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Copyright July 2006 Charles Savoie

GREAT BRITAIN IS THE GREATEST OFFENDER IN THE SINISTER WORK OF DEBASING SILVER.”---Utah Silver Senator (from 1917-1941) William H. King, New York Times, June 14, 1931, page 22---


THE CONTINUING DOWNWARD TREND OF SILVER PRICES CONSTITUTES A GRAVE MENACE TO WORLD TRADE.  Silver in world markets is at the lowest price in history.  No industry is suffering more from declining price levels than is the nonferrous metal mining industry.  We have advocated the calling of an international conference on silver by those countries which produce four fifths of the world’s silver---Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada and the United States.”---Mining Congress Journal, April 1930, page 284

“One evidence of A DISEASED STATE OF AFFAIRS is the trend in the price of silver, which not only shows violent fluctuations in the past but also exhibits an unhealthy downward trend.  Not only are the silver producers concerned about this, but also are the nations of the world, because in a complicated manner the price of silver affects their national economy and in some instances also is REFLECTED IN MATTERS OF NATIONAL POLICY.”---A.J. Dornblatt, American Silver Producers Research Project, Mining Congress Journal, October 1938, page 31

In “Unrelenting Misconduct” (12-08-99) Ted Butler stated---



Something at Goldman Sachs really stinks!
On board---English Sirs and Lords!
With plenty of anti-silver money links!
Investors screaming with raw vocal chords!
Bunch of lousy central bank rat finks!

Barclays in London across the waves,
Owns biggest percent of Goldman Sachs!
And runs a silver ETF, someone raves,
Ready to hit silver prices like fireman’s ax!
Low silver prices are what Britain craves!

Paulson & Jeffrey---diseased Wall Street leeches!
FED, CFTC, Treasury & COMEX wanting to hide stats!
Everywhere---that’s how far the corruption reaches!
But comes the delivery defaults---they are cornered rats!
When the trap is sprung, the rodent screeches!

Silver users, where you gonna get metal from?
From Goldman Sachs---or from naked shorts?
Can’t use silver you don’t have---a rule of thumb!
Think about it as your wild face contorts!
Without silver, what will you fools become?

Ted & Carl question the dirty CFTC!
We know they’re stuck with telling lies!
Presenting fruit from a poisonous tree!
Covered with gnawing Beelzebub flies!
Sliver prices will scream like a banshee!

Slamming gold & silver to make the dollar look better!
That’s the biggest reason for price attacks!
Nearing the day that no derivatives can fetter,
Precious metals, rabid monkey’s on their backs!
Pin stripe suit jumps from building, leaves suicide letter!

The high official American circles are all encompassed by the British Empire organization, The Pilgrims Society who creates fiat money, of which our President and Secretary of State are always members.  So much for the concern over the related Skull & Bones Society.  A review of the 2002 book “The Pilgrims of Great Britain” supplies excessive evidence that the Society constitutes the controlling powers of that benighted empire www.amazon.ca/ There has been no move by the United States members to issue a corresponding book.  I see the volume as a blunder on their part, because it can only increase the strain on the organization’s secrecy.  The central point of their secrecy consists of who---who are the current members?  They are all over Wall Street investment and commercial banks, law firms, foundations, corporations, universities, military and diplomatic posts and even some religious leaders like Norman Vincent Peale, who controlled the large Presbyterian Ministers Fund.

A scene from the 1962 film classic, “Mutiny on the Bounty” depicted seaman John Mills (Richard Harris) below deck involved in an argument as to who was stealing provisions on the tightly rationed voyage from England to the South Pacific.  Just as Mills blurted out in a loud voice, “the captain’s the thief,” Captain Bligh was coming down the steps and heard him make the accusation.  Bligh then said, “All hands on deck, prepare for the administering of punishment!”  Seaman Mills went very pale as seaman Matthew Quintal brought out the whip.  As Mills was being savagely flogged Captain Bligh warned---

“Lay on with a will Quintal or you’ll take his place!”

This is the entire parable we need as a backdrop with which to conduct some investigation into one of our present “captains” of Federal agencies---Goldman Sachs Group, and its anti-silver British monetary connections.  As we know, the new Treasury Secretary is Henry “Hank” Paulson.  The nickname is reminiscent of “Hank” Greenberg, disgraced ex-chief of AIG, one time known huge silver short.  Nor is this the first time men associated with Goldman have been at Treasury.  Henry Fowler was Treasury Secretary, 1965-1969 where he continued the war on monetary silver and silver commodity prices.  Robert Rubin, anti-gold Treasury Secretary, 1995-1999 (now at Citigroup) was from Goldman.  Gary Gensler was at Treasury, 1997-1999.  Additionally, Reuben Jeffrey III ex of Goldman Sachs presently chairs the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as you have seen in the recent series by Ted Butler and his associate Carl Loeb.  It is well known that Bush’s second cousin, George Walker, is with Goldman, who also furnished Joshua Bolten as White House Chief of Staff.  Where does Paulson intend to go after Treasury?   The network offers many roosting places for pillagers.

Goldman also subverts the Democrats---Philip D. Murphy became national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee. My guess is that the big silver short is more likely Goldman Sachs than China.  My speculation additionally is that Paulson and Jeffrey are holding top Federal posts as a combination of damage control, taxpayer bailout, attempted cover-up, and if so, attempt to place blame elsewhere for the silver shorting problem and the defaults it appears inevitable to cause.  We hear that the Commitment of Traders Report is scheduled to be stopped just after mid-August.  This suggests the end game is in phase.  With Federal Reserve M3 data having been concealed, we witness a disturbing trend towards financial secrecy that is intended to further shield exploitative interests.  Which Wall Street entity appears to have the most influence at the CFTC?  Why, Goldman Sachs of course.  Does Goldman seek to conceal its activities?  It has been well known to have been less than truthful with investors.  What data is next to be concealed---COMEX silver warehouse stocks?  Will Treasury ask the Silver Institute to conceal production statistics?  When the COMEX silver manipulation ends, will we actually discover, in public information, who the leading short was?  Will Iran be blamed?  After all, we know they have been fleeing dollars and into gold.  Who better to blame than someone, rightly or wrongly, who has been demonized in the media for years?

Goldman personalities have gone on to start various other hedge funds and financial entities such as Omega Partners; Eton Park; Silverpoint; ESL Investments; Fortress Investment Group; J.C. Flowers & Company; GSC Partners and others representing quite a few billions.  Jim Cramer left Goldman to become a CNBC commentator and founded TheStreet.com and Smartmoney.com

Words that appeared in the 2002 annual report of what is today the world’s biggest silver holding company, page 6, are questions many are still asking today---

“The silver price continues to perplex.  With the known silver inventories at low levels; most large government inventories gone or reduced, such as the U.S. strategic stockpile which once exceeded two billion ounces and is now eliminated; increasing annual demand for silver for all uses including photography; the 14th straight year of demand exceeding supply; one would think the price should be higher than it is at present.”

Actually the Defense Logistics Agency never held more than 165.5 million ounces.  The Treasury certainly did hold over 2 billion ounces; and as of 2002, it was about 51 years of demand exceeding supply.

Hey Reuben, which of the Yale societies were you inducted into?  Someone yells Skull & Bones, but what about Wolf’s Head; Book and Snake or the other two lurkers?

I have continued to pound away at what I am convinced is the source of financial frauds.  It is the interlocked elite who are coordinated by means of invitation only membership organizations.  All these organizations represent the same principles---more financial cartelization by making vitamins, minerals and herbs by prescription only; elimination of the middle class; microchipping everyone; assigning occupations and designating living locations; internment camps for the unemployed, assigning them to food production by multinationals; ending national sovereignties; continuation of illegitimate created money; suppression of gold and silver as money, by phony definitions of terrorism if necessary; drastic reduction of world population, unavoidably by war; and annihilation of non-allied rich.  These organizations---Bilderberg; Council on Foreign Relations; Trilateral Commission, probably the three most talked about, all have a common leadership.  That leadership resides within the fiat money creators Pilgrims Society.  I read alarming dispatches on Bilderberg and these are warranted.  However, their leadership derives principally from The Pilgrims.  As we read at http://home.planet.nl/~reijd050/, The Pilgrims Society rates as ---

“The premier Anglo-American hidden institution with its less than subtle “Here And Everywhere” slogan.  IT HAS ABSORBED THE LEADERSHIP of most of the globalist-oriented institutions, which already tend to be quite low profile themselves.  If you're interested in "WHO SECRETLY RUNS THE WORLD" and what the Pilgrims Society is all about, I suggest you at least read the shortened bios below.”

In his FAQ section, researcher Joel Van Der Reijden states---
“Why haven't you addressed the basic 'secret societies' in any detail?

“I first chose the ones who I think are the most important. Besides that, the Internet is already loaded with information about Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR.”

At the Goldman Sachs website we encounter a profile of director James A. Johnson, noted to be a member of American Friends of Bilderberg; Trilateral Commission; the Council on Foreign Relations; and honorary trustee of the dishonorable, anti-silver Brookings Institution.  Johnson was also with Lehman Brothers.  See?  The three most often-cited globalist organizations appear again; no mention is found of The Pilgrims Society.  Jon Corzine of Goldman is also a Trilateralist.  The researcher in the Netherlands does not consider Bilderberg the most important.  It is not.  Its sole purpose is to induct transitory heads of state and certain peripheral figures into the plan.  Many of them attend once, never to return.  For those new to this site who missed the series on The Pilgrims (Archives) I present their emblem---

The eagle represents the United States; the lion represents the British Commonwealth.  Bylaw #2 of The Pilgrims reads, “The object of the Society shall be the promotion of the sentiment of brotherhood among the nations.”  That isn’t accomplished by showering them with bastardized inconvertible paper currencies.  The Society always meets with the emblem above on display, as well as crossed British and American flags.  Presumably the locations are secured as to surveillance and nonparticipants.  Only the members know who the other members are and keep the roster under lock and key.

Let’s return to Goldman Sachs with its Pilgrims Society connections in mind.  The operator of the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions and I have been able to help one another with identities of many Pilgrims members since their organization came into menacing existence.  I am indebted to him for identifying John C. Whitehead as a current member of The Pilgrims executive Committee (source---Jill Spiller, secretary of The Pilgrims in New York).  I too corresponded briefly with their assistant secretary in fall 1973, Mrs. E.M. Simpson and found her unresponsive.  The detail as to his membership does not appear in Whitehead’s listing in Who’s Who.  That is hardly surprising, as very few of these worthy gentlemen are open about this fact--- whose combined hidden purpose is “to seize the wealth necessary---a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world” (see articles in Archives starting with “Meet The World Money Power.”)  Whitehead was with Goldman Sachs from 1947-1984; a partner, 1956-1976; senior partner and co-chairman, 1976-1984.  From 1985-1989 he was deputy Secretary of State under Pilgrims Society member George Pratt Shultz, Standard Oil heir, with holdings in Bechtel, Pfizer, Chevron Texaco and other corporations---

Whitehead has served as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1996-1999); past president of the board of Overseers of Harvard University (please remember Yale is hardly the only elitist university); past chairman of the United Nations Association of the U.S.A. (favors U.N. control over American territory); past chairman of the trustees of the National Gallery of Art, which was controlled by Pilgrims Society member Paul Mellon, who according to biographer Hoffman was “constantly entertaining heads of state and royalty” and “controlled thousands of companies.”  Whitehead is currently chairman emeritus of the viciously anti-silver money Brookings Institution; and chairman emeritus of the Andrew Mellon (Pilgrims Society) Foundation.  Whitehead is also a trustee of Rockefeller University, and appears right of then Canadian head of state Jean Chretien (Bilderberg 1996), and Pilgrims member David Rockefeller on the left probably laughing about plans to amalgamate Canada, America and Mexico in the North American Union---

Whitehead is also a trustee of The Atlantic Council of the United States, chaired by Pilgrims Society member Henry Catto (Houston Post), former Ambassador to England.  The purpose of the Atlantic Council, though not so bluntly stated but apparent both by reading between the lines and through an examination of its trustees, is to merge the United States and England.  Some of the support for the Atlantic Council comes from the $747 million Whitehead Foundation (Coca Cola fortune).  Presumably had any of these Atlantic Council personalities been on the scene when this nation was battling the British, they would have been firing against us.  More likely, they would have been far behind the Redcoat lines sending others to die.  None would have had the guts to have faced fighting leaders like Washington or Andrew Jackson.  They would have others wear the “red badge of courage.”  Catto is also vice chairman of the Aspen Institute, another major globalist think tank loaded with anti-precious metals bankers.

Stephen Friedman of Goldman became chairman of the National Economic Council, 2002-2005, and has since chaired the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.  Goldman supplied U.S. trade representatives to the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, now the WTO, World Trade Organization) in Robert Hormats, 1979-1981 and Robert Zoellick, 2001-2005.

John H. Bryan, Goldman Sachs director, is a trustee of the Rockefeller founded University of Chicago.  Lois D. Juliber, Goldman director, is also a director of Du Pont, Silver Users Association member (another reason Goldman would despise rising silver prices).  Goldman Sachs personalities are frequently members of the anti-silver money Economic Club of New York.  Leslie A. Biddle appears in the five-page list of persons who are managing directors at Goldman.  Genealogical relation to Nicholas Biddle, of the second Bank of the United States?  Probably!  Front view of Pilgrims Society executive committee member John Cunningham Whitehead (representative of the Rockefeller and Mellon fortunes whose overwhelming holdings are intentionally concealed by lists of big rich)---

Gary Allen, who concluded the purpose of The Pilgrims Society was to reunite Great Britain and America in a world government, identified Goldman Sachs & Company in his classic 1972 book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” as part of the “World-Supra Government.”  This takes us to Henry Paulson, new Treasury Secretary, who became a Goldman Sachs partner in 1982 and chairman in 1999.  Whitehead became chairman of AEA Investors in 1989 www.hbscny.org/PastEvents/morejohnwhitehead.htm which is a joint venture of the Mellon, Rockefeller and Warburg families as an investment holding company in a score of enterprises operating globally in everything from fruit juices to satellite radio.  Considering the strong link of Goldman Sachs to the Federal Reserve, it makes plenty of sense that Goldman could be the big concentrated silver short.  The main reason for wanting to hold silver prices low is the monetary conspiracy against silver.  An industrial users pricing conspiracy is most assuredly secondary to that.  Therefore, the COMEX, the CFTC, the Treasury, and any other necessary entities such as the SEC, refuse to do anything about the outsize silver short position because they are all keen to assassinate silver prices.  Rising silver and gold prices are a threat to the fiat paper dollar!  If any newcomer has trouble understanding this, refer to “Michael Gorham’s Paper Money Mob” in the Archives.

 As for the view that there is not sufficient silver to be used as money, this is not accurate.  We need only let the purchasing power of silver rise to what its natural level would become, and it would become astronomical, then retreat to lower but still high levels.  Under such conditions, low-grade deposits would become profitable and seabed mining ventures would commence.  We should safely assume there is more silver beneath the waves than was ever mined above ground since over half the world’s surface area is oceanic.  Naturally the expense of recovering such silver would be much greater---preventing any chance of a price collapse.  The economics of making more silver available are basic---let prices rise.  Senator Pittman, speaking to the Metal Mining Convention at Denver, October 1, 1936 stated (Mining Congress Journal, February 1937, page 61)---

“The rise in the price of gold and silver has resulted in renewed mining operations of many old mines and opening up of new mines throughout the United States.  The result has been the employment of over four hundred thousand men and women in the United States.  These men and women were on the relief rolls.  They are now engaged in valuable occupations.”

Pages 46 and 48 of the November 1937 edition feature Senator Pittman stating---

“The silver question, like the gold question, is primarily a monetary problem.  I emphasize that because we are constantly faced with the charge by intelligent people that we are simply attempting to aid the miners of this country and nothing else.  THE GOVERNMENT HAS MADE MORE MONEY OUT OF THE AMERICAN MINERS SILVER THAN THE AMERICAN MINERS HAVE, AND HAS TAKEN NONE OF THE RISKS THAT GENERALLY RESULT IN LOSSES.  It has permitted an expansion of our currency to the extent of $684,648,000 with a power to further extend it by the issuance of an additional $373,978,297.  This constitutes an increase of approximately 20 percent in our circulating currency.”

Nor would silver be the only money metal---gold and even copper are available to complete the picture.  The Mining Congress Journal, September 1930, page 673 stated---

“No country can prosper permanently except in proportion to the stable money available for the transaction of its business.”   

Thanks to what Montana Congressman Thorkelson put out in 1940, a few others over the years have had some awareness of the grave problem of the nation being steered by a grim secret organization ( www.cephaslibrary.com).


High placed Americans try to destroy US identity and subject the US to England.”

I suggest once more, Goldman Sachs is very possibly the big concentrated silver short, and it is acting at the wishes of centuries old interests antagonistic towards metallic currency tracing back to merry old England, home base of The Paper Hangers.  There can be no doubt that Britain is the source of attacks on silver as money, and against the purchasing power of silver.  Refer to “The Greatest Right” in Archives.  Goldman Sachs was dependent on the British for its launch into world capital markets!  “Our Crowd” (1967) by Stephen Birmingham, pages 152-153 reported---

“There was one area in which August Belmont excelled.  Its name was Rothschild.  When Goldman Sachs first dreamed of establishing an international operation, they approached a London firm called Kleinwort Sons & Company, to see if an English connection could be arranged.  Since the Kleinworts did not “know” Sachs or Goldman, they discreetly inquired of the Rothschilds for a report on the New York firm’s standing.  The Rothschilds didn’t know either, and passed the query along to Belmont.  Belmont took his time about replying, but eventually sent back a note, via the Rothschilds, saying that Goldman, Sachs & Company was “one firm about which nobody can say anything against.”  From a distance of years, this lofty comment sounds like damning with faint praise.  But apparently, coming from Belmont, it was enough to reassure the Kleinworts.  The connection was established, and Goldman, Sachs & Company were almost deliriously grateful to Belmont  “for so generously indorsing us”---an indication of the awe in which Belmont was held on Wall Street.  The Kleinworts of London were held in equal awe.”

August Belmont Jr. was listed as a charter member of The Pilgrims in New York in 1903.  His father was involved in financing the Union during the Civil War, even as the Rothschild connected Erlangers helped the South---

 It would have served the interests of the Crown to see two separate nations here.

Sir Cyril Kleinwort appeared in the leaked list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, circa 1969.  Kleinwort was a descendant of William The Conqueror (1028-1087), King of England and founder of the Norman-Plantagenet dynasty who is said to have been able to vault onto the back of a horse while fully clad in armor---

Sir Cyril Kleinwort was associated with Sir Mark Turner (Pilgrims London) in Kleinwort Benson Lonsdale international finance house, and in Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ, a huge transnational mining conglomerate).  Kleinwort Benson participated in some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions deals in the London market after the merged firm was launched in 1961.  In 1966 it acquired bullion dealer Sharps Pixley and gave Kleinwort a seat on the London gold price fixing committee that met two times per trading session at N.M. Rothschild & Sons.  N.M. Rothschild employed Peter John Charles Mosse from 1971-1976 and he was with Rothschild Incorporated, New York, 1983-1990.  A member of the Commodity Exchange and the Copper Club, he was a director of the Gold Institute, 1985-1990 and a director of the Silver Institute, 1989-1990.  In his listing on page 3312 of the 2005 Who’s Who, he mentions his membership in Pilgrims of the U.S.

 The London connection in Goldman Sachs remains extremely strong.  Another personality on their board today is The Lord Browne of Madingley, also a director of Intel Corporation, British Petroleum and the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (Prince Charles, Pilgrims).  Is The Lord, who consummated a $57 billion merger with Amoco in 1998, a member of The Pilgrims Society?  Highly likely!  Knighted by the Queen in 1998, he is now Baron Browne of Madingley.  His associate at BP is Sir Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs International, member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain---

Sir Peter Sutherland is currently chairman of Goldman Sachs International and according to www.harrywalker.com/speakers_pitch.cfm?spea_id=220  he “WIELDS IMMENSE ECONOMIC POWER.”  He also chairs BP (British Petroleum, world’s 5th largest corporation).  Sutherland founded the WTO---World Trade Organization in January 1995 (based in Geneva Switzerland with staff of 635) and received the David Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) Award of the Trilateral Commission.  (In all the news about Ken Lay of Enron, including his death, nothing appeared in any media I saw as to his name appearing on the Trilateral Commission roster!)  Sutherland is European chairman for the Trilaterals and is on the Bilderberg steering committee.  Sir Peter is also a director of Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the world’s few trillion dollar plus banks.  It underwent a merger in 2000 with National Westminster Bank, whose namesake is the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor (Pilgrims Society), owner of 312 acres of downtown London and major landowner in Australia, Canada and Hawaii.  The Royal Bank with its 137,000 employees worldwide is interlocked with The Prince’s Trust (Prince Charles, Pilgrims Society); British Pharma Group; European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries; Merrill Lynch World Mining Trust; World Mining Investment Company; and the anti-silver money Brookings Institution.  The fact that Rockefeller is so closely associated with Goldman Sachs leadership strongly suggests his family is a major shareholder, concealed of course by a labyrinthine maze of trusts.  Amoco, the former Standard Oil of Indiana, once part of the old Rockefeller Oil Trust, was probably Rockefeller’s means of holding interest in BP.  What is the view of the World Trade Organization on the matter of returning to settling trade balances in precious metal?  Undoubtedly they are on the side of the International Monetary Fund.

  The way Forbes and Fortune rig the big rich lists is a laughable travesty, showing newcomers like George Soros ahead of Rockefeller.  John Thain of Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed Bank, a Trilateral member and highly likely Pilgrims member, now chairs the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the James Madison Council of the Library of Congress.  That is insulting because Madison, who commanded Andrew Jackson, was against paper money.

We await confirmation on The Lord Browne’s status as a Pilgrims member along with a score of others, including Henry Paulson; Robert Rubin, Sanford Weill, and Charles Prince of Citigroup; Alain Belda of Alcoa, Du Pont and Citigroup; James R. Houghton of Metropolitan Life; William B. Harrison of JPMorganChase; Kenneth Derr of Chevron and Citigroup; Lee Raymond of ExxonMobil; Kenneth D. Lewis and General Tommy Franks of Bank America; O. Temple Sloan Jr. of The International Group and Bank of America; Thomas Renyi and Gerald Hassell of Bank of New York; Paul Myners (Commander of the British Empire) of Guardian Media and Bank of New York; Robert P. Kelly and Martin McGuinn of Mellon Financial; Sir Howard Davies of Morgan Stanley and Bank of England; John J. Mack of Morgan Stanley; Stan O’ Neal, Admiral Joseph Prueher and John D. Finnegan of Merrill Lynch; Richard S. Fuld Jr. of Lehman Brothers; William R. Howell of Bankers Trust, Pfizer, Halliburton and ExxonMobil; Norman R. Augustine of Proctor & Gamble, Lockheed Martin and Conoco-Phillips; John C. Danforth of Time-Warner; Frank Atlee III of Monsanto; Alex Trotman of IBM;  Ronald C. Cambre of INCO Limited; Richard M. Thomson of INCO, Thomson Corporation and Ontario Power; John Trevor Eyton of Noranda and Brascan; Lord Lang of Monkton of Marsh & McLennan; Paul O’ Neill ex-Treasury chief of Eastman Kodak, TRW Holdings, the Mellon family interests, and Blackstone Group; Richard Braddock of Eastman Kodak and Mid-Ocean Partners; Conrad K. Harper of New York Life; John Dillon of Du Pont, Kellogg, International Paper and Caterpillar; Charles Holliday of Du Pont and Hospital Corporation of America; William Reilly of Du Pont, Conoco-Phillips and Aqua International; William Etherington of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Peter Dolan of American Express; James Crown of General Dynamics; Sam Nunn, Andrew Sigler and Douglas Warner III of General Electric; George Soros; Warren Buffet; Bill Gates; Timothy Mellon; and David Rockefeller Jr.

The Society refuses to issue any membership list for the public domain.  It is not a document that exists within the Library of Congress.  It is the only organization on which David Rockefeller is silent in his biography.  Nothing is deflected by saying a private organization has no responsibility to divulge who its members are.  Too many of them appear as Ambassadors, Generals and Admirals over the years---and always the President, Secretary of State, and Ambassador to Britain.  Their actions affect the public; we have a right to know who they are.

What are the intentions of new Treasury Secretary Paulson, other than to protect the New York financial community and rape the public pocketbook?  In view of the fact that Paulson is either a Pilgrims member or in their control; that they exist to “absorb wealth, to seize the wealth necessary;” I suggest it could be his intention to eventually freeze all precious metals mining shares and seize all gold and silver in order to ruin us and perpetuate their dominance.  But that is, if these worthy gentlemen are convinced they can get away with it under appeals to crisis and national emergency.  Will a Hezbollah cell be captured and found with silver caches, in order to brand silver savers as anti-American?   That is why Congress should be contacted on the matter by anyone concerned about his or her future.  We vote them in; someone else provides their marching orders.  Financial privacy is now un-American!

  Just about every incumbent should be voted out this fall.  Another way they could conspire to ruin us is by means of punitive windfall profits taxation.  We need to remind Congress how dismally lacking in profits silver and gold mining have been for generations, thanks to the Federally imposed price caps sought by this paper money mob.  If ever any sector deserved to play catch-up in profitability, it is precious metals mining.  There’s also the spectre of Federal price caps on silver, last seen in the Nixon administration under Rumsfeld and Cheney who ran the Cost of Living Council that imposed a Federal price cap of $1.61 an ounce on silver!  That was less than two-thirds of the maximum price received for Treasury silver during the infamous giveaways to the Silver Users Association in the late sixties.

I see rumors that the Federal Reserve note could collapse as a currency in the year 2010.  This is part of the reason publication of M3 was stopped.  Rather than admit they deluged us with printing press money, they could say Middle Eastern terrorists and North Korea perfected dollar-printing technologies, copied the bills, and illicitly distributed massive quantities in order to wreck the purchasing power.  But---not to worry---they will say, because they have the Amero, the new hemispheric currency ready; which after all, we must have to compete against the Euro of the European trading bloc.  Only Arab terrorists want to use gold and silver as money!  Plus there’s the scholarly study that could be released at the pull of a string, that belief in precious metals as money is a mental illness needing court ordered treatment.

Will silver ever trade in a free market environment?  Not if the big bankers and silver users have their way.  Mexico and Peru should have embargoed silver to the U.S. thirty years ago in order to break the short corner.  If you are familiar with the work of Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee you know about Goldman Sachs attacks on the gold price.  Their flaming hatred of both precious metals is well known.  What is also clear is that few metals mining executives are speaking out on the price suppression, and the more important fact that precious metals are supposed to be the basis of money itself.  In “Gold---Its Past and Future” by Merrill Shoup, president, Golden Cycle Corporation of Colorado Springs (Mining Congress Journal, February 1940, page 35) we read after his summary of the abilities of gold as money--

“The above requisites were based on the proposition that gold would circulate freely, pass readily from hand to hand, and never upon any idea that gold would be sterilized, buried in the ground, or used as a basis for managed currency.  The present world chaotic conditions cannot continue indefinitely.  Sooner or later, order and stability will return and the other nations which had been on the gold standard so many hundreds of years and temporarily abandoned it will return to the use of gold.  The gold standard, when in force, is the strongest basis for international good will and trade, and the world must and ultimately will return to it.”

A Goldman founded Goldman Sachs in 1869; his son in law was a Sachs.  To the best of my knowledge, neither of these families figures prominently in the affairs of Goldman Sachs Group today.  However, the name Peter G. Sachs did appear on the Goldman board as of a check on information dating from 1992.  There was dissension and an irreconcilable split between the families, described in “Our Crowd” (pages 363-365) along with an agreement with Lehman as to respecting each other’s “territory.”  Goldman’s first big score was with Sears Roebuck in 1906, along with their parellel firm, Lehman Brothers; by 1956 Goldman underwrote a Ford Motor issue.  Goldman is into the same corrupt strategies as detailed on Lehman Brothers in “Nine Billion Ounces.”  For a scant few of the disgraceful lurid details see the capsulized review at www.the-catbird-seat.net/GoldmanSachs.htm. For only one specific, the New York Times, April 29, 2003, reported Goldman Sachs agreed to pay a $110 million fine in connection to abusive brokerage practices dating from the internet and telecom stock bust.  As Charles Segerstrom of Carson Hill Gold Mining said in the Mining Congress Journal, March 1934, page 41---

“There are shylocks who would have their pound of flesh even though it ruined a nation.  There are those who issue currency in an irredeemable form and this in turn would plunge the nation into despair.”

The site www.stockbroker-fraud.com/settlement2.htm mentions Goldman Sachs practices that gutted investors nationwide---

"I have no faith in Wall Street. There is no one there to protect you," says Joy Veit, a 62-year-old Minnesota real estate saleswoman who lost more than half of her retirement savings on tech stocks. "It's a nightmare."

The site www.injuryboard.com/view.cfm/Topic=1225 features a list of stocks Goldman “manipulated.”
Over the years Goldman Sachs partners have appeared on boards such as Sears Roebuck; Conde Nast Publications; B.F. Goodrich; Lambert Company; Sheffield Steel & Iron; Cluett Peabody; Endicott Johnson Corporation; Amalgamated Leather; Stride Rite; Merck & Company; Lehn & Fink Products; Continental Can; Cuyamel Fruit; Studebaker Corporation; Long Bell Lumber; American Wholesale; Warner Brothers; Post Cereal; National Dairy Products; General Foods; Madison Square Garden; General Cigar; A.H. Robins Company; Champion International; Seagram’s; Du Pont; Georgia Gulf Corporation; Capital Holding; Knight-Ridder Newspapers; May Department Stores; Wal-Mart; Foster Grant Company; Keebler Company; Bowery Savings Bank; Talcott National Corporation; Patagonia Corporation; Samsonite Corporation; Budget Rent A Car; New York Telephone; Liquid Air Corporation; Diebold Incorporated; Baroid Corporation; Westmount Life Insurance; Witco Chemical; Pillsbury Company; Crompton & Knowles; Dillard Department Stores; Equitable Life Real Estate Trust; Household Finance; Ling Temco Vought Incorporated; Deltec International; Weis Markets; Technicon Corporation; Norton Simon; Trans World Life Insurance; Kraft; Bulova Watch; General Development; CCL Industries; Utilities & Industries Management Corporation; IDB Holding; VF Corporation; Cowles Communications; Qualcomm; U.S. Financial; U.S. Industries; Norfolk & Western Railway; Corning Glass; U.S. & Foreign Securities; Export Import Bank; and many others.  Kenneth Brody ex-of Goldman became chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., a taxpayer looting connivance.

A significant figure at Goldman is John Livingston Weinberg, whose maternal heritage traces to the Livingstons, British Crown loyalists in the Colonies who received enormous land grants centuries ago.  He is highly likely a Pilgrims member.  Jon Corzine left Goldman Sachs in 1999 with $320 million of its stock.  Then he ran for the Senate in New Jersey, expending over $60 million to win election.  There is such a thing as buying elections in order to legislate more money towards oneself.  Bradley Abelow, another Goldman figure, became state treasurer of New Jersey.  Why, so funds could be invested with Goldman?  You would expect over the years, Goldman Sachs would have its share of personalities linking it to paper money mob organizations.  In “Nine Billion Ounces” last fall we took a view into Lehman Brothers, the firm most often cited as a cousin to Goldman Sachs, and witnessed its profuse connections.  One of the other names from Goldman we can mention is Charles Eskridge Saltzman Jr., a Pilgrims Society member who was a Rhodes Scholar (British Empire education) in 1928.  His father was Major General Charles McKinley Saltzman, who served under General Leonard Wood (charter Pilgrims member).   General Saltzman was a U.S. delegate to the International Radio Conference in London in 1912.  Junior married Gertrude Lamont, niece of Pilgrims Society member Thomas Lamont, believed by economic historian Ferdinand Lundberg to have been the most powerful man in the United States for some years.  (Actually, as the chairman of The Pilgrims executive committee, the dynastic families represented by J.P. Morgan & Company delegated Lamont’s powers to him; the Society is the concealed Senate and Congress of the super rich).  Gertrude’s father was Secretary of Commerce in the anti-silver Hoover administration.  He was a director of Montgomery Ward & Company; Armour & Company; International Harvester; Illinois Bell Telephone; Dodge Brothers; American Radiator; Griffin Wheel and others.  His other son in law was Pilgrims Society member Chauncey Belknap.  The ramifications appear endless and on a practical basis, they are.  The invisible spider web covers the nation as our liberties are restricted away from us in the name of security and safety.

Saltzman Jr. became a Goldman partner in 1956 and was on the boards of A.H. Robins, a pharmaceutical, Continental Can Company and Milbank Memorial Fund, another Pilgrims family entity.  He was a member of the Order of the British Empire.  He served as national president of the English Speaking Union of the United States, a Pilgrims Society subsidiary, in 1961-1966.  He held decorations from Italy, Poland, the U.S., Brazil and Morocco, and was a member of the U.S. Council of the International Chamber of Commerce---which was involved in subverting the attempts at a world silver conference in the 1930’s.  This will be the subject of an essay if I can find the time.  There was an International Economic Conference in London in 1933 in which the British Government for India agreed to place a ceiling on how much silver it dumped on world markets annually.  That “limit” was 35 million ounces!  Since demand for silver from the industrial sector then was much less than now, it would equate to several hundred million ounces being dumped annually today!  So, the British gesture was a token one, empty and hollow, as their leadership has never relented in their hatred for silver as money and the silver price as a commodity.  If silver gets out of their control, it would mean fiscal freedom for many nations---Mexico and the South American countries in particular.

Gavyn Davies, known to be worth several hundred million pounds, is a Goldman Sachs alumnus who went on to chair the British Broadcasting Corporation, now runs a billion dollar hedge fund and became a member of the Order of the British Empire, established by King George V in 1917, then Patron of The Pilgrims Society.  For a listing of important figures worldwide who have been awarded British Knighthoods, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_honorary_British_Knights   

Goldman Sachs is a major financial sponsor of the anti-silver money Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.  It was founded in 1927 as an amalgamation of pre-existing groups---the Institute for Government Research and the Institute of Economics.  Robert S. Brookings was a personal associate of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, a Pilgrims Society member and British Crown loyalist.  See http://brookings.edu/lib/founding.htm for side by side photo of Brookings with the much more important Carnegie.  Nevertheless, Carnegie had Brookings as a trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  Brookings was also president of Washington University in Saint Louis for many years and funded it quite lavishly.  Brookings was also a Smithsonian Institution regent---another British connection.  Brookings (1850-1932) was a member of the War Industries Board and was chairman of its Price Fixing Committee.  Suggestive of COMEX silver price fixing, what?  Brookings was very likely a Pilgrims member.

Contributors to Brookings today include Rockefeller Foundation; Rockefeller Brothers Fund; United Nations; Council on Foreign Relations; Ford Foundation; Carnegie Corporation of New York; Investment Company Institute; Heinz Endowment; World Economic Forum; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; German Marshall Fund of the U.S.; Bank of America Foundation (Silver Users Association member); Goldman Sachs; and individuals such as probable Pilgrims members Roy M. Huffington (oil and gas); Charles W. Duncan Jr. (Coca Cola); James D. Wolfensohn (World Bank); John L. Thornton (News Corporation and Intel; former president Goldman Sachs); Henry B. Schacht of the Warburg interests; James A. Johnson (Goldman Sachs); and Nathaniel Rothschild (“red shield”).  Trustees of Brookings include Lawrence Summers (World Bank; Harvard University; well known anti-gold economist); Suzanne Johnson (vice chair, Goldman Sachs); James D. Robinson III (Pilgrims Society, American Express and other entities); Mario Draghi (Bank of Italy and ex-Goldman Sachs); Teresa Heinz (wife of Senator John Kerry); James Wolfensohn (World Bank), Knight of the British Empire and treasurer, American Friends of Bilderberg; and John C. Whitehead, Pilgrims executive committee member.

Brookings offers books such as “Governance In A Globalizing World” and “Globaphobia” (fear of world government) which it says “should be required reading for all legislators.”  Viciously anti-silver Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon, Pilgrims member who ended America’s silver coinage, chaired the Brookings Institution afterwards!  The entire constellation of financial entities who have been battling forever to hold silver and gold down---to destroy them as monetary basis---have key executives and directors who are members of the interlocking organizations we’re read about.  This is why the financial organizations act in concert to damage gold and silver prices---even if in the case of certain of them, it’s only bearish analysis---word goes to the members of these invitation only membership organizations, and paper money systems are supported.  As far as there not being any economic reason why any entity should be so heavily short silver, that it can control the price and make it fall off a cliff at every minor rally---there is such a reason.  It’s called “supporting the United States dollar” and being able to make a pretense that inflation is not a concern.  There is the lunatic determination to show “how few dollars it takes to buy an ounce of silver,” as if a fiat unit had any actual worth.

When gold and silver prices are pummeled, related equities naturally suffer.  There may be a larger aspect, however.  Forbes reported on July 28 that the Securities Industry Association filed suit in Federal court to void a Utah state law prohibiting naked short selling of securities (creating phantom shares to drive the price down).  Imagine that---the Securities Industry Association is opposed to fair and honest dealing!  The SIA has mentioned boycotting business in Utah.  Interesting how one of the old silver states champions a just cause.   Goldman Sachs is possibly the most notorious member of the SIA, but don’t forget about other Pilgrims run firms such as Morgan Stanley.

The United States Mint, as a division of the Treasury Department, may have slipped up due to the new Nevada state quarters that are stamped “Nevada 1864 The Silver State.”  That mention of silver could be seditious---it might incite someone to ask questions.

Goldman Sachs is also connected to the Group of 30 (the “Dirty Thirty”) in Washington D.C. www.group30.org/home.php in the person of Gerald Corrigan, ex-of Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed Bank and a probable Pilgrims member.  Head of the Group of 30 is Pilgrims Society member Paul Volcker, of Chase Manhattan Bank, David Rockefeller’s underling who became head of the Federal Reserve System.  Volcker is also the man who broke the Hunts out of 63 million ounces of physical silver as of 1986.  I am indebted to Joel Van Der Reijden for assisting in identifying Volcker as a member.  The head of the People’s Bank of China---a Trilateralist---is in the Group of 30, as is Lord Richardson (Pilgrims) of the anti-gold and silver Bank of England; Richard Debs (Pilgrims) of Morgan Stanley International; and central bankers representing the Bank of Poland (Poland is a large silver producer byproduct of copper); the Bank of Mexico (world’s largest silver producing nation); the European Central Bank; Bank of Spain; Bank of Israel; Bank of Denmark; Bank of France; Bank of Japan; and other entities including JPMorganChase; Merrill Lynch; World Bank; Bank of Tokyo and others.  What with J. Aron and Goldman Sachs having pioneered the silver leasing “business,” they are well connected for it, however, suspicion now runs high that the barrel is either empty or nearly so.  Debs holds banking, industrial and insurance interests in Egypt, Japan, Russia, Israel and Kuwait.  Let me be very plain in stating I do not trust any entity spun off from Goldman Sachs. No one has asked me to so state.  The counterpart research firm in London has the same kind of smell.

The fact that Volcker was a director of the United Nations Association during 2000-2004---the fact that he campaigned to break the silver price as Fed chairman (starting in 1979)---and the fact that he runs with other central bankers---demonstrates that a world fiat/electronic currency is planned, most likely to be preceded by regional currencies (the Euro and the Amero).  Since there are too many people, wars will be helped along to trim the excess.  Concerning the associations of Goldman Sachs with the Bank of England, we could say as Senator Key Pittman---

“Many of us in this country are still prone to worship at the altar of the Bank of England.”

(Mining Congress Journal, November 1937, page 48).  Pittman was a descendant of Francis Scott Key, who authored the Star Spangled Banner as the British bombarded Fort McHenry in Baltimore---

Key was also the prosecutor in the trial of Richard Lawrence, who attempted to assassinate President Jackson over his veto of the charter renewal of the Bank of the United States.  Key also represented Sam Houston, who served under Andrew Jackson against the British in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in the War of 1812, in an assault on an Ohio Congressman in 1832 with a hickory cane.  That is suggestive, since Andrew Jackson himself was known as “Old Hickory” for his toughness.  After a reprimand Houston left for Texas, defeating the Mexican army under General Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, became first President of the Republic of Texas, and had the state’s largest city named in his honor.  Houston was also Governor of Tennessee starting in 1827, and campaigned hard for Jackson’s presidential election.  Goldman Sachs would not have approved.

What is the view of Goldman Sachs on Barclays and JPMorganChase, operator and custodian of the silver exchange traded fund?  Camaraderie, of course!  All three are Pilgrims Society firms whose activities will not be at cross-purposes.  None are there to help the silver price rise, but rather to attempt to cap or slow the rise.  Very discernable is the fact that as the silver price rises, the fund can divest itself of physical metal as long as it continues to hold an amount denominated in dollars as opposed to ounces.  The retired gentleman who saved silver coins collected from his newspaper route in the early 1960’s and his counterparts from the vending industries and high school principals who bought for face the silver change taken in by their old cafeterias, will all fare far better than paper investors in any silver ETF.

According to www.finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=GS the largest holder of Goldman Sachs Group is---guess who---Barclay’s Global Investors---the leading British Empire bank who is certainly no friend of gold and silver---

The GS share price reached a 52-week high of $169.31, sending the Barclay’s holdings of 17,928,127 shares over $3 billion.  Another meaningful holder is Mellon Financial Corporation with 6,064,219 shares.  Increasing the suspicion, however, that Goldman could be the big concentrated silver short, and that it is headed for huge losses thereby, is the matter of its general counsel, Gregory K. Palm, having sold 833,247 shares as of July 19, 2006.  Speculation admittedly, but the anti-silver connections of Goldman Sachs are painfully obvious, while the wall of secrecy is very great concealing who the big silver short is.  Paulson’s 3,230,024 or so shares are also, as of becoming Treasury Secretary, not at risk, since he is out of them!  But if the silver short is Goldman, surely a bailout can be arranged, plus for any activities shorting gold.  All the John Smiths in America, and even cousin Eli Isbister over in Pine Knot, Kentucky, and his uncle Lemuel, can be prevailed on to donate for Goldman.  They do remind you of the scene from the “Doctor Phibes” series with Vincent Price in which he drained all the blood from a victim.

As the physician said to detective Lou Torrey (Charles Bronson) in “The Stone Killer” (1973)---

“After we’ve shed our pity for the basket cases and the burned children, we’ve none left for the psychopaths we’ve created.”

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