust; rubber trust, chemical trust, etc. and on and on, send representatives forth to conduct “studies” in anti-trust law?  So they can continue cheating everyone outside their network, regardless of the terminology in use at the time, or how laws seem to change but really don’t.

John Paul Stevens was a lecturer, 1955-1958 on antitrust law at the Rockefeller’s University of Chicago.  The Rockefellers did their share of land grabbing in the nineteenth century and the twentieth century, all over South America, as documented by Emanuel Josephson in “Rockefeller Internationalist” (1952).  Stevens is also a member of the American Judicature Society, another Pilgrims Society front based at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  I read a commentary of my references to The Pilgrims elsewhere, and it is correct in concluding they are concentrated around New York.  But they appear in many other localities as well, in spite of having only some 700 members in the United States, the majority of whom I cannot identify since they still refuse to release their membership list.  This mob pulling the strings back of the funny money printing presses has plenty to conceal.  Here’s the man who could reveal a list to America, president of The Pilgrims of the United States, Henry Luce III of the Time-Warner fortune, who runs the $1.1 billion Luce Foundation---

 Let’s briefly look at the American Judicature Society.

The AJS features such individuals as Jon B. Comstock, associate general counsel of Wal-Mart Stores, as directors.  We see how Wal-Mart has squeezed out retailers all across America, especially single and family proprietor establishments, and has inundated us with Chinese made goods.  Nancy J. King, professor of law at Vanderbilt University, is an AJS director.  Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of that Pilgrim Society dynasty, was a land-grabber on a shocking scale, as documented profusely in “History of the Great American Fortunes” (1907), a book I have frequently referred to.  Potter Stewart Jr., son of deceased Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart (Skull & Bones), is an AJS director.  Dennison Young Jr. of Giuliani Partners, New York (associated with the former mayor) is an AJS director.  The overwhelming plurality of New York institutions favor the silver users and the paper money mob.  J. Michael Shepard of the Bank of New York (Pilgrims Society run bank) is an AJS director.  Recall last month we saw the Bank of New York is primary bank to Tiffany & Company, Silver Users Association members.  Next we find a hint of Du Pont (Pilgrims Society and Silver Users Association) connections to the AJS.  William D. Johnson, director of AJS, is an attorney in Wilmington, Delaware, home base of the giant Du Pont Company.  William P. Frank, AJS director, is with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, law firm that represents Du Pont, and the law firm that New York Attorney General Spitzer, who has ignored the naked shorting of silver, came from.  Spitzer has helped make the silver price free from manipulation, like he has turned water into wine.  As for his going after the Greenbergs of American International Group, the explanation is straightforward---it was ordered by a much more powerful group, most likely the Rockefellers.  Another director of AJS is Henry Du Pont Ridgely, a justice on the Delaware State Supreme Court.  This Du Pont relative, doubtless a multimillion-dollar beneficiary of the Du Pont fortune, may already have written a brief in support of silver confiscation, ready to be sent to his fellow members of the American Judicature Society at the Supreme Court.

In mentioning the Vanderbilts we can note that Horace H. Lurton, Supreme Court justice, term beginning 1909, came to the court from the position of dean of Vanderbilt Law School.  They’ve had other functionaries there, such as James Clark McReynolds, U.S. Attorney General, 1913-1914, then Supreme Court Justice, who was a professor at Vanderbilt University Law School.  Observers of the Supreme Court over the years have been aware that it is a tool of the money powers.  Ferdinand Lundberg in “America’s Sixty Families” (1937, page 288-289) said---

“Ninety five percent of the press swung into the opposition of the proposed reform of a Supreme Court that since the Civil War has been riding roughshod over the common interest.  The Scripps-Howard papers joined the New York Times in stern opposition to Supreme Court reform within the provisions of the Constitution.  All the radio commentators started blasting.”

Lundberg also commented (pages 87 and 402)---

“The functions of the Supreme Court, its members all presidential appointees, were gradually broadened to give it supremacy over a corrupted Congress that did not fight back.  Before the Civil War the Supreme Court nullified only one act of Congress.  But from 1860 to 1930 it voided no fewer than fifty-eight, and did not really attain its full stride as legislative saboteur until the decade 1930-1940.”

“The reciprocal functioning of the endowed Eastern universities and colleges in the forwarding of class and regional aims was never better illustrated than during the fight of predatory wealth and its press against the proposed mild reform of the Supreme Court.  According to the New York Times (April 15, 1937), the presidents of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth, Brown, Wellesley, Bowdoin, Wesleyan, Williams, Tufts, Boston University, Yale and Harvard joined in decrying any “tampering” with the scared court.”

Over a dozen highly placed Federal judges are American Judicature Society directors, as are assorted high-level state judges.  In order to control the wealth, it is necessary to first control law and the interpretation of law.  Once done, wealth can be ripped away from others by legislation and court decisions!  For this reason the most prominent attorneys in America, officials of many legal organizations, are well represented in the ranks of The Pilgrims.

If it sounds like I am espousing the concept of “guilt by association,” understand that is legitimately the case, because these associations and memberships are not unplanned in nature and mean exactly what I represent them to mean.  If it were not so, we wouldn’t see rulings such as Kelo vs. New London!  Guilt by association would be an inoperative concept if we say, we saw John Q. Public use the same public facility as a known ex-convict did on some other occasion, therefore John Q. must be in complicity with a felon.  Association to determine meaning is valid when a conscious pattern of relationships exists.  And it exists with the Injustices of the Supreme Court!  Stevens is also a member of the Federal Bar Association, which at its website features a link to the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Treasury Department---long in the grasp of the paper money mob and the silver users!  Let’s look at Injustice Anthony M. Kennedy---


Ronald Reagan appointed Kennedy to the Supreme Court in 1988.  The same Ronald Reagan who had dinner with Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller. Reagan’s patron, billionaire publisher Walter Annenberg, was also a member of The Pilgrims.  The image above, which did not appear with
a copyright notice, was found at


You read the URL right, “kennedy head shot.”  Reminds you of the shot to the skull taken by President Kennedy in Dallas!  Was it because JFK tried to go against the paper money mob?  Those of you holding 1964 Kennedys might consider a market in the future you might overlook---Catholics, since that’s what JFK was.  His death turned him into virtual martyr status.  Anthony Kennedy was born in Sacramento, California in 1936.  He is another graduate of Stanford University, named after mega land-grabber Leland Stanford (below)---

In 1958 Anthony Kennedy graduated from the Pilgrims Society’s London School of Economics (paper money propagandists).  Kennedy was professor of Constitutional Law at the University of the Pacific, 1965-1988.  It sounds like a case of a silver user taking over the helm of a mining company, because this Kennedy doesn’t render the kind of Constitutional law the Founding Fathers intended.  During 1979-1987 Kennedy was on the Panel on Financial Disclosure of Judicial Activities, later known as the Advisory Committee on Codes of Conduct.

Stephen Breyer, the fourth Injustice who supported the abuse of eminent domain to seize land from rightful owners and turn it over to wealthy developers (who could be Pilgrims Society members, or financed by them), was born in San Francisco in 1938 and guess what!  He also is a Stanford University graduate, in 1959!  There are always---ALWAYS--- Pilgrims Society members to be found on the regents of Stanford, such as Warren Christopher, Rockefeller Oil Trust agent, former Secretary of State.  Christopher, who was placed on large corporate boards such as Chevron, was chairman of the standing committee on the Federal Judiciary of the American Bar Association, 1975-1977.  In 1961 Breyer was a Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College at Oxford University, England, where Cecil Rhodes graduated.  The Marshall Scholarships are identical in spirit to the Rhodes Scholarships, and are named after Pilgrims Society member George Catlett Marshall, World War II General who became Secretary of State.  Breyer was a Harvard law professor from 1970-1980, where The Pilgrims Society holds absolute sway and from which anti-silver propaganda has emanated over the years.  Breyer was a trustee of the University of Massachusetts, 1974-1981 (haven’t looked at the other trustees in that time but I know what I’d find).

Breyer, not to be confused with an ice-cream brand, was a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, 1964-1965.  In 1966 Goldberg became Ambassador to the United Nations, the front through which the British Empire hopes to rule the globe (see “Outlaw Aggression!” in United Nations World, September 1947, pages 16-19, by Viscount Lord Cecil, a relative by marriage of the land-grabbing Vanderbilts, who failed to mention his membership in The Pilgrims of Great Britain!)  The United Nations aspires to be the ultimate land-grab.  Lord Cecil traced his lineage to royalty in medieval times, who took a prominent role in expanding the British Empire after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.  “History of the Great American Fortunes” by Myers features the Vanderbilts on pages 273-394, with mention of land grabs to the extent of tens of thousands of square miles!  Goldberg, who was once Breyer’s boss, addressed The Pilgrims of Great Britain on March 4, 1966 (page 151, 2002 Pilgrims of Great Britain book, showing him discussing Society business with Lord Harlech, former Ambassador to Washington, D.C. and media magnate.  Breyer (below), seems much like an effervescent goblin flitting around at Halloween---


Or possibly the idea of large-scale developers squeezing out average homeowners is a laugh riot to Breyer!  What’s next, will the Supreme Court rule that Silver Users Association members such as Kodak, Du Pont and Dow Chemical can seize silver mines, since their companies are larger than the mining companies?  (Just like mall developers are larger than individual homeowners).  It would be funny to see Breyer step barefoot on a “cow killer” ant in East Texas (sometimes called “mule killers”)---

Breyer is a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAAS); the American Bar Association; and The Pilgrims Society’s fronts, the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Law Institute.  Breyer was in the antitrust division of the Justice Department, 1965-1967, which at that time and all the time before and since, has refused to take interest in the Silver Users Association as a cartel working to influence the price of a traded commodity.  Breyer was also chief counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, which has an Antitrust Subcommittee, during the 1979-1980 Hunt-Arab silver situation.  The Senate Judiciary Committee made a ruckus about the Hunt venture into the silver market, but raises not one eyelash where the Silver Users Association is concerned!  Another Council member of the American Law Institute is Vester T. Hughes of Hughes & Luce, Dallas.  Hughes is a member of the Center for American & International Law, and he’s probably more concerned about the “international” thing.  He’s a director of Exell Cattle Company and LX Cattle Company in Amarillo, Texas.  If there were a Cattle Users Association working to hold down the price of beef on the exchanges, Hughes would have fired warheads at it years ago!

The fifth Injustice who voted for land-grabbing abuse of eminent domain, and against the Fifth Amendment provision forbidding such collusive seizures was David Souter.  Very appropriately, a patriotic American has moved to seize Souter’s private residence for a hotel development.  We hope he gets booted OUT!  He should have to drive the bulldozer that flattens his house!  Then he should be tracked, and booted out of wherever he settles next!  Souter should be treated like Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke” (1967, Southern chain gang setting), in the scene where one prison guard orders him at gunpoint to dig a deep hole; after digging, another guard orders him to fill it up; then upon completion, the first guard demands to know why the hole was filled up, and he is sadistically worked back and forth between them, ping-pong ball fashion, round the clock, till senselessness, exhaustion and desperation assume total control!  He was reduced to a whimpering mass of tears!   The same is good for the other four Injustices!

Born in Massachusetts (silver users sanctuary) in 1939, Souter was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1990 by George Bush Sr. of The Pilgrims and Skull & Bones Society.  Souter is another Rhodes Scholar (1963).  Having Rhodes Scholars on the Supreme Court is no different philosophically than having British Redcoat Generals there!   Souter became New Hampshire Attorney General, 1976-1978.  He remains a member of the National Association of Attorneys General.  An open letter to Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson appeared here, dated September 29, 2003.  An evasive, short reply was received.  The scope of the fix that’s in on the silver market is truly monumental in scope.  The silver holder almost feels like an ant gazing up at the Rocky Mountains.  We have had other Rhodes Scholars on the Supreme Court---Byron Raymond “Whizzer” White, 1962-1993 was his tenure, passed away, 2002.  John Marshall Harlan (1955-1971) was another Rhodes Scholar on the Supreme Court.  The trustees of the Rhodes Trust are always members of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, such as Lord Grey and Viscount Hailsham.  The boyish looking Souter is in the hip pocket of international financiers!  These are people who stand to benefit from seizure of citizens private residences!  Souter, we’d like to know---have you received some concealed emoluments for voting for land seizure?

Souter is an honorary master of the bench at Gray’s Inn, London, where his associate Anthony Kennedy, is a barrister (attorney).  Gray’s Inn, along with Lincoln’s Inn and the Middle and Inner Temples, are the 4 “Inns” of the Royal Court of Justice in London, controlled by the British Crown, Patrons of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.  Check out the Royal influence in this London legal establishment of which two of our land-grabbing Supreme Court Justices are members www.graysinn.org.uk/inn/inn_frameset.htm

It’s quite revealing since the British Crown still resentfully regards the entire land of America as their personal property!  The Middle Temple is mentioned on three pages of the 2002 Pilgrims of Great Britain book.  Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson, addressing the House of Representatives on August 21, 1940, quoted some passages from the San Francisco Leader dated February 17 and 24, 1912, one of which lists, among other intentions, of The Pilgrims Society---

“Supreme Court of the United States to be revised so as to embrace only judges agreeable to absorption by Great Britain, and hostile to the United States Senate.”

Indications are that just as the Federal Reserve System is younger brother of the Bank of England, so too is our legal system to theirs.  Therefore we are pervaded with corruption.  Books on the Supreme Court such as “The Brethren---Inside The Supreme Court” (1979, 467 pages) have almost nothing to say concerning the outside connections of the Justices, and absolutely nothing to say as to the implications of those connections.  Neglected aspect fallacies loom large in establishment sponsored, alleged “documentaries.”  The Supreme Court Historical Society is of no use to the public in offering revelatory information.  (Its correspondent in New York is Davis, Polk & Wardwell, another leading law firm for The Pilgrims).  The British Empire and its American Pilgrims Society collaborators are still in the land-grabbing business, hiding behind entities such as the Supreme Court and the United Nations.  It should come as no surprise if a silver grab is proposed.  The pretext would be that we must have it for the military.  The intent is to ignore the guilt of the Silver Users Association and their Capitol Hill stooges in vaporizing the stockpile---165.5 million ounces---we used to hold for defense.

The Bush nominee to replace Sandra Day O’ Connor is John G. Roberts Jr., ex-law partner in Hogan & Hartson, D.C.’s largest law firm with around 1,000 attorneys and several overseas offices.  Some of its partners are members of the City of London Law Society, which represents the interests of the London banking community, and the Law Society of England.  Here again we see the influence of the British!  Many of its lawyers are graduates of Duke University Law School, named after the Dukes, Pilgrims Society members dominant in the old Tobacco Trust, who shifted control into Duke Energy, a $60 billion plus annual concern.  Many of its members are graduates of the University of Virginia Law School, where some of them are members of the Raven Society (Skull & Bones counterpart), where members of the Reynolds family (Pilgrims Society) are prominent in R.J. Reynolds Industries, Reynolds Metals, banking and insurance concerns.  A Hogan & Hartson partner, Warren Gorrell Jr., represents such real estate developers as Equity Office Properties Trust (assisted with $15 billion in acquisitions, over 124 million square feet); Host Marriott Corporation (now a REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust); CarrAmerica Realty; The Mills Corporation (60 mega-malls); Crescent Real Estate Equities (30 million square feet); Arden Realty Trust (Bank of New York); Heritage Property Investment Trust; Post Properties; Colonial Properties Trust (Duke family and others); Paragon Group; Falcon Financial Investment Trust; and Fieldstone Investment Company.  These are entities that may have an interest in working with cities to seize property under the recent Supreme Court ruling.  Some may have already be involved in such activities; lack of time prevents additional inquiry.  Gorrell has done work for silver antagonist Lehman Brothers.

Other H & H partners have represented such Pilgrims Society controlled firms as British Telecommunications and Merrill Lynch.  A member of H & H is a director of Stillwater Mining (palladium/platinum), somewhat curious in light of its partner Douglas Wheeler (Duke University) having acted as executive director of the anti-mining Sierra Club, 1985-1987.  Stillwater mining has links to Covington & Burling (Trilateral Commission) and Sullivan & Cromwell (Pilgrims) and Bilderberg guest Donald Riegle, a Michigan Senator from 1976-1994 is on its board.  Riegle was very friendly towards Dow Chemical (Silver Users Association).  Raymond S. Calamaro, an H & H partner, was legislative director for Wisconsin Democrat Senator Gaylord Nelson, 1973-1975.  When Nelson’s term ended in 1981, he became counsel to the Wilderness Society, also anti-mining.  Calamaro was a partner in Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts, New York, 1969-1973, an old-line Pilgrims Society law firm.  Pamela Winthrop is currently a partner in Hogan & Hartson.  Henry L. Stimson (Pilgrims, Skull & Bones) was Secretary of War, 1940-1945, and director of American Superpower Corporation, along with John Wesley Hanes (The Pilgrims) of Bankers Trust New York.  With this negative financial background on the five Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of land grabbing, we may expect the same from them as regards silver.  Therefore, we must strive for our rights elsewhere---especially in Congress.    

John G. Roberts Jr. of Hogan & Hartson is a member of the Federalist Society.  The main financial benefactor to the Federalist Society is Richard Mellon Scaife, who is so secretive as to not be listed in Who’s Who.  He’s a product of marriage between the rich Pennsylvania Scaife family and the near-infinitely wealthier Mellons---one of the first families in The Pilgrims Society, having had representatives as Secretary of the Treasury for at least five terms this century!  Mr. Mellon Scaife is said to be a benefactor to allegedly conservative causes, having given away hundreds of millions of dollars, probably the tip of his iceberg.  But, what does conservative mean in his case?  Let’s look at some of the connections of the Federalist Society (founded 1982 to influence the judicial system, reports 35,000 members).

C. Boyden Gray of the Business Advisory Council to the Federalist Society was a law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1968.  Most of us remember the Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination, which offered to the American public the absurd and fiendish conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Gray has been a partner in Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering since 1993.  Lloyd Norton Cutler of this Washington D.C. law firm is a member of the Trilateral Commission, which appears to be the link of Chinese silver dumping with the New York megabanks inasmuch as the head of the Bank of China is a member.  Cutler is a CFR member and honorary trustee of the Brookings Institution, which opposes silver in the monetary system.  Cutler was White House counsel to Carter and Clinton.  He’s a member of the Middle Temple Inn of the Royal Courts of Justice, City of London.  He was with the Lend-Lease administration in 1943 and was a second-tier heir to the Standard Oil fortune (deceased May 8, 2005).  Gregory Baer of this firm received the Special Achievement Award in 1996 from the Federal Reserve System.  Gray became chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy in 1993, one of whose interests appears to be preventing Americans from having a living wage.  They are funded by the John M. Olin Foundation and entities controlled by Richard Mellon Scaife, and other sources including Citigroup.

Nicholas John Stathis of the Business Advisory Council to the Federalist Society was with White & Case, 1989-1993, Wall Street law firm linked to The Pilgrims and silver antagonist, Lehman Brothers.  During 1952-1954 Stathis was law clerk to Federal Judge Harold R. Medina, member of The Pilgrims, who presided over the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan and had honorary degrees from over 25 universities and held numerous executive level positions in many legal organizations (influence, influence, influence!)  John Stewart Bryan III, member Business Advisory Council to the Federalists, is a trustee of the George C. Marshall Foundation (The Pilgrims); director of Media General Incorporated (no coverage of Mexican silver initiative); and a member of the Florida Council of 100, which unofficially runs that state.  John G. Medlin Jr., member Business Advisory Council to the Federalists, heads the large bank holding company, Wachovia Corporation, and is a trustee of the Duke Endowment, controlled by that Pilgrims Society dynasty.  He is also a trustee of the highly elite Research Triangle Foundation.  Paul S. Stevens, another Business Advisory Council member, is a 1974 Yale graduate (Skull & Bones?  Book & Snake?  Or other?)  Stevens is a member of quite a few organizations heavily interlocked with The Pilgrims, including the Council on Foreign Relations; Japan Society; Cosmos Club (D.C.); International Bar Association; Yale Club; Metropolitan Club (D.C.); Society of Mayflower Descendants; Elizabethan Club, etc., and became president of the Investment Company Institute in 2004.  Robert L. Strickland of the Federalists Business Advisory Council, was deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 1996-1998, and is a member of the Scabbard & Blade Society of the University of North Carolina and the Newcomen Society, front for The Pilgrims.  I can’t see that anyone associated with the Federal Reserve has the cause of sound money in mind.  The Federalist Society is heavily controlled by fiat money creators and globalists.

Frank Keating II of the Advisory Council to the Federalist Society was Governor of Oklahoma, 1995-2003 and assistant to the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, 1985-1988.  William Bradford Reynolds, on the Advisory Committee, is the son of Nancy B. Du Pont, of the Du Pont family of The Pilgrims and the Silver Users Association.  We may assume that Reynolds will “advise” Judge Roberts of the Federalist Society to rule against private ownership of silver.  It’s what we would expect of anyone appointed to the Supreme Court by a member of The Pilgrims and Skull & Bones---Mr. Bush.  This Mr. Reynolds was with the Free Congress Foundation, 1988-1993, another front for the looters.  He was with Sullivan & Cromwell, 1967-1970 on Wall Street, The Pilgrims leading law firm.  During 1966 he was editor in chief of the Vanderbilt University Law Review.  Imagine that, he has links to two of the leading dynastic families of The Pilgrims Society!  His father, a Vanderbilt graduate, became chief counsel to Du Pont in 1954.  The elder Reynolds was a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar; Du Pont Country Club (Wilmington, Delaware) and was a director of the Vanderbilt Alumni Association, 1961-1964.

Steven Calabresi is national Co-Chairman of the Federalist Society.  I am attempting to determine if he’s related to Guido Calabresi, a Rhodes Scholar who was law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, 1958-1959.  And ahh---here it is---Guido is Steven’s uncle--- www.eastbayri.com/story/368078114961293.php     David M. McIntosh (Yale 1980) is the other national Co-Chairman.  McIntosh is a partner in Ropes & Gray headquartered in Boston, silver users territory.  Ropes & Gray has 750 partners, some 154 of which come from Harvard Law School, with lesser amounts from Stanford, Vanderbilt, Duke, etc.  Stephen August Warnke of Ropes & Gray office at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, is the son of Paul Culliton Warnke who was an official of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilaterals.  Robert Bork, Co-Chairman of the Board of Visitors of The Federalists, was receiving money in 1988-1989 from the John M. Olin Foundation, after John Merrill Olin of The Pilgrims and the Olin Chemical fortune.  Another funding source for the Federalists is the Lilly Endowment, derived from the pharmaceutical fortune of the same name.  An Alta Vista search for “Eli Lilly & Company + lawsuits” yielded 67,000 hits.

People who have addressed the Federalist Society or participated in meetings with them include notorious world government proponent Zbigniew Brzezenski of the CFR, Bilderberg and Trilaterals; New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who has failed to intervene in the naked shorting of silver on the COMEX; Jane Brady, Delaware Attorney General (Du Pont controlled state government); at least four professors from Stanford University Law School; Douglas Weil of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence; Barbara Holt of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence; and Richard Sincere of Gays & Lesbians for Individual Liberty.  The Federalist Society is heavily interlocked with just about every legal organization of major significance.  One example is the Harvard Law School Association.  Charles Lawrence Brock of The Pilgrims became its treasurer in 1990.  He’s associated with the Biddles, Pilgrims Society family tracing to the second Bank of the United States; Sullivan & Cromwell; and the global ocean-going shipping business (page 421, 1994 Who’s Who).

The financiers are so deeply intertwined with the Supreme Court that the architect who designed the current Court building in 1929, Cass Gilbert, was a member of The Pilgrims.  That’s why their motto is “Here And Everywhere.”  Gilbert was also the architect of the U.S. Treasury building; Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; United States Chamber of Commerce, District of Columbia; West Virginia State Capitol Building; United States Customs House, New York; Arkansas State Capitol Building; University of Texas; University of Minnesota; Woolworth Building, New York; Agriculture Building, Omaha; Detroit Public Library; Central Library, Saint Louis; Army Supply Base, Brooklyn; Union Central Life Insurance Building, Cincinnati; Gibraltar Building, for Prudential Life Insurance, Newark, New Jersey; Essex County Courthouse, Newark, N.J.; New York Life Insurance Company Building and others; member, Royal Institute of British Architects (page 860, 1928 Who’s Who).  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is always a regent of the Smithsonian Institution, where leading globalist financiers are clustered!  I have noted a Rothschild there.

As a note to our Canadian friends in silver, the situation with the Canadian Supreme Court is the same type can of worms.  No need to get into details except as a sample, the Honorable Mr. Justice Morris J. Fish on the Court, was chairman of the 2000-2003 Rhodes Scholarship selection committee for Quebec province.  Rhodes Scholars are all over the Canadian government just like they are here.  This shows their transnational character, whereas the somewhat overrated Skull & Bones is limited to positions in one country.

The Supreme Court Justices who voted for confiscation of privately owned land and home seizure are no friends to silver investors.  John G. Roberts Jr., if elevated to the Supreme Court, will in all probability be hostile towards private ownership of silver.  Still see no reason to be politically active?  Just think, when the deficit overwhelms the silver shorts, the price will rise?  Not if the government caps the price and the Supreme Court affirms it as legal.  When will we in precious metals understand that investment conferences cannot enhance our wealth even 1% as much as successful political organizing?  Remember the scene of Raymond Burr as the news correspondent Steve Martin in Tokyo (1956) as Godzilla approached? He signed off just before the building was knocked down.  That’s where we are, friends, without political organizing!  I suggest you THINK about it before attending another investment conference, because the bad boys plan to put five pounds of sugar in all our gas tanks---like they’ve ALWAYS done!  LAW will be the means by which they ruin our investments!  If you want your investments respected, we must force Congress to make it so!


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