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    • It’s So Bizarre, It’s Beyond Comprehension How Bad It Is – David Morgan July 22, 2014
      The Daily Coin sat down with David Morgan, the Silver Guru, from The Morgan Report, to discuss the recent market action, specifically, the gold and silver slam on July 14 and 15. Wash, rinse, repeat is what David see’s with the recent take down in gold and silver. The Commitment of Traders, even in this completely rigged, manipulated […]
    • Silver’s Monetary Rise in Mexico July 21, 2014
        David Morgan is a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering, he created the website and originated The Morgan Report, a monthly that covers economic news, overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems, and the key reasons for investing in precious metals. As publish […]
    • Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark (Part 1) July 9, 2014
      Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark Presented As A Three Piece Series July 2014 by Charles Savoie “Who are these Pilgrims? I have since made a study of them. Their organization is one of immense power, and just now they hold our country in the hollow of their hands. They control the banks, they control […]
    • Claudio Grass…All the Governments are Trying to Get Away From Cash June 27, 2014
      Claudio Grass…All the Governments are Trying to Get Away From Cash By Rory, The Daily Coin I sat down with Claudio Grass, Managing Director of out of Switzerland, on June 18. Our conversation began with a lively discussion of the local politics in Switzerland, the new UP Independent Party. The UP Party is a […]
    • Gold and Silver versus the Petrodollar Peril June 26, 2014
      Transcript Welcome to Radio, the online source for market opinions. Jim Goddard: My guest is David Smith, Senior Analyst for the Morgan Report which you can find online at Welcome to the show David. David Smith: Good to be back, Jim. Jim Goddard: Gold and silver versus petrodollar perils, maybe explain to us […]
    • A Precious Metals’ IRA – Where YOU hold the metal! June 25, 2014
      Many precious metals investors like the idea of using an Individual Retirement Account as means to save in precious metals. However, many are reluctant to do so because their metal is being held by someone else. What if I told you that you could fund an IRA with precious metals and keep them at home? […]
    • The Palladium Bull Run Is Under Way June 25, 2014
      Summary A precious metal which has over 80% of its annual production coming from just two countries? Known by the Spanish Conquistadors as “little silver,” it is considerably rarer than its cousin, platinum, yet sells for a bit more than half as much? Like silver, a “two-doors” metal, with both vital industrial applications and increasing […]
    • WTI Crude Oil on the Move $112 Next Stop June 25, 2014
      The energy sector has surged during the last two months which can be seen by looking at the XLE Energy Select Sector Fund. If crude oil continues to climb to the $112 level, XLE will likely continue to rally for another few days or possibly week as energy stocks are considered a leveraged way to […]
    • General Access, Investment Scoring and Timing Newsletter June 21, 2014
      Is The Silver And Gold Bull Market Over? “Is the precious metals bull market over?” This may be the single most important investing question that we can ask ourselves. Why? If the bull market in silver and gold is not over, then the current setup would likely be an extremely big buying opportunity. One way […]
    • Gold Prediction using Statistics & Technical Analysis May 31, 2014
      Here is my gold prediction (silver and gold mining stocks, should be the same) looking forward 24 months. Since the top in gold in 2011 gold has selling off. Depending on how you analyze the market, this 3 year sell off could be seen as consolidation within a major cyclical bull market or that it’s […]
  • A Monetary System That Favors No One and is Equal for All.

    I recall getting that “Ah-Ha” moment when I realized that fierce independence is what made people free, and knowing history—especially monetary history—was essential to preserve “justice for all.”

    It all starts with a just monetary system that favors no one and is equal for all. What system is that? One where money is determined by the people, and the best known monetary system in the past was when both gold and silver circulated as money and the ratio was NOT fixed by government edict but by the market itself determining the correct ratio.

    As much as I am favorable to gold, the gold-“ONLY” standard usually morphs into bankers’ control, and that eventually becomes a fiat system. When both metals or even three—gold, silver, and copper—are used in free-market relationships with each other, the people enjoy stability and liberty.
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