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David Smith on Interviewed by Jim Goddard.

Silver Squelchers #1 & Their
Interesting Associates
Presented August 2014 by Charles Savoie

During 1902 and 1903 an organization was founded which I came to regard as history's most interesting organization. This is The Pilgrims Society of London and New York, as those who have followed my presentations are aware. This marks the start of a series of eleven presentations. We will examine 15 names derived from lists of this organization from the following years---1902-1903; 1914; 1924; 1933; 1940; 1949; 1957; 1969; 1974; 1980; and the final installment, to be derived from names found by other means than rosters---because to date, there ARE no rosters for this group available since 1980! These rosters, except the first one, all came from lists which "leaked" out into possession of nonmembers. Mostly these lists were retrieved from deep within large genealogical archives in several larger libraries, including the New York Public Library. The 1969 roster may have slipped out into the open by way of a curious secretary who found it in a desk drawer.

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Will the Silver Market Remain Strong?

If there is only one thing to teach you about the upcoming silver bull market it is this 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!

Think about that statement. Would you be happy to capture 90% of any market move? What this means is you could just now be waking up the precious metals and build your wealth even starting at what appears as--- this late date.

What if the entire precious metals bull market hits the average 17 year cycle. Since gold bottomed for this cycle in 2000 it would suggest that 2017 for the top. A full four years from today. If the last year or so of this market is the most explosive and gold explodes and you are along for the big gains in the blow-off phase how would you feel?

Now is the market really going to make the majority of the move in the last year, let alone 90%? Probably not, however think about the facts you already know, look at the housing bubble the most excitement and largest gains happened going into the top, the last few months of the move. Think about the technology stocks bubble, the Japan bubble, or any other market. This simply is market behavior!

However, this time is different. Why?

Because this time it will not be about being a smart real estate investor, or understanding that technology is leading the growth cycle, or the Japanese have a more efficient system. It will be about the one word I seldom use... Fear!

Yes, you and many throughout the world will be concerned that you don't have enough money for retirement

Or concerned  that your pension will not be there? Or concerned your employer cannot meet his obligations? Concerned that the Dollar, Euro, Yen, or any government script will be worth tomorrow what it is today?

Worried that the system truly is cracking up and plans that you made based on solid evidence a decade ago are invalid and you need to take action into your own hands instead of relying on your financial planner, stock broker, defined benefit package or even the safety net provided by the governments at large.

When that shift takes place, that tipping point, when just enough people on a global basis collectively say, we are mad and we are not going to take it any more therefore we are moving into the precious metals. Once this happens look out the buying frenzy will be upon us, many have heard there is no fever like gold fever, this may be true, but bear in mind there is nothing close to a silver bull market! Silver shines the light of truth about the corrupt financial system better than gold, because more people own it!

How high can silver go?

And as we brace ourselves for the final chapter of a U.S. dollar currency crisis, silver has a long way to go.

Lets take a look at history. In 1980, as the nation was still reeling from the Carter-era inflation and investors were buying up precious metals, silver peaked at $52 an ounce. Adjusted for inflation, that's about $143 today!

Those who get in now will be richly rewarded and can get a lot more for their money.

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September 2014 Morgan Report

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This month's report starts with the Footprint Factor - An Under Appreciated Gold and Silver Price driver. This has to do with the environmental impact the mining industry has and some of the rulings that took place in Canada that we addressed. We explain why this is important in the mining industry and what to look for.

David Morgan goes on in the editorial talking about Gold and Silver and will they ever rise again. We also address the silver fix, which "fixed" nothing and the markets are verifying that.

We added a new Top Tier. It's a company we followed for a very long time. It was hard to get information on this company but we got it. We like this company for a lot of reasons. It has a great growth profile going forward. Additionally, it pays a pretty substantial dividend.

We also go through company updates inside this issue.


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I must say your last report (The Morgan Report) for February is what sets you apart from every other newsletter I have ever purchased. After studying Archie's Rule and the detail in which you presented why open pit silver mining just doesn't make sense in almost all cases has helped me to weed out my portfolio and now I know which stocks to unload!

The value of that one report is worth ten times what you charge for a annual subscription (don't change your prices). By the way I am a newsletter junkie and have read almost everyone out there and you stand alone-- keep up the excellent work.

~ Investor Privacy, name withheld upon request CEO Silver Producer

I just listened to your presentation on silver, gold, palladium. Informative, thorough, concise, well researched and effectively presented -- your usual style -- Fabulous. still charge not enough for The Morgan Letter. Thank you so much for sharing with us. -- C. Tracewell

I get a LOT of newsletters, and see a LOT of websites, but it seems to me that your Silver Investor is in the top 1%. Beautifully laid out, lots of good and useful information, announced uncertainty when appropriate. A wonderful job. Print this if you like. --Les Becker

Thank you Dave. You give great service to we subscribers. What I like about you is you don't over hipe silver, you're objective, and in the long run you will be right...I am staying long silver and silver stocks... again, thank you. -Glen H