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    • Why Banks Rob Depositors: “Because That’s Where the Money Is” June 26, 2015
      Why Banks Rob Depositors: “Because That’s Where the Money Is” By David Smith of Money Metals Exchange One of America’s most notorious bank robbers, Willie Sutton (1901-80), is said to have remarked that he robbed banks “because that’s where the money is.” In a strange twist, the banks themselves are now beginning literally to rob […]
    • Silver Squelchers Fifteen & Their Interesting Associates June 19, 2015
      Silver Squelchers Fifteen & Their Interesting Associates Media & Educational Manipulators Take 32 seconds to hear what should be The Pilgrims theme music! Presented June 2015 by Charles Savoie This is from page 6 of the January 2009 bulletin of the English Speaking Union in New York, one of the numerous subsidiary organizations controlled by […]
    • Time to Move Capital into Next Bull Market – Part I June 15, 2015
        If you remember the dot com bubble as clearly as I do and are a technical analyst then you will recall the month which the NASDAQ broke down and confirmed a new bear market has started. The date was November of 2000. You may be wondering why I bring this up. What do tech […]
    • Money Metals Interview with David Morgan of Silver June 11, 2015
      Money Metals Interview with David Morgan of Silver Transcript: Mike Gleason: I’m happy to welcome back our friend, David Morgan, of The Morgan Report and author of the fabulous new book The Silver Manifesto. We don’t get the opportunity to do face to face interviews all that often but David is here in person […]
    • Why Physical Precious Metals Are Safer than Mining Stocks June 3, 2015
        Why Physical Precious Metals Are Safer than Mining Stocks By David Smith of Money Metals Exchange When investors first become interested in the precious metals, they may be drawn to invest in mining stocks. The allure of making several times your money on an exploration company that hits a big strike can be tempting. […]
    • Big Moves Coming In The Silver Market Morgan & Marchese Part 2 May 22, 2015
        IN PART 2: – Supply dynamics in the silver bull market ►0:29 – Demand dynamics in the silver bull market ►3:49 – Big moves in silver coming soon ►6:50 – How to build a precious metal portfolio ►11:52 – What is ahead for the silver mining stocks? ►13:46   David Morgan is a precious […]
    • “Currency Crisis That’s Coming…” – Chris Marchese (co-author The Silver Manifesto) May 22, 2015
        Chris Marchese, an equity and economic analyst, joins me to discuss his new book, “The Silver Manifesto”. Chris is currently the analyst for The Morgan Report. He has published over 100 articles on economics, mining and investing on numerous websites and magazines. In our discussion we cover the following topics from The Silver Manifesto: […]
    • Prognosticators Who Cried Wolf about Dollar & Global Economic Collapse – Part 1 May 13, 2015
        Over the years, hundreds of various self-proclaimed prognosticators who said a global economic collapse were to happen on this date or that date have failed. Sort of like the old story about the shepherd who cried wolf. Unfortunately this is EXACTLY what looks to be getting ready to happen. But first let me mention […]
    • Silver is a better value than gold, it has more upside potential (exclusive interview) May 10, 2015
        The Inteligencia Financiera Global blog (Global Financial Intelligence Blog) is honored to present an exclusive interview with David Morgan “The Silver Guru”. Morgan is a world known expert on the Silver Market. We are sure our readers from around the world will enjoy it. (Guillermo Barba, GB). David, you are the “silver guru”. Please […]
    • TDV Interview series David Morgan: The Shemitah, Dollar Collapse and Precious Metals May 10, 2015
      Jeff Berwick interviews silver markets expert and veteran David Morgan, topics include: the equity markets are very topped, Sept/Oct could well be a major break, the Shemitah, 7 year cycle, many large events coinciding, Sept 14-15th looking particularly significant, The Harbinger, self fulfilling prophesies, the silver price takedown, 4 years at bottom, the rush into […]
  • A Monetary System That Favors No One and is Equal for All.

    I recall getting that “Ah-Ha” moment when I realized that fierce independence is what made people free, and knowing history—especially monetary history—was essential to preserve “justice for all.”

    It all starts with a just monetary system that favors no one and is equal for all. What system is that? One where money is determined by the people, and the best known monetary system in the past was when both gold and silver circulated as money and the ratio was NOT fixed by government edict but by the market itself determining the correct ratio.

    As much as I am favorable to gold, the gold-“ONLY” standard usually morphs into bankers’ control, and that eventually becomes a fiat system. When both metals or even three—gold, silver, and copper—are used in free-market relationships with each other, the people enjoy stability and liberty.
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